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China has set an example of how to defend its interests...

Beijing has signed a secret security agreement with the Solomon Islands, which raised the ears of the Anglo-Saxons with their anti-Chinese AUKUS alliance

Bankruptcy of Western civilisation or self-destruction?

The West is trying to publicly erase Russia from the past and future of human civilisation. It won't work.

American military presence in Europe: current and future risks

Washington is trying to assemble a grouping in Eastern Europe "for a convenient opportunity."

Brussels launches fully-fledged Drang nach Osten against Russia

Perhaps it's time for us to get used to the fact that the EU is not a "partner", but a source of problems and threats that are numerous and diverse in nature.

A Nazi Pope’s Blood Feud with Russia

In climbing on the bandwagon against Russia, Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the path of a conscious rejection of Christian ideas, and chose the side of the “prince of this world”.