Synthetic Reality Nation


by  Preston James


A photo taken of the two day DHS/FEMA Drill at Sandy Hook School which was closed down in 2008 for asbestos contamination. This photo is one of hundreds of pieces of “smoking-gun” evidence proving beyond any reasonable doubt that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook and that it was a false-flag attack on the Second Amendment.

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

                             -George Orwell


How come the Major Network News never reports the sinister history of CIA mind-kontrol which is a major factor in almost every single mass-shooting in a gun free zone?

If the now declassified history of MK-Ultra Mind-kontrol was ever reported on realistically in the Major Mass Media after any of these mass-shootings in gun-free zones, it wouldn’t take long for the American people to discover who is behind them, and why they are doing them.

But it goes much farther than this.

Just imagine the repercussions if there would ever be a major prosecution of the CMMM for its criminal mind-kontrol on behalf of the establishment and the emergence of new decentralized honest news reporting.

We would see a quick breaking of the massive mind-kontrol spell which has been conditioned in the American group mind by the Establishment’s CMMM.

Doubt that America is gripped by CMMM based major mind-kontrol? Then just honestly consider all the continually streaming advertising of the Major Broadcast Media which takes up 20 to 40% of the time.

Almost every single Network Ad is based on using professional actors who are paid to lie and give false, constructed testimonies in order to create a false impression about a product or service to garner sales. There is actually very little truth in any of this Madison Avenue advertising and it is actually a visible indicator to all what the CMMM Network News is really like if one stops and thinks about it.

And we now know for certain that many news stories appearing on the CMMM are actually bought and paid for by those entities being reported on and the content is biased to be positive and image promoting.

In fact the Pentagon has been caught buying sports promotions for the US Military which are presented as if they were spontaneous and real charity by the professional Sports Organizations.

But there is even more that is now leaking out. More than one inside source has now claimed that most of these mass shootings in gun-free zones as well as all other false-flag attacks like the attack on America on 9-11-01 are actually events that are custom ordered and paid for by the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate.

Money raised from illicit drug and weapons trafficking and numerous other illegal sources of black money is used to finance these operations best described as sophisticated Psyops against the American People.

If major forbidden stories were to actually get published and broadcast by a new broken up, decentralized, honest Mass Media, the synthetic false reality which has gripped the average American mind would be quickly exposed and neutralized.

As our American Founding Fathers claimed many times our Republic cannot exist without informed Citizens. And if the information given them by which they base their reality on is premeditated lies, propaganda and false-narratives, their overall reality will be synthetic and notably false.

A Synthetic, false reality is now pervasive and controlling in contemporary American Society and is used to manipulate the public into giving up basic rights supposed to be guaranteed by the US Constitution and to support USG actions against their own basic self-interests.

Anyone who does research, discovers the real truth about current events and then shares it with others is usually classified by others as a conspiracy theorist. And quite often a truth teller is labelled a deviant or nutcase not to be trusted anymore.

Of course the main reason that the Establishment has constructed a CMMM to serve as their main Mind-kontrol spellbinder is to provide suitable cover for their notably criminal, unConstitutional RICO crimes and their part in the world’s biggest Organized Crime Syndicate.

We know now for certain that this world’s biggest Organized Crime Syndicate is responsible for engineering and staging Gladio-style false-flag terror attacks to manipulate Americans to support all these recent illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable perpetual foreign wars of acquisition for massive profit.

And we now know for certain that they do so on behalf  for their associated large international banks, large defense contractors and Big Oil.

If the American people were to ever have an honest Major Mass Media, they would quickly learn for sure the true causes of these wars and all the Gladio-style, inside-job false-flags behind them.

They would find out about all the massive war profits made and all the bribes then subsequently paid to elected and appointed USG officials and they would rise up in mass and stop this unimaginable Evil being produced by the Establishment on a continuing basis.

The only major glitch in this system has been the emergence of the worldwide Internet, best described as the world’s New Gutenberg Press.

This synthetic false reality has tricked the average American into supporting actions against their own interests that would be quickly eroded including and especially all the recent criminal, unConstitutional foreign Mideast wars designed to make obscene profits for the Military Industrial Complex.

An important issue where the CMMM has created synthetic false realities needed to motivate Americans to give up more and more of their basic Constitutional Rights are the numerous mass-shootings that have allegedly occurred in gun free zones. The word allegedly is used here because not all of them have been real shooting with real dead victims. Some have been, but many have been “virtual only” using professional Crises Actors, some highly paid Intel officers.

Honest reporting is going to be essential if We The People are ever going to be able to take our nation back from the foreign infiltrators who have hijacked America, the parasites who have risen to become our DC Establishment.

Fortunately the CMMM is dropping in popularity every day while the Alternative Media of the Internet is increasing in usage and credibility every day. Yes there are a lot of stooge, sock-puppet websites in disguise that use limited hangout to gain credibility and then periodically provide stories with an important bad payload to mislead away from the truth on certain critical ares.

But generally these efforts are now failing as web users have become so sophisticated that they are selecting truth nuggets wherever they appear and connecting these dots for form their own opinions which are now becoming more and more realistic.

The now declassified infamous MK-Ultra programs of the CIA and its subprograms need to be honestly reported on and discussed as the major factor in almost everyone of these so-called mass-shootings in gun-free zones whether they have real dead victims or pretend ones and are based on the use of professional, well-paid crisis actors.

So far the only place this critically important story on MK-Ultra and its subprograms, other mind-kontrol such as Operation Mockingbird (News Control to control Reality), and the deployment of sophisticated psychotronics can be reported on is in the Alternative media of the worldwide Internet.

And most of the honest ones do not have Psyops experts who dare write articles on the truth. And even if they did in most cases the truth seems to incredulous that even the best Alternative media websites would likely ignore such stories.

We now know for certain that the actual cause of all these mass-shootings in gun-free zones is the deployment of sophisticated mind-kontrol programs originally developed by the CIA and now deployed by the US Attorney General and DHS and FEMA.

And now we have the American President making a big last stand in the final stretch of his term. He is pulling out all the stops to implement new forms of extra-legal gun control using Presidential Directives (PDDs) without the US Congress involved.

He has been ordered to do this by his controllers, the DC Establishment and we know for certain that they believe that Americans must be completely disarmed like Australia, Canada and Europe in order for them to be able to fully implement their Globalist NWO Agenda. They know that unless they get the gun from Americans, they will never succeed in their age old plans.

If the American Public knew for certain that these mass-shootings in gun-free zones were covert operations using sophisticated mind-kontrol methodologies and technologies, they would certainly want to go after the persons authorizing and running these programs and would likely bring them to justice one way or another.

Dumbed-down, mind-kontrolled Americans who do not own guns and blame guns and gun owners for these mass-shootings in gun-free zones would no longer be able to support the Establishment’s false attribution of blame on guns or gun-owners. They would have to stop pushing so hard to pass onerous gun-control laws which violate the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

The Second Amendment is the final firewall against any complete takeover of America and transformation of it into a closed Police State.

If the Establishment gets our guns we are finished as a Constitutional Republic.

If the people ever rise up in mass and take back their government or get an honest Constitutional President and High Military Command You would see an immediate onslaught against the CIA by the Fifth Army and Special operations Command.

If the truth comes out about the CIA and its deployment of MK-Ultra like operations to engineer false-flag attacks as mass-shootings in gun-free zones, you would see the CIA eliminated, and DHS and FEMA too with their controllers and top officials arrested for Terrorism under the Patriot Act as well as RICO.

These USG Officials would also be charged with murder in the cases where innocent patsies were murdered by their operatives.

Remember the first mass-shooting incidents at US Post offices by disturbed Vietnam Vets? The phrase used to describe these events was “going postal”.

It turns out that these shooters were covertly drugged and mind-controlled by the CIA under various MK-Ultra subprograms.

These US Post Office mass shootings were initial tests for later mass-shootings in public schools, also gun-free zones. These initial mas shooting were real with real dead victims in the case of schools, dead kids. However upon closer scrutiny we always find evidence of CIA involvement and application of MK-Ultra type subprograms.

For those skeptics who want to argue that this could not be and there is no hard evidence, you can just stop right now arguing against the wind. Why? Because there are numerous declassified CIA and other Intel documents that prove the existence of these programs, actual testimony in Congressional hearing and an official apology for these programs by Bill Clinton when he was President during Special hearings held by the Secretary of Energy at that time, Hazel O’leary. It’s a fact that Hazel O’Leary was a stand up USG Official who fearlessly did her job, honored her Oath of Office and did everything she could to expose and stop these still rampant MK-Ultra type mind-kontrol operations. For that reason she must be considered an American Hero.

Consider what this CIA MK-Ultra victim featured in the video below suffered as a young child. This is a video taken from the official US Department of Energy Hearings on the abuses of MK-Ultra in which radiation was used along with torture, trauma conditioning, and soul murder to mind-kontrol little children. These children were subjected to the most hideous suffering imaginable which was designed to fracture their minds and produce mind-kontrolled code-activated sex-slaves, drug mules, pedophile honey trap bait, and secret assassins. These techniques are still used today by the CIA and even more sinister methods are used like implants, advanced psychotronics and psi-power.

These advanced, unimaginably evil and sinister mind-kontrol techniques are now being used in almost every one of these staged mass shootings in gun-free zones whether they produce real dead victims, dead patsies only or virtual dead only. Many of the supporting staff are mind-kontrolled by various means, ranging from mild techniques of persuasion to blackmail, death threats and other means of coercion.

These mind-kontrol methods are used to make sure the cover-up remains intact. those not mind-kontrolled are  highly paid or rewarded in other ways and peripheral witnesses are often served National security letters (NSL) forcing their silence and coercion or are coerced to sign secrecy or confidentiality non-disclosure agreements.

Sadly despite numerous Congressional hearing on MK-Ultra type mind-kontrol programs by a criminal CIA and FBI used by the Establishment for sinister political purposes, nothing substantial is ever changed.

Of course we now know for certain that there was much more to the Columbine High School Mass shooting in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999 in which  twelve student and one teacher were really murdered in cold blood by two student shooters on anti-depressants.

The student-shooters Klebold and Harris had plenty of help carrying the propane tanks into the school. There were initial reports were that there were three shooters, but these were of course excised from the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). Both were on anti-depressants and both were part of a sophisticated CIA Mind-kontrol experiment, all part of an elaborate 25 year program designed to terrorize parents and citizens into giving up more and more personal liberty and Constitutional Rights to the State.

Although only several minutes away and on the scene rapidly the Police and Swat team acted like cowards and were afraid to go in supposedly because they had been warned on the way that there were bombs planted inside the school. How did they ever get this information? This alone suggests an covert operation.

While these police and swat sat their sucking their thumbs shaking in fear, there were victims inside that bled out and died that could have been saved.

It was 47 minutes before these police and swat went in, what a bunch of cowards. Any stand up Police Officer would have immediately entered the school and stopped the shooters with immediate deadly force.

It is obvious that someone higher up had to have given a stand-down order and this is ALWAYS indicative of a covert operation by an Intel Agency. Any good stand up Police Officer would kept his Oath and would have broken rank and gone in anyway to stop the shooters and save these students.

The deeper you dig into any of these mass-shootings in gun-free zones the more evidence of sophisticated covert operations you will uncover.

And you will always find the CIA in the background responsible for the operation and the FBI that does the heavy lifting running the cover-up, not sometimes, always.

As time passed, the CIA has become even more sophisticated in its mass-shootings in gun-free zones. Obviously if these shooting were in zones with heavily armed citizens carrying concealed weapons these operations could not be pulled off because the shooters would be smoked instantly.

Unexpected Blow-back:

The CIA’s use of these engineered, staged mass shootings has terrorized American Citizens to the point that more and more have been rushing out to buy guns to protect themselves and the NRA finds it easy to recruit new members. This is what Intel Agencies call blow-back and in this case is is an undesired side effect of these systematic USG terror operations using the CIA and now DHS and FEMA too.

The purpose of these covert operations are to manipulate the American People to blame guns, gun ownership and gun owners for these mass-shooting rather than the actual top USG Policy-Makers who run the Intel agencies like the CIA and DHS and FEMA who are really responsible. It is those who run these Mind-kontrol covert operations who are the ones responsible.

And these operations are best described as false-flag operations designed to produce blame attributed a person or persons that had nothing to do with it away from those who are really responsible.

More Unexpected Blow-back:

The great amount of fear in the American people these false-flag staged mass-shootings in gun-free zones produced resulted in major efforts by American gun owners using their lobbying organizations like the NRA and GOA to get concealed carry laws passed. And these efforts have been remarkably effective and we now have “must issue” concealed carry in most every state and city of America.

And added to this the all the major urban breakdown brought on by the CIA drug trafficking into America, massive loss of good American jobs caused by all the Free Trade Agreements all worked together to assure passage of these conceal carry laws across America.

But this also resulted in a huge continuing increase in the number of guns purchased by ordinary Americans motivated by a desire to protect themselves from these crazed mass-shooters and armed criminals that seemed to be reported on more and more every day in the Mainstream News.

Those now in authority over these MK-Ultra subprograms after the DHS consolidation of all Alphabets into DH realized that there would now be many concealed carry folks nearby to any of their staged mass-shootings in gun free zones.

So the folks in charge of DHS, the US Department of Justice and the Administration realized that it was getting far too risky to run most operations with real shooters and real dead victims. A person with concealed carry might be close by and could stop the operation which would be counterproductive their goal of these operations in the first place.

Their goal from day one by deploying these false-flag attacks has been to create massive fear as a pretext to disarm Americans and neutralize the Second Amendment.

Because of the new risks that concealed-carry and more and more armed law abiding Americans now posed, they made the decision to roll out a new type of false-flag mass-shooting in gun-free zones.

This new type of operation would allow complete perimeter control, control of all individuals in the gun free zone and complete control of the whole incident before, during and after and all Major Mass media Reports.

This new type of operation would be a virtual, fake mass-shooting with pretend dead victims using very highly paid professional crises actors with security clearances.

Crisis Actors claim their kids were murdered at Sandy Hook, but their are no autopsy reports, no crime scene photos, no forensics and the official FBI death statistic show no deaths at Sandy Hook at all that day or that year. There were no blood and genetic samples taken which are required in any murder especially a mass-murder. These fake parents-survivors cried no real tears, gave strange inappropriate stories and seemed happy when discussing this event. One of the fake victims Noah Pozner photo has appeared twice identifying him a “murder” victim, both fakes, with one at Sandy Hoax and the other one later in a so-called Mideast Terror incident at a school in Pakistan in 2014. This too is smoking gun evidence that Sandy Hook was a complete fraud top to bottom with Nobody Dead at all. Hundreds truly need to be indicted, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to very long prison sentences. All assets illegally gained must be clawed back or seized and return to the original owners such as the fooled members who donated liberally to Sandy Hook charities funneled to these crises actors and all the tax payer funds from DC.

This was done at Sandy Hook where most of the town was synthetically created over a two year period and the victims were all virtual only.

We know now for certain that Nobody Died At Sandy Hook and the participants received huge rewards for playing their non-lethal parts. Everything was controlled. The school was chosen (Sandy Hook) that had been shut down for asbestos contamination in 2008 and the boilers for heat had been deactivated.

It was used only for storage. To get the full story you can now download this book for free that Amazon banned after apparently being served a National Security Letter (NSL).

This staged virtual only, phony false-flag attack at Sandy Hook with nobody dead was a two-day DHS/FEMA joint drill involving the whole City of Sandy Hook.

These massive drills that involve the participation of a whole city are called Capstone Drills and the actual FEMA manual for this has been recovered so we know for certain how these are conducted and by whom.

Plus a high ranking official in the US Department of Education admitted to a school official in California that Sandy Hook was only a drill and there were no dead kids.

Sadly an innocent, decent, respected and very professional tenured Florida college Professor James Tracy, Ph.D. was entrapped by a covert operative involved in Sandy Hook and wrongly fired from his job on a technicality.

Apparently a fake surviving parent Lenny Pozner claimed use of the photos of his non-dead son Noah were copyrighted.  Professor Tracy apparently wrote him and asked for proof of Noah’s existence. This was perfectly acceptable and not illegal or even unethical because Pozner had already released a copy of his son’s death certificate which turned out to be fake but yet claimed copyright infringement issues.

And Lenny Pozner himself had been stalking Wolfgang Halbig. Halbig, an esteemed and honorable man, a former Highway Patrolman who became an experienced school School Safety expert who has been investigating Sandy Hook for professional training reasons.

Halbig was threatened by local police on behalf of the Connecticut State Police and told to stop. And crises actor Lenny Pozner attempted to gain access to Halbig’s home at the entrance of his gated community. Do you think maybe Pozner is a trained Intel asset or officer, perhaps a Mossadnik “tribalist” or a DHS stooge?

This innocent inquiry over copyrights to faked photos wrongfully and illegally brought down the house on Professor Tracy. It is suspected that the newspaper which set this up was served an NSL if not a willing participant in this setup scam for DHS. We now know for certain that DHS is a foreign run criminal RICO entity here to oppress Americans and transform America into a militarized police state.

This Intel frame-up and Psyop entrapping professor Tracy is itself a serious felony at many levels and is a most disgusting offense against academic freedom in America that parallels the abuse brought against VT’s own Dr. Kevin Barrett who is an Editor of VT.

Once this Sandy Hoax is fully busted open as the hoax and Psyop it is, you can bet Professor Tracy should be able receive damages in excess of 10 million dollars from the stooge newspaper that wrote phony articles about him and the University that has wrongfully fired him with absolutely no real investigation, but focused inappropriately on a small irrelevant administrative issue.

And there is no doubt that Amazon’s recent banning of this excellent book Nobody died at Sandy Hook edited by Professor Jim Fetzer and Mike Palacek is actually nothing less than Nazi-style book burning. It would be no surprise if we find out that an NSL was served on Amazon to force the banning of this revealing book filled with smoking gun evidence.

When these Psyops like Sandy Hoax start going bad they bring in special damage control teams at Langley to run deconstruction and high powered new cover up ops. The strangest thing about Sandy Hoax was not the fact there was nobody murdered but the coroner Dr. Wayne Carver’s bizarre statement quickly made with a strange laugh that he hoped that the people of Newtown wouldn’t have it crash on their heads later.

Notice the strange name “Newtown” e.g. “New” “Town” versus an Old Town. This is implies it is an synthetically transformed an Old Town into a NWO New Town. Cute huh? The Select Few that order these Psyops always pick names that send a message to their cohorts which will identify any such operation as a high level Op.

It has been reported that another corner ran into Dr. Carver at a medical convention later in Las Vegas before he retired and asked him about the dead kids at Newtown. As the anecdotal story goes he replied, “what dead kids?”, and wouldn’t discuss it any further. If true this would certainly fit with Dr. Carvers strange attitude about the whole matter which suggest that he went along with the op somewhat reluctantly.

There have been reports that the main crises actors, 26 in all received in excess of one million US Dollars each and a couple of million USD was divided up among the so-called First Responders who were serving as temporary Crises Actors. It is believed by some that over 100 million was paid to the folks involved with over 50 million dollars provided to build a new school which typically would cost about 7-9 million max.

So you can bet a lot of folks have gotten seriously rich off of this massive fraud involving the Governor of Connecticut and its State police and goes all the way to the US Department of Justice and the White House itself.

Right now this whole Sandy Hook elaborate two day false-flag Psyop on the second Amendment designed to get the guns and to severely limit parent’s and their student-children’s freedom is unraveling at a shocking rate.

Without question sophisticated mind-kontrol methodologies have been applied and deployed against the American People with such major Psyop false-flag operations like Sandy Hoax. In those where we have real shooters and real dead victims, the shooters are mind-kontrol after being trauma-conditioned and soul-murdered by the CIA.

In those mass shootings in gun-free zones with no real shooters and no real dead, advance mind-kontrol methodologies are used to terrorize, blood-shock traumatize American News consumers. this actually places these American news consumers in a hypnotized state which makes them highly suggestible to believe all the Official lies, propaganda and false-narratives that arr dispensed by the CMMM. their belief in all this BIG LIES and DECEPTION is necessary to motivate these dumbed-down group hypnotized Americans to give away basic human rights and support USG policies against their own best interests.

And this is what has happened to most over Sandy Hoax. That is up until now when 13 researchers including 6 Ph.D. trained social researchers have done the job investigating this hoax effectively. This is a job that should have been done by American Law Enforcement which is for the most part completely corrupted at the highest control levels.

So far over ten million copies of this book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook have been downloaded for free and now a major alternative media website has begun selling this book in hard copy. Researchers like the free electronic copy for easy searches of content and many like the hard copy for underlining and view it as a major historical item.

Can you imagine how angry the American people are going to be at those USG, and Connecticut State officials who planned and deployed this Sandy Hoax two day DHS/FEMA Capstone Drill in Sandy Hook. Can you imagine the number of ruined political and Law Enforcement careers including high FBI, DHS, FEMA officials that will lose their jobs and go to jail? In light of this it is quite easy to understand why our former US Attorney General who kept preaching mind-kontrol as a means of getting the guns Eric Holder resigned under pressure.

Was Holder the operational head of the Sandy Hook two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill, a master Psyop/false-flag on the Second Amendment? Certainly makes sense now doesn’t it especially since he visited with the Governor Of Connecticut about a month before Sandy Hoax and told him something like this was going to happen.

Strangely the Governor never told anyone until afterwards and did  absolutely nothing to stop it, no warnings to schools across his state or to legislators, Law Enforcement or parents. This itself is criminal negligence and dereliction of duty. And if so, could Holder have acted without permission of the President of the United States? There should be a nice jail cell awaiting this lying scumbag for what he did at Sandy Hoax and his other cover ups and he should populate it for the rest of his life for terrorizing all America.

Looks like the whole Sandy Hoax fraud is going to come down on their heads. And not just for all the professional crisis actors moved into the town in advance, given free homes, and paid big bucks. But for all the USG and Connecticut State officials, and the CMMM moguls and announcers that were part of this major terrorizing of America, itself a major felony punishable by up to life imprisonment.


Naturally anyone who deeply researches MK-Ultra and all these mass-shootings in gun-free zones which are false-flags on the Second Amendment wants to know who are the individuals behind all this.

The true Perps of all this are the wrinkled old men who are very, very old, the ones that have risen to the top of the hierarchy of control over the Secret Shadow Government. They are the Top policy-makers who set the policies of the USG, the Administration and the US Congress.

They are the head of the Luciferian World Beast System run out of the Vatican, the City of London and DC. They are EVIL beyond imagination and continually plot wars, mass death, human sacrifice and suffering and work to create a true Hell on Earth. They have no souls and claim they are anointed by Lucifer God of Darkness to bring the Darkside to unify the Earth under Darkness and Evil. This is so bizarre and so evil that it just doesn’t fit into most folks heads and few believe these monsters really sit at the top of a pyramidal hierarchy that controls most of the World, especially the West.

It is this incredulity of the masses about these evil mass-death spewing parasitical monsters that walk free among us that allows them to continue in their evil roles. it allows them to mold the alphabets like the DHS, the FBI, the BATF and the FDA and CDC into their evil mindset and serve their Evil Globalist NWO Agenda which by the way has been checkmated right now by Putin and the Russian Federation. Now you know why the FBI always covers up their crimes and loves to mass-murder women and little children at Waco or why the FBI HRT loved to shoot Vicki Weaver through the neck murdering her while she was unarmed and holding her baby at Ruby Ridge.

These FBI HRT shooters often brag they are “honed to kill”. These alphabets special ops and swat type teams are staffed with hard core premeditated habitual murderers who are evil to the core like the Select Few and are actually soulless criminally insane psychopaths.

How tragic that these UNIMAGINABLY EVIL “Select Few” can sit hidden in the background at the top of the hierarchy of control of all the Banks and governments of the West, and can pull all the strings to turn America into a living hell and a foreign-run militarized Police State. Why would the Special Operations of any of the Western nations allow these men to go about their crimes against humanity without immediate and final sanction?

Some insiders refer to them as the Select Few because they sit at the very top of the SSG and the main control agency for crashed, recovered and back-engineered UFOs and any and all Alien ET matters.

The Secret Shadow Government is the real government that controls the visible USG which is now ceremonial only. Our whole SSG and visible USG system is organized into a pyramidal hierarchy with only a few leaders at the peak and these men are very, very old, completely two-faced, able to put on a nice fronts while being unimaginably evil inside and ordering unimaginably evil events.

This makes the whole USG including the Administration and Congress and well as the Judiciary subservient to the whims of these few twisted unimaginably evil men who sit at the top of the Establishment hierarchy and determine all major USG policy.

And we now know for certain that these men have an unimaginably evil Globalist NWO Agenda which they are now implementing in successive steps, with each step progressively more and more drastic.




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