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Rubber Meets the Road in Immigration

We seek ways to track and assess immigrant needs to help the nation that we live in. Supporting Novel Interdisciplinary Research to Address Critical Human and Social Problems.

Hidden Gems: Finding the Missing of Mariupol under Fire – Lancaster...

The people in Odessa must be sweating it out hoping a repeat of what happened to Mariupol does not happen to them.

The European Union is predicted to end soon, but what will...

The high probability of an acute food crisis in the countries of Africa and the Middle East will lead to the fact that the European Union will be overwhelmed by millions of refugee flows.

Gilad Atzmon: Putin’s War

3D CHESS: Sooner or later, Putin believes, Europe will accept his entire list of demands and will lift the list of sanctions in a desperate attempt to stop the tsunami of Ukrainian refugees, who may prefer to stay in Germany, France, Britain and Poland, which could lead to a demographic shift in the ethnic balance in favor of the Russian ethnic groups in Ukraine.

Concern grows over traffickers targeting Ukrainian refugees

As millions of women and children flee across Ukraine’s borders in the face of Russian aggression, concerns are growing over how to protect the most vulnerable refugees from being targeted by human traffickers or becoming victims of other forms of exploitation.

Ukraine: Some refugees more equal than others

One of the points which the conflict in Ukraine has highlighted is how Western media chooses which conflicts it wants to highlight, which is usually driven by their own gains.