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NEO – Iran: Is there still Hope for the Future of...

Jim W. Dean - The idea that Iran can make a few nuclear warheads to put on missiles as a deterrent is a fantasy.

Iran will not nibble on US temporary sanctions relief bait

A temporary agreement on how to revive Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers has never been on the agenda of the ongoing talks.

South Korea dangles $8 billion in frozen Iranian oil money

Jim W. Dean - I doubt that South Korea would be sending its prime minister to Tehran without having first coordinated with the US what it wanted to accomplish.

Iran rules out step-by-step lifting of sanctions

Jim W. Dean - The world is watching while America devours itself on the one hand and then is posing that it should be the world leader of a new 'coalition'.

IAEA backs off pressuring Iran, insists Western parties live up to...

Jim W. Dean - VT has always editorialized that Iran would never negotiate its nuclear pullback moves.