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#UNRIG Video (21:34) Mike Harris on Chinese Threat, Red Mafia Deep...

Mike Harris, VT co-editor, talks about how China and Wall Street have destroyed the USA.

#UNRIG Video (8:40) Robert Steele on Media Misinformation $100 Trillion in...

The media reports of $2 trillion in Wall Street money laundering are off by about $98 trillion. Robert Steele explains.

Has Wall Street Stolen $100 Trillion from the American Public? Will...

Robert Steele lays out in detail how the US Government can confiscate $100 trillion in assets purchased with funds raised by illegal means.

For Victory Day: It’s Time to Think About Finally Winning WWII

75 years ago Germany surrendered to allied forces finally ending the ravages of the Second World War. Today, as the world celebrates the 75th anniversary...

#UNRIG Video (8:20) Stop Naked Short Selling — the $100 Trillion...

This video announces a new website, YouTube interview series, and book that will make Naked Short Selling a political issue going into November 2020.

Wall Street is not the economy, nor the “War on Terror”...

Two things this Coronavirus exposed by Sami Jadallah 1) Wall Street and all the hypes about the stock market is not the economy and 2) the...

Why Coming Economic Collapse Won’t be Caused by Coronavirus PART 2

The markets took a 1000 point hit which was more than a little startling for many investors since the last 1000 point fall only happened three days prior… all in all, bringing the financial markets to lows not seen since April 2008 and veering dangerously close to a precipice which has 1929 written all over it.