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Scientists Studied 12 Masks — Every One Contained This Cancer-Causing Compound

he potential consequences of breathing in carcinogenic particles from face masks worn during the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be known for years, but red flags have been raised from the beginning that face mask usage has consequences, with no meaningful benefit.

Carelessly Discarded Face Masks Are Killing Wildlife

Biologists are finding single-use items are entrapping and entangling animals all over the globe

The Coronavirus Transformation Ritual

“Ritual is intimately connected with the mask, either in the wearing that hides the true face, or in the adoption of a public face..."

French Bus Driver Left Brain Dead Due to Face Mask Dispute

Beat to death while performing his job.

What Type of DIY Face Mask Gives Best Protection?

"Importantly, both the number and concentration of the droplets will decrease with increasing distance, which is the fundamental rationale behind social-distancing."

After Racist Response: Oregon County Drops Mask Exemption For People of...

The county's exemption diverged from Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's mask guidance, which requires residents in seven counties to wear masks in indoor public spaces without exemptions for people of color.