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Black Sun Rising VI – The Black Madonna and the Swastika (updated)

They tell us that two thousand years ago the Roman Empire sent twenty thousand men, three legions, into the forbidding swamps of Germania’s Teutoburg Forest. The legions, as of yet invincible, were elements of the most powerful military force the world would see till the rise of the British Empire. They were there to fight a punitive action against the Germanic tribes who were reticent about joining Rome’s empire.

Well-Preserved Ancient Roman Dog Statue Found During a Construction Project

Researchers also uncovered three stone tombs, an urn and the remains of a young man

Ancient Roman City Discovered Without Using a Shovel

Ground-penetrating radar revealed Falerii Novi’s elaborate architecture, including a bath complex, theater and network of water pipes

Uneathed Roman Shrine: Evidence of Existence of Romulus?

An underground temple and sarcophagus discovered in the Roman Forum may pay homage to the mythical figure

Romantic Roman Anniversary

When their first wedding anniversary was approaching, David and Kelly decided to do something special.