Black Sun Rising VI, 1… the Black Madonna and the Swastika

by Jack Heart & Orage

First published July 15, 2014, VT

They tell us that two thousand years ago the Roman Empire sent twenty thousand men, three legions, into the forbidding swamps of Germania’s Teutoburg Forest. The legions, as of yet invincible, were elements of the most powerful military force the world would see till the rise of the British Empire. They were there to fight a punitive action against the Germanic tribes who were reticent about joining Rome’s empire.

These artifacts are called Zierscheibe. They pay homage to the Black Sun. They’ve been found in the graves of Nordic woman going back to the Bronze Age. Somehow since the original publication of this piece back in June of 2014, all of the Zierscheibe with swastikas in the center have been purged from the internet…

The Romans had been tricked onto terrain unsuitable for their style of battle by their own ally, a trusted German nobleman named Arminius who had been raised amongst the Romans and groomed to unite Germania’s feuding warlords under the banner of Empire. Inexplicably, Arminius had known seemingly from the start that he would oppose his Roman mentors. The reward for his loyalty to the tribes would be his murder at their hands a decade later and it never could have ended any other way. But he led the rebellion regardless.

Not one legionnaire would leave the Teutoburg Forest alive. For the next millennium, Germania would remain free, independent of Empire and isolated from the Christian pestilence that would eventually destroy Rome and plunge the western world into the Dark Ages. *

Arminius was born into the Cherusci tribe, the preeminent tribe in northwestern Germania. Because of lingual differences from the surrounding Germanic tribes they have been linked by scholars to an enigmatic and ancient Indo-European tribe known as the Veneti. Over three hundred Venetic inscriptions have been translated.

Veneti cuneiform tablet

According to alleged Roman historian; Titus Livius (Livy), said to be native to the region, the Veneti originally settled northern Italy by way of Troy. The inscriptions show they worshipped a Goddess whom they called Reitia. Their alphabet is similar to the Etruscans who bordered them to the Southwest.

There is Mitochondrial DNA evidence linking Northern Italians, Nordics and the Dene speaking tribes of America to each other and what then would have been ancient Sumer. Haplo group X is the recurring genetic marker found in these diverse peoples. Its particularly prevalent in the Druze, a minority population in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria but it is also found in Northern Europeans who were the ancestors of the Celts.

Northern Europeans can be linked directly to Egypt through the Nebra sky Disk. Additionally Haplogroup X is found in concentrations in the area of Italy that once comprised the land of the Etruscans; the progenitors of Rome. The Etruscans trace their own origins back to the Minoans who wrote in Linear A now popularly excepted by scholars to be an early form of Semitic.

Among Native Americans, Haplogroup X appears in northern Amerindian groups, including the Ojibwa, the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, the Sioux, the Yakima, and the Na-Dene–speaking Navajo.The homogeneity of the Dene sequences suggests that they acquired Haplogroup X relatively recently, about 1000 years ago. The sequence data and Phylogenetic analysis suggest that the Native American and non-Asian Old World Haplogroup X mitochondrial DNA’s share a common maternal ancestor but also suggest that they diverged from each other 31,000–36,000 years ago, originating in the Old World and migrating into America. Haplogroup X is most conspicuous by its absence from Siberia much like the Clovis Spear Point.

In the third part of this essay we presented the evidence, which has been suppressed at all costs, that the Maya built and lived in Tikal without even disturbing the surrounding jungle let alone using tools, the same way the Talmud tells its readers the first temple was built. The Maya vanished in an orgy of violence and a few years later their traditions of cannibalism, human sacrifice and even their favorite ballgame, played with a human head, would be duplicated by the Anasazi of the Southwest. **

With the recent introduction onto the academic playing field of the Disturnell Map, presumably even the most incorrigible of National Geographics fans have finally gotten it straight. The map is connected to the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and shows three migration points depicting the southerly migration route of the Aztec beginning in Utah.

The distribution from Canada to South America of the Uto-Azteca language, the dietary consumption of both corn and human flesh, and the very existence of the Anasazi themselves make it a forgone conclusion for any scholar not sucking up to the academic grant trough that the Aztecs migrated into the Mexican valley from the Great Salt Lake area and the land of the Anasazi. (1) 

That the Aztecs were the Anasazi is the logical scientific conclusion but unfortunately for scientific empiricism that same blood-soaked land is now occupied by the Mormons. The Mormons Masonic and Jewish affiliations are well documented as is their penchant for adjusting history to suit what they believe to be the revelations of the angel Moroni.(2

The unspeakable truth is when the cannibalistic Aztec swarmed into the Mexican valley less than a thousand years ago they, or at least the cadre of the Sumerian priesthood that was their evil core, were exercising their biblical “right of return” to their Mayan homeland. And it was they and their Vatican cleanup crew of conquistadors that laid Mesoamerican civilization to waste and saw to it that the codex’s and even time itself were erased, all in an effort to cover their diabolical tracks. It may be just a coincidence, but the tribal names Anasazi and Ashkenazi are almost identical.

Columbus signature X

“Columbus” hooked X signature marks him as a Knight Templar for posterity. He came to America expecting to contact remnants of a Sumerian civilization. He brought with him Luis de Torres; a Chaldean interpreter, and most likely the enigmatic Crónica X too. (3)

Crónica X, a fabled pre-Columbian book about Mesoamerican civilization, would have been compiled by the Knights Templar during their prior almost three-hundred-year exclusive access to the Potosí silver mine in Bolivia and the entire east coast of the Americas discussed in Black Sun Rising I. 

It’s said Livy wrote extensively on the history of Rome during the reign of Augustus Caesar. Although his monumental History of Rome is all that is known to have survived of his work, Livy was used as a source for many of the historians who came after him. Julius Obsequens would use him as his source to write the Book of Prodigies an account of the supernatural events attendant to the founding of the Roman Empire between 249 BCE to 12 BCE. 

Writing of the year 100 BCE Obsequens says, “When C. Murius and L. Valerius were consuls, in Tarquinia towards sunset, a round object, like a globe, a round or circular shield, took its path in the sky from west to east.” According to academics by 100 BCE Rome had just successfully concluded the over a decade long Cimbrian War with the Nordic tribes over who would rule the Italian peninsula. It had been a series of pitched battles between massive armies in which both sides had inflicted over a hundred thousand dead on the other in different engagements.

In the history of Rome they fight their Civil War in 91 BCE. The war has been dubbed the Social War by historians. Obsequens writes “At Aenariae, while Livius Troso was promulgating the laws at the beginning of the Italian war, at sunrise, there came a terrific noise in the sky, and a globe of fire appeared burning in the north. In the territory of Spoletum, a globe of fire, of golden color, fell to the earth gyrating. It then seemed to increase in size, rose from the earth and ascended into the sky, where it obscured the sun with its brilliance. It revolved toward the eastern quadrant of the sky.” In the Social War Rome’s allies on the Italian peninsula would win equal citizenship in the emerging Roman Empire.

Obsequens also records seemingly random Fortean phenomena like this description of what for all intents and purposes sounds like a rocket launch; in 42 BCE “something like a sort of weapon, or missile, rose with a great noise from the earth and soared into the sky.” The Book of Prodigies would first be published in 1508 in Venice by printing press pioneer Aldus Manutius. It is in Venice, at that same time, which our story begins.

Veneti symbol

It’s said that the Veneti had fought at the side of Rome since the Punic Wars and after the Social War they had become citizens. So for all intents and purposes since time out of mind the Veneti have spoken Latin, and all that’s really known of them comes from sparse and highly disputed translations of inscriptions to a forgotten Goddess. (4)

As academic history goes In the Fifth Century the Veneti would be overrun by the Visigoths and the Huns and in the Sixth invaded and occupied by the Lombardi. A small strip on the coast containing the ever-expanding island city of Venice was all that remained under the control of Constantinople, Rome’s heir in the East and the heart of the Byzantine Empire.

In the beginning of the Eighth Century Venice threw off the Byzantine yoke and began electing its own leader taking great pains to develop an ever increasingly complicated electoral process which limited the influence of any one family. This elected ruler called Doge served for life.

At the beginning of the Ninth Century what was then the embryo of the Venetian Republic successfully resisted Charlemagne and his pope, causing the death of Charlemagne’s son Pepin; “king of Italy,” in the process. By the latter half of the Twelfth Century the prosperous cities of the region would form an alliance called the Lombard League and successfully defend their sovereignty against Charlemagne’s Germanic successor as Holy Roman Emperor; Fredrick I. Barbarossa (Red Beard).

At the dawn of the Thirteenth Century, avenging the city’s ethnic cleansing of its Venetian residents twenty years prior, the Venetian fleet would make a detour with the fourth crusade and sack Christian Constantinople. They looted it of everything of value that could be transported putting an end to the Byzantine Empire.

Seventy years later, in what would come to be called the Silk Road; Marco Polo would establish Venice as the European link to the Mongol Empire, Persia, Armenia, the Caucasus and Asia Minor. For the next five hundred years the Venetian Republic would be the most powerful city state in Europe and its center of commerce. 

While the Venetians plundered Constantinople, a storm was brewing in Europe. As emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, the House of Hohenstaufen, of whom Barbarossa was the progenitor, had been waging war up and down the Italian Peninsula for half a century. They were attempting to establish their authority over the scheming popes and the principalities and fiefdoms, like Venice, that divided Italy, Germany, and Burgundy. Supporters of the emperor were called Ghibellines, supporters of the pope Guelphs.

Frederick II and eagle

Frederick II was the grandson of Barbarossa and the third and last of the Hohenstaufen emperors. In 1208 he came of age not only as the Holy Roman Emperor but as the King of Sicily too. Frederick was also King of Jerusalem by way of marriage and in 1228 negotiated a bloodless resolution to the sixth crusade favorable to both Islam and Christianity.

It is said he remarked during negotiations with the Sultan of Egypt that he had no doubt that the Caliph was descended from the Prophet, but they must remember that the pope was found in a dung heap.

Called the first European by Friedrich Nietzsche, the anti-Christ by Pope Gregory IX and Stupor mundi, “The Wonder of the World,” by his contemporaries, Fredrick would almost single handedly drag Europe into the Renaissance. Excommunicated no less than four times, he had no use for any of the great religions. He supposedly once “remarked that there were three great frauds in history – Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.” (5)

Frederick spoke half a dozen different languages and within his territories would organize the first secular government since the days of Rome. He established a written constitution and guaranteed the rights of his subjects. He was instrumental in promoting Roman law and representative institutions in southern Italy.

Frederick would establish the University of Naples, the first secular university in the west, to counteract the pope’s think tanks. Its faculty included Christians, Muslims and Jews. Their languages would be taught there along with the laws and literature of the cultures.

Frederick loved nature and even authored and illustrated a book titled The Art of Hunting With Birds. He was a keen observer of the forests and woodlands and was the first in a line of German naturalists that advocated learning science from Nature.

It was a line that would culminate seven hundred years later with Viktor Schauberger and his “Trout Engines” based on Implosion Technology.

Frederick would provide refuge for troubadours fleeing the Albigensian Crusade which would leave over a million dead in the south of France.

Under his patronage these itinerate poets would lay the foundation for the lyrical quality, later exemplified by Dante, of the Italian language. (6)

Castel del Monte (Photo credit, Michael Fritz – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A few years before his death in 1250 at the age of fifty-six Frederick would construct the Castel Del Monte, a mysterious octagonal fortress built in southern Italy that emulated the style of the Knights Templar churches of the times. The Knights Templars were dedicated to the Goddess as were the Cathars, who were targeted by the papacy in the Albigensian Crusade. To these brave men and woman martyred at the hands of an excremental pope the eight-pointed star of Ishtar is far more sacred than the cross. 

The House of Hohenstaufen would only survive Frederick’s death in 1250 by a few years before it succumbed to the papacy’s interminable quest to exterminate it. Conradin, Frederick’s grandson, would leave the relative safety of his kingdom in Swabia at the invitation of Count Guido de Montefeltro to come and claim his Italian throne seized by the popes thug; Charles I of Naples. Montefeltro formally represented the Senator of Rome Henry of Castile, and he informally represented the Ghibellines who were revolting all over southern Italy. After losing a battle in Italy, the sixteen-year-old king would end up being captured by Charles I and publicly beheaded in 1268.

Long after it had passed into history the bitter taste of what could have been remained in the mouths of the Italian and German Ghibellines who supported the Hohenstaufen. Under the divisive eye of the Vatican, Germany and Italy would remain a collection of competing feudal states for hundreds of years, while the bold from among them would carve out global empires for Spain, France, and England.

By the Sixteenth Century the papacy had been stirring its Shakespearian cauldron of curses for almost two hundred and fifty years. The pope had brewed an alliance between himself, his stooges, and the king of France to crush the Republic of Venice once and for all.

The League of Cambrai War would last from 1508-1516. It was the main event of the Italian Wars which were carried on from 1494-1559; the papacy’s gift to the Renaissance. Intrigue swirled down every affluent byway of Venice; a city that had never really accepted the papacy’s brand of god.

In the Piazza San Marco in Venice, high above the square, sits a bronze three ton winged lion. The winged lion is the oldest symbol of Venice. The bronze has been damaged and repaired many times over the centuries, but scholars agree that the original casting dates back to twenty-five hundred years ago.

Winged lion, Venice (Carlo Naya (1816-1882) Venezia, Leone in Piazza san Marco)

Twenty-eight hundred years ago a winged lion adorned the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. In the epic of Gilgamesh the great Goddess Ishtar warns “If you refuse to give me the Bull of Heaven I will break in the doors of hell and smash the bolts; there will be confusion of people, those above with those from the lower depths. I shall bring up the dead to eat food like the living; and the hosts of the dead will outnumber the living.”

Winged lion, Ishtar gate, Babylon, “575 BCE”, the Louvre

Having once been an entrée on the menu and now carrying the genetic marker Haplo group X in their blood, the Dene shamans of American Southwest know a little bit about Babylonian Magick. They believe a soul can be transported in a turtle.

In part two of Black Sun Rising we told you the tattoo of the turtle over Tatunca Nara’s heart marked him as SS. Babylon is the Greek word for Bab Ilu which means the Gate of God, the Gate of Heavenly Light. The cross of Ilu is the eight-pointed star of Ishtar represented in Templar churches by the octagon and in esoteric occult symbolism by a turtle for the octagonal lines that constitute its carapace.

Octagonal lines in the carapace of a turtle

The Royal Secret, a respected book on Masonic symbolism, gives the turtle as the symbol for Bab Ilu. The explanation given by its author I. Edward Clark, after a lot of improvisation, including some mental gymnastics that end in attributing the swastika to Jehovah and fabricating a zoological anecdote about turtle migrations in Africa, leaves much to be desired.

But after muddling through the dogma he learned at the lodge, Mr. Clark does manage to produce the illustration below of a “North American Water Turtle” as a living metaphor for the earth. Take a good look at it and remember it.

The Royal Secret, a respected book on Masonic symbolism by I. Edward Clark, gives the turtle as the symbol for Bab Ilu.

To find out what I really know about turtles, which I promise you is more than any man will ever live to know, you’ll have to buy my book…- Jack

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

The very nature of the secret is it is never spoken. You will find no references to it in Wikipedia. As is documented in part five, the “Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee” sifted through three and half billion papers.

As is documented in part four, the Empire murdered its own best general to shut him up. The occult roots of National Socialism are there for all to see. They are impossible to hide. But they can be suppressed, and they have been.

If fifty years ago Morning of the Magicians had not become an international bestseller no one would have ever even heard of the Vril Society. As we said at the very beginning; the Abwehr had many secrets, and the Germans are efficient. The Germans have always been efficient.

The Vril Gesellschaft (society) was an offshoot of The All-German Society for Metaphysics which in turn was an offshoot of the Thule Society; the original sponsors of Hitler and National Socialism. The Vril Society was comprised entirely of stunningly beautiful woman. Most wore their hair as long as possible, believing a woman’s hair acted as a psychic antenna, but others later would wear their hair short like a boy marking themselves as a priestess of Ishtar.

Wilhelm Landig was an unrepentant member of the SS who wrote Idols Against Thule and several other books after the war that may or may not have been fiction. Landig along with Rudolf J. Mund and Erich Halik formed the nucleus of what came to be known as the Vienna Group because their meetings were held in Landig’s Wieden studio in the center of Vienna.

The message that they calculatingly delivered for those who had ears to hear was National Socialism had never been defeated. In fact they had a secret flying saucer fleet right here on earth, and that elements of National Socialism had fled to a planet orbiting Aldebaran; a giant red star and the glaring bloodshot eye of the bull in the Taurus constellation. 

The Crab nebula, whose birth in 1054 was recorded by the Anasazi in the petroglyph above is also in the Taurus constellation.

It, along with the constellation of Cygnus discussed in part three of Black Sun Rising, is the major source of cosmic rays which are at this very moment bombarding the Earth and penetrating it up to a half mile down. Cosmic rays can alter DNA which endows them with the ability to create a new man. In Latin Taurus means bull as in Ishtar’s Bull of Heaven.  

The Goddess in a Vril depiction, with spread-out hair, dagger and mirror in hand

According to the lore spread by the Vienna Group these female mediums were able to establish contact with a praetor human intelligence that relayed plans for a saucer like vehicle that could transverse the ether.

The plans were recorded by the mediums automatic writing of ancient Sumerian cuneiform. Thule Society scholars were able to translate the writing and by as early as 1922, perhaps the most brilliant of all the German scientists the west has never heard of Winfried Otto Schumann used them to build an “afterlife flying machine.” (7)

Following WW II Schumann would spend two years at Wright Patterson Air force base in America as the guest of Operation Paperclip. In 1952 he would discover the Schumann Resonance; the ULF (ultralow frequency range) and ELF (extremely low frequency range) resonant frequencies of the earth’s ionosphere cavity previously discussed in part three.

Atra-Hasis epic in the British Museum (Photo courtesy of Public Domain, )

The Thule Society didn’t emerge from a vacuum. By 1872 a brilliant young English Assyriologist named George Smith found an account of “Noah’s flood” in The Epic of Gilgamesh, (8) a Chaldean tablet he was translating that was known to be far older than the bible. In 1876 he would publish The Chaldean Account of Genisis. (9)

Just like Wolfgang Cordan, the German Mayan scholar from part three, Smith would die on expedition that very same year. He was thirty-six years old. But his book would be the genesis of the Pan Babylonian movement on continental Europe. By the early nineteen hundreds it had swept German intellectualism like a blitzkrieg and German scholars, always resentful of Christianity, would sustain an attempt to rid Europe once and for all of an alien religion whose stories were all plagiarized from Babylon. Books and lectures on Pan Babylonianism and the controversies they spawned ushered in the twentieth century for the educated German. (10)

Gilgamesh, statue in Uruk

Seething with two thousand years of resentment for the Vatican, German scholarship and aristocracy bought into Pan Babylonanism with a vengeance. The Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft (German Oriental Society) was founded to do research at the beginning of 1898. Its initial founders were the elite of Germany, including its wealthiest Jews, Henri James Simon and banker Franz von Mendelssohn. 

By 1901 the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft was under the personnel protection and financing of Kaiser Wilhelm II. With a blank check from the throne of Germany the Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft would dig up half the Mesopotamian plain, even claiming to have found the Tower of Babel. The outbreak of WW I in 1914 put an abrupt end to their excavations, for a time.

In the aftermath of the war, Bavaria was careening wildly out of control. Jewish career subversive and draft dodger Kurt Eisner was speaking before huge audiences promising socialist reforms. On November 7, 1918, he mobilized a mob of some sixty thousand demonstrators in Munich and the tottering House of Wittelsbach, which had ruled Bavaria for seven hundred years, collapsed. 

The king fled into exile. The very next day Eisner proclaimed himself the new ruler of the Bavarian “free state.” He was shot dead in the street three months later by Anton Arco-Valley a German Jewish aristocrat closely affiliated with the Thule Society which was now mobilizing all of Germany against the Bolshevik menace. 

In his epic poem Aeneid the Roman poet Virgil calls the furthest point North beyond what is known Ultima Thule. Friedrich Nietzsche, in The Anti-Christ, addresses his readers as Hyperboreans. In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were the first race of man, the primal race, more Gods than men. They dwelled in the unknown north beyond the frozen wastelands and were sometimes visited as equals by Apollo, the God of light and Wisdom.

By early April 1919 a collection of crazed Jewish Bolsheviks under the direct command of Vladimir Lenin in Moscow proclaimed, “a revolution of love” and Bavaria a “Soviet Republic.” In between wiring Lenin that Bavaria’s interim government had fled Munich, taking with them the keys to the ministry toilet, Bavaria’s new government issued a proclamation making the private ownership of guns a crime punishable by death. The new Soviet Republic’s foreign minister; Franz Lipp, an ex-mental patient who had once been institutionalized, declared war on Switzerland for its refusal to lend him sixty trains.

Hostages, reputed to be members of the Thule Society, were taken from among the leading citizens of Munich. By the time these Russian born Jewish “German” Bolsheviks, instigated by Lenin, celebrated Walpurgis Eve by brutally murdering their hostages, Germans had seen enough. Battle hardened volunteers called Freikorps, organized by the Thule Society, were already encircling Munich.

Among the murdered victims were Prince Gustav of Thurn and Taxis and the Thule Society secretary Countess Heila von Westarp. Also slain was Jewish German nationalist professor Ernst Berger. It would turn out badly for the Bolsheviks. The prince was not only one of the most powerful men in the Thule Society he was one of the most powerful men in all of Germany.

Three days later, thirty thousand enraged WW I veterans stormed Munich. In vicious street fighting they made short work of the makeshift red army and its leader, Russian born Jew, Eugen Leviné. A thousand Bolsheviks were killed in the fighting and almost a thousand more would be executed, including Leviné. Unfortunately a pattern had been set, and even though loyal German Jews had killed and died fighting the Bolsheviks, in the eyes of the average German in the street Jews were now the enemy.


After the Bolsheviks had been crushed, Rudolf von Sebottendorff, the mysterious point man for the Thule Society, would melt back into the shadows. By 1920 he was gone. He had appeared in Germany in 1913 with a Turkish passport, a German title and seemingly limitless funds and energy.

By mid-April of 1919 he had organized the Freikorps recruiting many personally from his office in the Hotel Deutscher Kaiser at Nuremberg. In 1923, the Freikorps, renamed the Bund Oberland, would march in Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch. They would go on to become the Sturmabteilung or SA and eventually carry Hitler to power on their broad shoulders.

Among Sebottendorff’s seemingly endless preparations for the advent of National Socialism was buying the newspaper Münchener Beobachter in 1919. In 1920 it would become the Völkischer Beobachter, and after being purchased by Hitler in 1921 would it become the official newspaper of National Socialism for the next twenty-five years.

Historians now pretty much concur that Sebottendorff, through Anton Drexler, founded the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or DAP in the beginning of 1919. Early in 1920 the party would be renamed under its new leader, DAP member 555, Adolph Hitler. Henceforth they would be known as the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP, what the Zionist media drones refer to as the Nazis.

In 1933 Sebottendorff would reappear in Germany celebrating the triumph of National Socialism with his brand new book Bevor Hitler kam (Before Hitler, a historical study). It gave dates, places, sources of funding and even names like Guido von List and Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels. By then the fact that National Socialism was rooted in the mystic Pan Babylonianism of the Thule Society was not to be openly discussed.

Dietrich Eckart

Master occultists like Dietrich Eckart had trained and constructed Hitler specifically to play the role of messiah. It would not do for Christian Germans to know that their Führer was the high priest of a different God.

In 1934 the second printing of the Sebottendorff book was confiscated and he was whisked back to Turkey where he would spend the war on the payroll of German Intelligence. His field of expertise, according to his perplexed handler Herbert Rittlinger, was Tibetan Lamas. He disappeared at the war’s end like most of the other key National Socialists.

The dazzling women of the Vril Society also all disappeared without a trace after the war, said to have gone to Aldebaran with their leader Maria Orsitsch. In March of 1945, right before their disappearance they predicted that they would return in 1992/93 or 2004/05. Their agenda upon their return would be to promote the impending final battle between the forces of light embodied in the Gnostic individualism that National Socialism is rooted in and the collective darkness of Judeo-Christian egalitarianism embodied by Bolshevism.

In 1992 Preston Nichols and the first installment of the Montauk Project books appeared with the rendition of a statue of an enormous rearing horse on the cover. In 1993 an artist was commissioned to create a thirty-two-foot-tall replica of that now infamous horse at Denver International Airport.

In 2005 a group based in Venice that traces its pedigree back at least to Landig and the Vienna Group put up a web site called Causa Nostra. The group from Venice is known to also be active in Milan and America. It includes Reinhardt Heydrich’s ninety-year-old onetime secretary. The site itself is in German and originates in Munich, the cradle of original Vril Society.

Munich is also home base for Gudrun Burwitz; Heinrich Himmler’s daughter. A few years ago in its June 17, 2011, issue Zionist mouthpiece Mail Online accused the aged but still “pin sharp” Gudrun of being “‘grandmother’ to a new breed of female Nazis on the radical right. These disciples of Hitler wear the traditional dirndl dresses of Bavaria and their hair in plaits.(11)

Maria Orsic

The contents of the Causa Nostra site are purported to be insights into the Ordo Bucintoro; a five hundred year old order whose objectives transcend the world of the living. The word Bucintoro is from a legendary boat or barge built somewhere back in time to commemorate the marriage of Venice to the sea.

There is enough evidence, chronicled for anyone who wants to see it, in both Behind the Bush and Black Sun Rising that there has been a breakaway civilization long before the rise of National Socialism. There have been breakaway worlds since time itself began. To quote Gordon Duff, who began this essay with his disclosures on Comet Ison: (12) “reality, existence, has nothing to do, nothing to do, with what you’re told it is.” (13)

Reality, as it is commonly understood, is an etiological myth.

German Scientists have openly stated that National Socialism had help from other worlds. What other worlds has never been revealed and almost everything that is known is conjecture. The Causa Nostra web site seems to be able to provide details from an entirely new perspective, one that is in accordance with both the historical facts and the ancient occult principles through which the Magi work their miracles. From henceforth we will be using them as a source.

In Causa Nostra lore what would eventually become National Socialism began in Venice in 1510. Antonia Contenta, a Roman noblewoman with the secret backing of the Venetian Doge, along with leading Venetian and German merchants founded the Ordo Bucintoro, an aristocratic trans-generational conspiracy dedicated to bringing about a new aeon and a unified German-Roman Empire. The Novus Ordo Seclorum would be free from the lying self-serving morality of the papistry. Men and woman would be equal, the hoarding of wealth forbidden and the rights of the individual respected.

After WWII the Ordo Bucintoro would be called the Ordo Palazzo Stern by the Black Prince of Italy Junio Valerio Borghese and the German superman Otto Skorzeny. They were the last known members. The order itself or perhaps just rumors of it are the reservoir from which the torrent of the twenty-first century’s synarchism flows into the West.

Antonia Contenta, aside from being a Roman patrician by birth, traced her pedigree back to Geoffroy de Saint-Omer. He was tied to her bloodline by her marriage to a nobleman from Burgundy. In any short synopsis of Templar mythology given, at the dawn of the Twelfth Century, Burgundy was ground zero for the secrets of the Cistercians and Geoffroy de Saint-Omer was one of the nine founding members of the Knights Templar. (14)

The esoteric lore of the Ordo Bucintoro acknowledges that the priestess has the power of “walking through the times.” It’s said that Emperor Rudolph II of House Habsburg was visited in the Seventeenth Century and given instruction on propagating the orders goals through the Thirty Years’ War. He is also said to have sired an illegitimate child with the priestess who was herself a direct descendent of Augustus Caesar. The hidden bloodline carried through that child is the rightful heir and ruler of the Novus Ordo Seclorum. 

Rudolph II

The esoteric lore of the Ordo Bucintoro acknowledges that the priestess has the power of “walking through the times.” It’s said that Emperor Rudolph II of House Habsburg was visited in the Seventeenth Century and given instruction on propagating the orders goals through the Thirty Years’ War.

He is also said to have sired an illegitimate child with the priestess who was herself a direct descendent of Augustus Caesar. The hidden bloodline carried through that child is the rightful heir and ruler of the Novus Ordo Seclorum. 

According to the lore, Julietta Montefeltro was the high priestess of the order from 1516-1562. No one knows what happened to her after that, but it is said that during that span she never aged a single day. Men were afraid to look at her because to see her was to become enchanted by her beauty. For half a century she inspired fear and fascination in Europe’s aristocracy. Everyone knew she was a sorceress. She came and went from the doge’s palace like she owned it. She could be in Rome and Madrid on the same day she was seen being carried on a litter, escorted by two armed men, through the Piazza San Marco. (15)

Julietta Montefeltro

It was Count Guido de Montefeltro who had pledged the allegiance of both the Ghibellines and the ancient Roman aristocracy to the doomed Hohenstaufen prince; Conradin.

Two hundred years later the house of Montefeltro would be a catalyst for the intrigues of the Renaissance, when in 1478 Count Federico de Montefeltro would conspire with Pope Sixtus IV to murder the Medici brothers, both the Vatican and the rest of Europe’s financers, while they were attending Easter services.

This blasphemous piece of papal treachery set in motion the disastrous Italian Wars when one of the brothers survived. The plot has been recently chronicled in the historical novel; The Montefeltro Conspiracy by Marcello Simonetta. The surviving brother; Lorenzo de’ Medici would allow several of the family banks to collapse and the Fugger family of Augsburg would replace the Medici as Europe’s chief financial power. The Fugger would bankroll the rise of the House of Hapsburg to the pinnacle of power in Europe. In 1576 they would place Rudolf II on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire and the Hapsburg dynasty would reign uninterrupted till 1918.

In spite of the family prominence in European history, documentation on Julietta Montefeltro is nonexistent. Her real name was probably Livia Loredan, which is denied in the Causa Nostra lore, but her name is sometimes used interchangeably with Montefeltro and sometimes as her successor. Loredan was said to be in possession of “Spiritus Eros”, the occult doctrines of the order. Leonardo Loredan was the doge of Venice from 1501-1521. There would be two more Venetian Doges from the House of Loredan in the ensuing years. Perhaps having a sorceress in the family would have impeded the family dynasty.

The legend has the Ordo Bucintoro by way of its founder Antonia Contenta as the heir of the Templar’s secrets, one of them being visitations, Magickal instruction and a gift from the Goddess Ishtar. She appeared to a group of Knights Templar, “under the command of Komtur Hubertus Koch,” while they were on crusade near the ancient city of Nineveh in 1220.

The hauntingly beautiful Goddess, sometimes boyish with a short crop, sometimes with long flowing hair told them to retire to the Untersberg Mountain and await further instruction. There she appeared to them multiple times over the next decade or so.

She gave them a dagger, a mirror, and a purple crystal; half amethyst, half quartz that could open a portal to the Green World. She told them that man’s physical body is naught, but a temporal home constructed for and by his timeless soul to manifest its existence in this crude world of matter.

This world of empty and endless distances between the other worlds, this world of death and decay is a kingdom of shadows created by a dark god to enmesh and snare the luminous spirit, which is the divine essence of every soul. The rightful residence of that lost soul is a place between life and death, what is now called the ethereal world. It is the world of the unborn and of the dead. It is the world of many worlds. Ishtar called it the Green World. (16)

Ishtar told them of a perpetual battle that raged across these unseen realms in the kingdoms of the sublime. She told them that this was the age of darkness but in the coming Age of Aquarius the light of the inner sun, the “Black Sun,” will reveal these invisible worlds and man will be restored to greatness. She told them the soul of a great warrior king slept within the sacred Untersberg Mountain to awaken in those times for a reckoning with the lord of shadows. In victory he will unite the tribes of the Holy Roman Empire and create a new order of light. (17)

Some say the stone is Garil as in Holy Garil, one of two versions of the Holy Grail, GRL. It is coveted by the demon god who once possessed it but was tricked by Ishtar when she cut her hair short like a boy to steal it from him. The demon god in the prophecies of Ishtar is none other than the Abrahamic god, represented in the world of the living by the pope. During the final siege of the Albigensian Crusades in 1244 the stone is said to have been whisked from the grasp of the pope’s bloody fingers, by some woman who smuggled it out, on the very night before Montsegur fell.

Sometime during all this a group of knights were instructed to form a secret chivalric order in southern Germany, Austria, and northern Italy. These knights would be entrusted with the task of guarding the stone for the final battle between darkness and light. This order, shrouded in shadows even to other Knights Templar, was to be known as Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein; The Lords of the Black Stone. SS is really an abbreviation for the German acronym for the order; DHvSS.

Somewhere in time a legend grew around the mysterious Untersberg Mountain. Some say Frederick I with his long red beard and fiery temper keen for battle, others Frederick II who outwitted every pope the Vatican threw against him, sleeps within its labyrinthine catacombs. They are attended by elves and will awake to lead the armies of light on the day of the finale battle with the darkness.

Untersberg mountain

Since people have known it the Untersberg Mountain has always been a place of unexplained phenomena. Hundreds have gone missing on and around the mountain. There are stories of some of them reappearing months later not knowing where they have been.

There are other stories, ancient stories, of little people coming out of the mountain in crafts and flying off into the night. German newspapers have speculated that the mountain, like the Bermuda Triangle, is a portal through time.

Adolph Hitler is said to have believed that the mountain was a doorway into the inner earth. He had the Berghof, his vacation residence for ten years; built overlooking it. He would spend long hours peering at the mountain through state-of-the-art telescopes.

On a visit to Austria in 1992, the Dalai Lama specifically asked to see the Untersberg Mountain, calling it “a sleeping Dragon” and “The Heart Chakra of the World.”


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The name Irmin is connected to Irminsul. Many Germanic-Nordic surnames derive from Irmin: Armin, Ermenbert, Ermenhard, Ermelinda, Erminia, Emma etc.

** That has all been documented by me in my very first viral post, ten years ago: The Cross the Rabbi and the Skinwalker.

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