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Kiev’s Forces Shelled a Detention Center in Donbass because “the Nazi...

DPR head Denis Pushilin claimed that the Ukrainians “deliberately” targeted the detention center in order to kill Azov members who had been providing testimonies about possible war crimes by their commanders.

Biden Shipping $750m of ‘Death Trap’ Junk Weapons, Worn out in...

The current attempts of Kiev to get Western artillery of completely different calibers will finish off the unlucky Ukrainian army with a probability close to 100%, because the old barrels will be left without ammunition, and the new ones may not reach the front line.

Ukie War: The Suffering of Mariupol

The people of Mariupol are suffering, because the Azov battalion will not let them leave the city.

Ukraine War: Donetsk Residential Areas Still Under Fire

Donetsk residential areas are still being shelled by the Ukrainian army.