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Is Bill Gates going to poison your food?

With the help of 1.3 million euros from the Gates Foundation, the industry is paving the way for deregulation by widespread lobbying of policy makers and promoting these technologies on the basis of them protecting the climate and ‘sustainability’.

#UNRIG Video (25:23) Jim Willie “Golden Jackass” Talks Food Shortage, Arson...

Jim Willie, the financial forecaster known as "Golden Jackass" answers questions on food shortages, arson fires, gold pump, and quantum reset possibilities -- the video ends on a positive note.

#UNRIG Video (25:40) US Under Attack by Deep State – Weather...

Two top experts talk about weather warfare against the USa by Deep State elements in NASA, NOAA, and USAF, and the coming food crisis. Trump is said to be clueless.

#UNRIG Video (28:13) VITAL Insights from a Small Farmer on Looming...

The just in time logistics system has been wrecked. A food and energy crisis loom. In 28 minutes a double-engineering graduate and working small farmer defines the crisis and the solution.

Intel Drop: Taco Magic in a Deceitful World

The internet has become an infection, but in ways, no one talks about it.  To begin with, the carrot as it were, some advice on cooking.  The tostada is a good 'early in the day' meal for the soon to die but not infected yet crowd.  Thus, we discuss the magic of the refried bean.

The Future of food Growth: An Inside Look

Technology is changing. It is evolving as people around the world are becoming more and more developed. We are all dependent on it to the point that even simpler jobs, like fetching food or doing laundry, have been given over to it, that our lives might be that much more convenient.