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Multi-Polar Peace or World World War 3?

WE SEE THE WORLD FROM ALL SIDES “I don’t know what weapons we will use in a 3rd World War but I know a 4th...

French voters could strike a major blow to globalism

The result of the election in France has the potential to cause a political earthquake in Europe, dealing a major blow to the “rules-based” order of globalists. But will French voters seize the occasion?

Council of Gods with Jack Heart: The Bormann Faction Part 3

Before 1933 when Hitler assumed power, not a single “god” among IG Farben's “council of gods” supported the National Socialist party. In fact, four of the twelve men making up the council that called themselves gods were Jews. All of them knew full well it was Feder’s intention to eviscerate them once he and Hitler controlled Germany.

Globalism and Brief History of Ukraine

This is the irony of today’s globalist (western) Ukrainians: They ignorantly point the finger at Putin, stating that he wants to draft them into a new Soviet Union. Such a laughable and ridiculous accusation will never gain any respect from Russia, not only because it is modern Ukraine who still carries the torch of Soviet ideology of ecumenism, but also because of the fact that Putin has done what probably no other leader has EVER done in the history of Christ’s people.