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Z for Victory: Russia Wraps Up Military Operation in Ukraine...

“Ukrainian negotiators have essentially agreed to Russia’s principal security demands of rejecting NATO membership and regarding the presence of foreign military bases on its territory,” the Kremlin’s chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky told Sputnik News.

Why is Washington Hampering Russia’s Peace Initiative to Ukraine?

The Biden administration doesn’t seem particularly enamored of Russian peace proposal that could bring much needed relief to the war ravaged country.

Kiev ready to fulfill key Moscow demands – Russia

Ukraine stated that it’s ready to implement the demands that Russia has been insisting on for years, Russia's top negotiator claims.

Russia: Ukraine’s proposals speak of its desire for a neutral and...

According to Vladimir Medinsky, Ukraine’s written proposals confirm its desire for a neutral and non-nuclear status, and working towards a ban on deployment of all types of WMD in Ukraine and a ban on the presence of foreign bases and troops there.