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Old Friends: Germany Building Bioweapons in Ukraine-Joint ReNazification

Berlin coordinated its work on biodefense with its US allies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told RT.

‘US in Ukraine to Sell Weapons, Run Illegal Labs ONLY –...

Only the supply of weapons, only biological laboratories, only manual control of puppet regimes to destabilize the situation in Eurasia, ” RIA Novosti quotes Zakharova.

Zakharova: Ukraine Lost its Chance to Remain Sovereign Under KM Oligarchs

Ukraine lost its chance to become a sovereign, independent country because of political traitors backed by the US who crept into its elite and posed as state leaders.

You allow Europe to be destroyed from across the ocean

The West has compounded economic stress of the post Covid era with sanctions that have already dealt them a crushing blow. Under these conditions, the situation in their countries will dramatically deteriorate. - Maria Zakharova