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1944-1945: The Nazis of Ukraine and their Crimes Against Serbia and...

Today, April 7, 2022, the Republic of Serbia voted to expel the Russian Federation from the United Nations Human Rights Committee as a thank you for ending the war against those who passed through Serbia and sowed death less than 80 years ago.

“Gallows and executions – without counting, without edge and end.” How...

The surge of anti Russian sentiment in Galicia in the wake of the revolution of 1848 and the victories of the Russian army in the Balkans during the Russian-Turkish war prompted the Austrian authorities to pursue a policy of discrimination against the indigenous Western Russian population. This led to repression and executions of civilians.

The history of the destruction of the Russian Galicia

The Austrian authorities suspected the Galicians, Rusyn-Russians, of sympathizing with Russia and attacked “Russian spies and agents of influence” with the outbreak of World War I, although the Russians simply wanted to remain Russians.