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Yes, Virginia, COVID-19 is Real

Public Health Strategies to Combat COVID-19

We Can Control Numbers of COVID-19 Cases

Wear a mask and do you part to stop COVID-19.

Trump Continues to Campaign as Americans Sicken and Die

The number of infections now regularly tops 50,000 per day, higher than in April when the US was in the first grip of infections.

Trump’s Mt. Rushmore Crowd Will Not Be Physical Distancing

Mr. Trump is set to travel to South Dakota on Friday evening for a massive fireworks display at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a made-for-TV patriotic display that he has spent years lobbying to revive.

What Type of DIY Face Mask Gives Best Protection?

"Importantly, both the number and concentration of the droplets will decrease with increasing distance, which is the fundamental rationale behind social-distancing."

Live Smart: Use Physical Distancing to Keep Safe

Fight the good fight and continue to practice physical distancing.

Holiday Weekend: Americans Abandon Physical Distancing

As death toll nears 100,000, some Americans break from social distancing during holiday weekend by Christina Maxouris/CNN (CNN)The number of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus...

Trump Says ‘Social Distancing” Will Expire Today

North Carolina and Michigan, have extended their restrictions into May