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FREEDOM REPORT: Finding Relative Freedom in an Unfree World, Riviera...

EP1 Riviera Maya Mexico: VT Radio Host Johnny Punish speaks with 20-year Canadian Expat Judi Shaw to explore the PROS and CONS of retiring in Mexico and how to live relatively free in our unfree world for 2023

Google Attacks Publishers for Ukraine War Postings

VT discusses Freedom on the Internet

The West Resembles a Decapitated Rooster, Wings Still Flapping, Barely Flying

We have some truly ghastly examples of the fruits of democracy in the form of the Weimar Republic in Germany or the Interim Government between February and October of 1917 in Russia.

Dystopia Disguised as Democracy: All the Ways in Which Freedom Is...

We think we have property interests in our homes and our bodies, but there can be no such freedom when the government can seize your property, raid your home, and dictate what you do with your bodies.

Sanctions against Israel, anyone? (Part 2)

...by Stuart Littlewood, Britain First published ... June 12, 2021 So Westminster has had its debate following a 385,000-strong petiton and the friends and admirers of...

Deism and the Freedom it Brings

Freedom is defined as “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” Freedom is an essential...