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Caught: Romania, a NATO ‘partner’ Faces Attack for Hosting Ukrainian Combat...

SVPressa: Anyone who more or less systematically follows the course of the special operation of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, I believe, could...

FLASH! Broken Arrow, Moskva (Classified)

We are under a Broken Arrow alert (extreme radiation danger for entire Black Sea region/Northern Turkey/Bosporus).

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

VT believes a missile was fired from the US air base in Romania guided by American AEGIS radar in Constanza.

Ukraine Spy Ship that Mined Black Sea Sunk While Hiding in...

The reconnaissance ship of the Ukrainian Navy “Pereyaslav” has been destroyed off the coast of Ukraine, near the border of Ukraine and Romania, and the fate of the crew is unknown.

Romania and Bulgaria did not let plane with batch of Bayraktar...

Apparently, neither Romania nor Bulgaria is willing to provide any assistance to Ukraine anymore, which complicates the process of supplying weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

NATO Distances from US as Russia Flexes New Economic Muscle

The NATO alliance has decided to strengthen the defense of its own territories by deploying four additional multinational NATO combat groups of 40,000 troops in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia on a permanent basis.

Ukraine’s Hybrid War: Zelensky to Lead ‘Resistance’ from Behind

NATO’s military strategists plan to establish refugee settlements in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, and provide guerrilla warfare training and lethal arms to military age men in order to “bleed Russia’s security forces” in the ensuing irregular warfare following the impending fall of Kyiv.