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Press TV: Orlando shooting false flag event aimed at demonizing Muslims

Meet yet another "radical Islamic terrorist" whose lifestyle was radically un-Islamic – like Mohammed Atta, that lover of pork chops, cocaine, whiskey, prostitutes, and gambling junkets.

Terrifying truth about terror finally told on TV

“The word terrorism ... is now being used by the world’s biggest terrorists in Washington DC and Tel Aviv to demonize the people who are fighting terrorism..."

The Debate – State sponsored terrorism is the real enemy

Jim W. Dean - If you extrapolate the Syrian dead to the US population, we would be talking over 4 million killed here... like a dozen WWII KIAs. Add to that 30 million refugees. What impact would that have on us?

Syria crisis political solution drawing closer: Iran

Jim W. Dean - Iran's anti-terrorism efforts in Syria are being officially credited by de Mistura, which is something the US cannot take away.

Press TV: Telling The Truth About AIPAC, Jewish Political Lobbying And...

Calling a spade a spade is the way forward...

Debating Maxi-the-Zionist on Israel’s domination of USA

All major corridors of power in the United States are completely under the domination of a genocidal foreign entity called Israel.

Debating a reptilian on international TV

Did Frederick Peterson fall to earth yesterday? Or is he lying like a psychopathic space lizard.

Press TV: Trump conducted controlled demolition of Bush candidacy

"Donald Trump recognizes this as do many Americans, who half-consciously understand that things have gone terribly, terribly wrong. And where they began to go utterly disastrously wrong was during the presidency George W. Bush with the 9/11 false flag event."