Where Does Evil Come From?


by Katherine Frisk 

This is a difficult article for me to write. But the question has come up time and time again on many platforms: Where does evil come from?

I am going to attempt to answer this question. And please note it is an attempt, so bear with me, be patient and what is more, feel free to contribute in the comments section below.

The Historical Nature Of Evil

I believe evil is born out of extreme trauma and terror and has occurred in every society in every nation at some point in time. Anyone who has suffered from PTSD will understand more about this than I do. The nightmares go around and around in circles and the psyche constantly computes in order to try to make sense of it all when in fact it makes no sense at all. It is contrary to all that we believe to be humanity. Some people are even driven to suicide because of this dichotomy.

Those who suffer the most have what is called in some circles a very high emotional IQ. There have been a number of books written on this subject should you wish to pursue them. The difficulty for these people in any traumatic situation is that they empathize with the other, friend or foe. In a war situation these people literally go through hell, not only their own, but through empathy with the hell of others.

Alternatively, there are those who manage to integrate the trauma and terror into their life view and it becomes normative, resulting in a perpetuation of the behaviours that cause trauma and terror to the point where they even enjoy watching the effects of trauma and terror on others. This behaviour is passed on generationally and to use a very old-fashioned phrase, the sins of the father will be visited upon the children. They consider themselves tough, they can take it, they are survivors, survival of the fittest. Might is right.

These people although they may have a very high IQ, do not have a very high emotional IQ and therefore are incapable of empathizing with others. They are rote leaners who copy others with very little discernment in their thinking process and very little originality or creativity. So long as they are not exposed to a traumatic lifestyle, they generally do not become a problem to society. But if through nurture or war they are exposed to uncaring, violent and traumatic behaviour, they will copy it and repeat it.

In order to function in society these people have to develop a number of skills. The first is pretending to be who they are not and do it successfully. The second is to learn to lie. Society in general will automatically reject these personality types, because they are by their nature destructive to the well-being of the whole. So new skills of manipulation need to be developed in order to fit in unnoticed into any group, and secret societies are formed.

The next step is to justify their existence and as with all societies they need a headman, a leader, a deity to unify them. They establish the same patterns as in any belief system with all its rites and rituals and later its written texts. And so cults are born. Their basis being in trauma, terror and horror, and the enjoyment of experiencing the ability and the power to impose this on others. It is self-perpetuating cycle to justify their existence.

There is another aspect to this subject. I am sure that you have been to some places and felt very comfortable while in other places decidedly disturbed. I cannot explain this scientifically, I do not have the skills. Maybe one of you do and can add it in the comments section.

This is what happens. Whenever a violent situation occurs that causes trauma and terror, it imprints itself not only on that particular region, but even into the soil and the vegetation. A common term for this is “bad vibes.” And this can apply to anything from a building, town, nation or continent. Unless these energies are dealt with in an appropriate manner, they can stick around for centuries until the area is eventually cleared. A flood would do it. So would a volcano. Or…

If the suffering is acknowledged and a proper burial takes place, and those who have suffered are recognized, as in a war situation by both parties during a peace agreement, these people can be laid to rest and move on. Sounds corny I know.

But if this does not take place, these energies will stick around and often suck unsuspecting people into their orbit. The area will have a very macabre atmosphere about it. We can often absorb these energies sometimes unwittingly and unknowingly. Some people are even attracted to these sites and feed off this type of vibe, which in turn is in alignment with those who integrate trauma and terror into their lives, either through generational inheritance, or through a traumatic life experience.

Peter Levenda has done excellent research on this subject and his books are well worth reading and his interviews are very informative. But you need a strong stomach and your hand firmly on the rudder to steer your way through it all without getting sucked down into the subject and being consumed by it.


Which brings me to another aspect. In recent years there has been a plethora of information on the occult, the Illuminati and cults and sects. Even those who “expose” these people in the interests of informing others and warning them, are actually giving them free advertising and might in fact be promoting it instead. Hell, they like converts just as much as anybody else! The more converts they get, the more they normalize their own behaviour patterns into society.

It is for this reason that I generally stay away from it and why this article is very difficult for me to write. I have been aware of these energies all my life and tend to stay away from them. You attract what you put your attention on. So… keep that in mind.

One downfall is that when we do pick up on it, we often put it down to an overactive imagination, which might sometimes be the case. Depending on what we have been reading, listening to and watching. Charlatans make use of this weakness, knowing that suggestion in any form, as with advertising and social engineering can manipulate people into believing an absolute fantasy. Reverse psychology is another mechanism. The war on drugs for example is a war for drugs and promoting this industry. Ask Hollywood.

Now I want to bring up fractals. We see fractals in every living thing. A basic format is repeated over and over again and this same fractal goes from a seed to a tree and expands. The same can be said for family trees and genealogy which also expands in fractals, something that Peter Levenda also explores with the interconnectedness around the murder of JFK. Which in turn brings us to the birth pangs of the USA.

There is a macabre pall that hangs over the USA. Many are aware of it, some are not. Those who are aware of it either shy away and ignore it or become sucked into this negative energy which in turn has effected every sector of society. Readers of VT know the names, the personalities and the cults involved so I will not repeat them here. For those who do not, again I would like to refer you to Peter Levenda.

What I have been looking for is the core of the fractal that has played out over time. I think that maybe I have found it. Or at least one of them. You decide.

The USA was not born on the 4th of July 1776. After a failed attempt on the 4th July 1584 at Roanoke which was aborted, another attempt a conception was made. A conception that would bring together two divergent people, equally as determined and proud. The Europeans of England and the Powhatan at Jamestown.

Much like a forged birth certificate, the USA was born out-of-wedlock and in trying times. All families have skeletons in their closet. Things they are not proud of. This skeleton has been hidden away for some time now, behind the glory of the Revolution and a fireworks display.

At the time Spain was reaching the height of her power with colonies that were producing an abundance of gold, tobacco and silks, enriching the Spanish to levels that had never been seen before on the continent of Europe. The Spanish Empire was known as the largest empire in the world.

England by contrast was winding down and out of the Elizabethan age and into the reign of James 1. What is more they were bankrupt.

The Virginia Company of London got a concession to establish a fort, not under the crown, but under this trading company for the purposes of finding gold, tobacco and a route through to the Pacific for trade in the east. Their intension was to bypass not only the Silk Road through the Middle East, but also the Cape of Good Hope in Southern Africa, and extend trade to China and India via a western route.

The Virginia Company managed to find many investors and the ships set sail with instructions to bring back gold and make money. They were not supplied with provisions to establish a colony and were not provided with the essential means to establish agriculture of any sort. They were expected to trade trinkets with the locals for food and set up a fort as a trading station. They were ill-equipped, ill prepared and uninformed as to the situation that awaited them. Aristocrats and their servants. Not farm labourers on a territory that was unsuitable for agriculture anyway.

They landed on May 4th 1607, in what became known as Jamestown. Initially they were welcomed by the Powhatan with festivities and the exchange of food for goods, but later disputes and acrimony set in from both sides as well as dissention within their own ranks. None of them knew how to deal with the Powhatan and as a result the spin-off was diminishing trade,  something that they relied on for their survival.

Up until 1609, the Powatan Princess Pocahontas, now famous in books, movies and legends, was instrumental in ensuring that provisions were made available. As for the disputes in 1609, there are many conflicting accounts. By the autumn of that year their provisions had almost dried up and this was compounded by a drought that had badly effected the Powhatan and the English settlers alike.

Mass grave at Jamestown discovered by archaeologists, beneath the foundations of one of the later capitol buildings

By the time help did arrive in the Spring of 1610, the settlement that originally consisted of 500 people, men women and children, were reduced to a population of 60.

The colony was severely traumatized:

Trying to adapt to a foreign environment which by comparison to where they had come from was extremely harsh.

New neighbours whom they barely understood and in most cases misunderstood entirely.

A lack of solid leadership with dissention within their ranks.

They were now also confronted by disease and starvation.

The situation devolved into survival of the fittest. The consumption of their horses, domestic animals and rats, and finally eating each other to the point where they were digging up already dead and decomposing bodies.

The dead were not given proper funerals but buried in mass graves which in later years was covered up by one of their capitol buildings and only rediscovered in the 1990s. As I said earlier, all families have skeletons in the closet.

When the ships from Bermuda arrived in May they were confronted by what could only have been a scene out of Hades itself. I am reminded of Goya and his painting “Saturn Devouring His Son.”

The settlement was almost aborted, in fact should have been, and these people taken back to England and properly taken care of. Today we call this PTSD. They were in no condition to continue establishing a trade station and they had become a danger to themselves and a danger to others.

Instead with the arrival De La War in June of that year, the ships carrying them home were turned around and all settlers returned to the colony.

This was the birth of the United States of America and the fractal that was passed on down from generation to generation until it now hangs like a macabre pall over the entire nation.

Many of the settlers integrated trauma and terror into their life view and it became normative, resulting in a perpetuation of the behaviours that cause trauma and terror to the point where they even enjoyed watching the effects of trauma and terror on others. This behaviour was passed on down generationally and to use a very old-fashioned phrase, the sins of the father have been visited upon the children. They consider themselves tough, they can take it, they are survivors, survival of the fittest. Might is right.

Jamestown is a sad and cadaverous nativity for a country that was to rise to be a great world power, and the fractal of the seed planted in the winter of 1609-1610 has played out where we see its manifestation today.

Can it be healed? I believe it can. The remains of the dead found in mass graves need to be given a proper burial with a memorial service and their names read out and acknowledged. They need to know that somebody cares, that somebody gives a damn. Because at the time nobody did, least of all the Virginia Company who was only interested in profits for their shareholders.

The soil of Jamestown and the souls who suffered on it need to heal, as do those who were forced to resort to cannibalistic behaviour due to greed, bad planning and ineptitude by the Virginia Company. They too suffered and found themselves in hell.

But then all Veterans of war know this.


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Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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