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Blackwater is in Donbass with the Azov Battalion

CG: The CIA and MI6 are reorganizing NATO stay-behind networks in Eastern Europe. Altough the Nazis were plethora in the 1940s, they are very few today and only exist thanks to the help of the Anglo-Saxons.

White Malice: how the CIA strangled African independence at birth

Historian Susan Williams grew up in Zambia and ruthlessly reveals through factual evidence the tragic machinations of the CIA in Africa during the Cold War until the late 1960s.

Here’s how the KGB knew you’d be a Traitor: an Exclusive...

Gordon - For me it was being asked to run death squads across Latin America based on crap intel.

NEO – How Moral Weakness doomed US Middle East standing

The impending Saudi defeat in Yemen, in a war two consecutive American administrations participated “secretly,” only makes things worse.

The Pentagon’s New UFO Disclosures: 75 Years of MK Ultra Psy...

In my last few articles, I found myself writing on the theme of the emerging new system and the battle between two paradigms (multipolar vs...