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Ellen Brown: Russia Is Following the American Financial Playbook 

No government has been powerful enough to break the petrodollar arrangement until now. How did that happen and what will it mean for the U.S. and global economies?

In Snub to Washington, UAE reaches out to Russia

Washington’s geopolitical cards are dwindling rapidly. The high-level UAE visit to Moscow this week has consolidated OPEC+ support for Russia in the energy war now raging between east and west.

King of Saudi Arabia to accept Yuan for oil sales rather...

SERIOUS BUSINESS: It might appear to be just a simple switch from dollars to the Yuan or the Renminbi, but it is a very significant deal that has massive consequences for the US and the status of its currency as the global worlds reserve currency.

Beijing and Riyadh Herald End of US Dollar Empire

China and Saudi Arabia want to switch their oil trade to payment in Chinese renminbi, or yuan. This will break the power of the petrodollar and launch the collapse the US empire. Now what?

NEW RESERVE CURRENCY? Say Hello to Russian Gold and the...

On Friday, the Eurasian Economic Union and China agreed to design the mechanism for an independent international monetary and financial system.