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Total News Blackout: US General Captured Leading Azov Nazis in Mariupol...

Our sources on the ground report that the last two helicopters trying to evacuate foreign VIPs from Mariupol were shot down this morning. They were sent on a suicide mission to collect Lt.General Coultier, who was, we are told, hiding in a huge industrial complex with some Special Forces staffers and about 30 Ukrainian Army, not Azov, soldiers.

Loss to Humanity: MI-8 Helicopter Sent to Mariupol by Zelensky to...

Russian air defences have shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter as it was flying over the Sea of Azov, five kilometres from shore to pick up leaders of the Azov nationalist battalion from Mariupol, the Russian Defence Ministry has stated.

Russian Armed Forces destroyed 2,119 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities during the...

TASS Russian News Service: During the special operation, the Russian armed forces destroyed 2,119 military infrastructure facilities in Ukraine.