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Former employee of Azovstal pointed to a likely hideout of nationalists

The militants of the Azov national battalion, against whom a criminal case has been opened in Russia, may be in the plate shop of Azovstal, according to a former employee of the plant, Alexander Chuprin.

April 20, 2022, Today’s Censored Videos

Sarmat test success; Mainstream media canceling Russia; Russian led forces advance in Maripol; DPR forces clear Mariupol steel plant; Austra criminalizes sharing banned info on social media; allegations made at UNSC; SU-34 jets conduct airstrikes.

‘Foreign fighters’ ordered NOT to surrender. Turkey enters Iraq. MIC big...

Kiev says those who surrender will be shot on sight. A massive Ukrainian military cargo aircraft carrying a large consignment of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries was shot down over Odessa, per the Russian Defence Ministry, 16 April 2022.

Alien Disclosure: What is in the Ilych Steel Mill in Mariupol?

Since the out break of the police action by Russia in Ukraine some very unusual occurrences have been happening. The current report through Colonel Cassad says there is a secret NATO base under the steel works in Mariupol.