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White Helmets instructors deployed to Ukraine, Moscow claims

Kiev is plotting a false flag attack with weapons of mass destruction to frame Moscow, a senior Russian diplomat has alleged.

Kramatorsk train station attack: The key to finding the perpetrator lies...

The missile's reverse azimuth points to territory that was under the excusive control of the Ukrainian government, which means that there is little doubt that the missile that struck the Kramatorsk train station was fired by a launcher under the operational control of the 19th Missile Brigade, Ukraine’s only Tochka-U-equipped unit.

Last Lie and Last Chance for Nazi’s in Mariupol

Washington continues to support the AFU, as it has done for the past ten years, just in a more open manner and on a larger scale. Major developments took place on the front lines near Izyum. In recent days, several villages to the northwest of Izyum in the Kharkiv region have come under the control of Russian forces.

Ukraine plans ‘monstrous’ provocation – Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that Kiev, with Western backing, is planning to shell churches, during Orthodox Easter celebrations in southern and eastern Ukraine, and then pin the blame on Moscow.

Russia’s Strategic Victory and NATO’s Chemical Weapons Psyops

While Russian forces appear on the verge of liberating the port city Mariupol, to claim a major strategic victory in the Russo-Ukraine War, now British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has resorted to the oldest trick in the NATO’s psyops’ playbook of accusing adversaries of staging chemical weapons attacks.

“Massacre in Bucha”: who needs it and why

The Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of war crimes and genocide of civilians. Russia initiated a discussion of the problem in the UN Security Council, but the British presidency blocked this process.

Expert on Ukie False Flags on Provocations and Fakes

Makeeva appreciates why the West is “at war” with Russia with provocations and fakes.

Kyiv is staging new fakes about the “atrocities” of the Russians...

The official representative of the Russian defense department, Igor Konashenkov, announced that he had received information that the Ukrainian special services were preparing new provocations in the cities abandoned by Russian troops.

No Bodies! Touring Bucha With the Ukrainian Police, After Russians Left,...

Ukrainian Pravda: On April 2, in the liberated city of Bucha, special units of the National Police of Ukraine began clearing the area of ​​saboteurs. Specialists of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service inspect the places of war crimes of the Russian Federation and seize explosive devices and ammunition that have not detonated. Law enforcement officers inspect every yard and shelter.

The truth about Bucha is out there, but perhaps too inconvenient...

It should be easy to find out what really happened to the massacred civilians in the Ukrainian town.

Ukraine: Calm Before the Storm

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Kiev’s information about the mass killings in Bucha was not true, and that the footage was staged.

Zelensky Ordered Bucha Massacre to Get ‘No Fly Zone’ and Heavy...

Zelensky ordered the Bucha slaughter, and investigations will show how much of it was Azov slaughter after Russia withdrew and how much was staged by NATO/Polish film crews that accompanied Azov.

Bucha: Lavrov Says False-Flag Op Was Conducted in Town Outside Kiev...

Sergei Lavrov recalled that Russian troops completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30, and on March 31 the mayor of the city solemnly said that everything was in order. However, Kiev is making different claims.

Russia Sees Slaughter in Bucha by NATO Backed Nazis as a...

Sergey Lavrov recalled that Russian troops completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30, and on March 31 the mayor of the city solemnly said that everything was in order. Two days later, a production was filmed in which Russia “sees a direct threat to international peace and security.”

Ukraine War: K-52 Shoot-Downs Faked

Truth? 1300 Russian dead, 7000 Ukrainian dead and Russia is winning the war, while the US is planning a possible bio-chemical attack on Kiev. Russia has said they will retaliate using nuclear weapons if the US attempts what it repeatedlly did in Syria.

Updated: Zelensky’s Promised Nuclear War: Ukie Nazi’s Plan to Slaughter US/NATO...

VT: Originally sourced from Russian state controlled media but confirmed by highest US sources who are lying to the MSM.