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Sitrep: Operation Z, April 22, 2022

Mariupol proper is liberated, with the exception of the industrial complex of Azovstal. However, there are still upwards of 2000 highly trained, fanatical Azov militants and marine remnants of the 36th Brigade holed up in the factory.

Today’s Censored Videos, April 18 2022

Selection includes an Iskander launch; update on Day 54 of Russian Special Operation; Mariupol update; crew of the Moskva is celebrated; Westerners celebrate the legacy of Bandera terrorism; Moscow rehearses its Victory Day parade; and Russia has detained two British nationals who were fighting them in Mariupol.

Another family loses home to shelling and burning in NATO’s Ukraine...

While I was on the way to Mariupol, we came across a home that had been hit by a Ukrainian shelling attack.

Ukie War: The Suffering of Mariupol

The people of Mariupol are suffering, because the Azov battalion will not let them leave the city.