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Zelensky’s Secret CIA-NAZI Government in Ukraine

SF: Not publicized is the systematic terrorizing and killing of political opponents and journalists who might jeopardize Zelensky staying in office.

History of the Ukrainian War

The Ukrainian war started when the democratically elected President of Ukraine rejected the Obama administration's urgings for Ukraine to become allied with the US against his adjoining country Russia.

America Escalates its War Against Russia

In this World War III of NATO against Russia; Ukraine is enormously boosting the profits of U.S. and allies' defense contractors, such as Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons seller.

How American Soldiers are Required to Believe their Government’s Lies

An article by James Joyner, Professor at the US Marine Corps University, takes an extremely hostile position against a press that isn’t propagandistic for its nation’s Government.

How Western Media Fabricates Reality

An NPR ‘news’ report is based on U.S. sources, but pretends to be based on non-U.S.-Government sources, and is actually nothing more than US Government propaganda that’s intended to deceive its audience and readers to support sanctions, or maybe even ultimately an invasion.

Russia Reacts to WaPo Attack on Putin

Putin’s article did NOT assert that “Russia has the right to Ukraine because of things that happened a thousand years ago in Kyiv.” It didn’t even assert that “Russia has the right to invade Ukraine.”