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Patrick Lancaster: Russian Soldiers in Battle and Giving Humanitarian Aid in...

This group of Russian Soldiers lead by call sign "Angel" have been giving humanitarian aid to frontline areas all over Mariupol.

Russian Forces Eliminate Ukraine Forces using apartment as Firing Position

Patrick Lancaster reports from an active battle as Chechen and DPR forces pushed into Ukrainian Azovstal positions, and destroyed two machine gun positions.

Mariupol Residents Expose War Crimes & Show Dead Ukraine Soldiers

Patrick talks with three civilians, including one who was shot at by Ukrainian soldiers while going to the store to barter, and reported it to the DPR and they came and dispersed the shooters. Gripping testimony of residents.

Another family loses home to shelling and burning in NATO’s Ukraine...

While I was on the way to Mariupol, we came across a home that had been hit by a Ukrainian shelling attack.

First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)

Who controls Mariupol controls the Sea of Azov. A humanitarian corridor for civilian evacuations was set, and Patrick Lancaster does brief interviews with people on the street.