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#UNRIG Video (5:02) New Post and Video on JFK Jr. Joining...

In five minutes Robert David Steele points to a new post https://phibetaiota.net/2020/08/speci..., discusses his near-term expectations on Flynn case and Durham indictments, lists three areas where he is disappointed in Trump Administration, and concludes with pointers to two new free websites on naked short selling and pedophilia & empire (with a tag cloud of names).

#UNRIG Video (3:19) Urgent Direct Message From General Michael Flynn –...

Robert Steele summarizes and points to a new article by General Michael Flynn, a call to arms for all citizens.

#UNRIG Video (35:56) Ben & Tina Garrison, America’s Conservative Cartoon Couple

Robert Steele interviews America's greatest cartoonist couple, who have been ruthlessly attacked by the ADL, the unregistered agent of the Zionist foreign power Israel (never to be confused with Jews of faith). They tell their story.

#UNRIG Video (5:46) Connecting Dots: QAnon, Covert Games Messaging, Covington &...

Robert Steele connects some dots across QAnon, covert communications, NSA, General Mike Flynn, and five people at Covington & Burling who should probably lose their law licenses after due process of indictment and conviction.

#UNRIG Video (2:00) Flynn Exonerated, Indictments Now Known?

Robert Steele announces General Mike Flynn's exoneration and reads the names of those said to be indicted for treason and related crimes associated with the Russian witchhunt.