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History of the Ukrainian War

The Ukrainian war started when the democratically elected President of Ukraine rejected the Obama administration's urgings for Ukraine to become allied with the US against his adjoining country Russia.

Russia: Ukraine’s proposals speak of its desire for a neutral and...

According to Vladimir Medinsky, Ukraine’s written proposals confirm its desire for a neutral and non-nuclear status, and working towards a ban on deployment of all types of WMD in Ukraine and a ban on the presence of foreign bases and troops there.

Putin: Pro-Nazi Regime in Kiev Could Get Nuclear Weapons in Foreseeable...

Sputnik: In a speech before the Munich Security Conference on 19 February, President Zelensky threatened to renounce Kiev’s non-nuclear status. Putin responded that Ukraine’s apparent desire to create a nuclear weapon constitutes a severe threat to Russia.

Report: Ukraine Planning Nuclear Test when Russia Crossed the Border

SouthFront: Ukraine was secretly developing nuclear weapons and it was close to obtaining them, Russian media reported on March 6 citing a source with knowledge of the situation in Russian security structures.