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Conference of “Quds, Axis of Islamic Awakening” held in Lahore Pakistan

Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi, the Leader of Tehrik e Islami Pakistan at a conference entitled "Quds, Axis of Islamic Awakening" organized by Imamia Students (ISO) in Lahore Pakistan, said: Tehrik Islami Pakistan condemns the Quds invasion by the Zionist regime.

Pakistan being strategically encircled

Pakistan has lurched from one crisis to another in its 70 years history. Notwithstanding the deleterious role of our leaders, India has been principally behind Pakistan’s woes.

Pakistan and Syria: Centers of the Great Game

Hans J. Morgenthau opines, “The true nature of the policy is concealed by ideological justifications and rationalization.

US-led Countries’ Conflicting Interests Deteriorate Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations?

Paying full attention to the Syrian crisis, Western media and their viewers have, perhaps, forgotten the South Asia where the conflicting interests of the US-led countries and entities like the secret agencies are deteriorating Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations which are equally essential for the regional and global interests of their countries like Syria.

The teachings of Imam Khomeini (RA) is the way out of...

Secretary General of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) , Allama Raja Nasir Abbas, expressing concern about the misfortunes suffered by the Muslim world today.

National Unity Council declared its support for the positions of Hojatoleslam...

A delegation from the National Unity Council, spearhead by Mr. Liaqat Bloch, the Secretary of Jemaah Islamiyah in Pakistan, attended the talks in Islamabad on the hunger strike of the Secretary-General of the Council of Muslim unity.

Pakistan’s Security Determinants

India has not reconciled to the existence of Pakistan and strives to reduce it to the status of a Satellite State

Evolving Afghan Dynamics & Bearing on Pakistan

Asif Haroon Raja General Afghanistan is connected with South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia. It shares 1400 km border with Pakistan and its 42% of...

Indian Pretense of friendship

A 120-second pep talk between Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi at Paris on November 30, followed by a meeting of National Security Advisers Ajit Doval and Lt Gen Nasser Janjua at Bangkok on December 6 melted the ice and set the ball rolling.

NEO – Pipeline wars heat up in Eurasia

Jim W. Dean - Eurasian countries are now walking a tightrope between economic and political consolidation and regional competition. Will energy pipeline competition really help create peace, or bitter economic rivalries?