Will Cowboys and Indians unite in Oregon – for revolution?

Fast-forward to the 31:00 mark to catch the discussion, then read the exchange between Steve Wolf and Tony Hall.
 Prof. Tony Hall used this week’s False Flag Weekly News (FFWN) as a launchpad for a very important discussion: How can “cowboys” (the Bundy ranchers occupying government property in Oregon) and “Indians” (indigenous people who have been ripped off by ranchers and settlers, and currently depend on the federal government) unite for positive change…maybe even revolution? Can we beat the New World Order’s Divide-and-Conquer strategy by uniting with folks across ethnic, religious, and worldview lines?
Tony cited a Gawker.com story on the Bundy situation…and was upbraided by Steve Wolf, who I like to think is representative of the highly intelligent viewers we draw at FFWN.
-Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


From Steve Wolf:
Dear Kevin and Tony 
I wouldn’t write if I didn’t care; I wouldn’t listen if I didn’t mostly agree. But Tony you fell bad for the Gawker’s lies. That quote was stripped from a context that reveals the opposite to be the intent of the Bundys. Ammon Bundy and other leaders have repeatedly and from the very start recognized that the Paiute suffered the same ‘federal overreach’ they had; they have repeatedly called for co-involvement of the Paiute in both their informal interviews and official statements. And finally, the semi-official PPN Articles of Resolution prominently includes the Paiute as equal claimants. The Bundys note the pertinent identities and difference: the corporate-state and everybody else. The Gawker, like most hip lazy lefty white media, proffers the usual divide-and-conquer categories (cowboy and Injun). 
It is true the Paiute have not recognized the Bundy offer. Either they are as beholden to US demands as Canada or the BLM workers of Burns, or they only watch mainstream media. How many times do the Bundys have to say it? It must be wearisome. They are not claiming land for the ranchers, except that which has been extorted; they are claiming federal lands for the county, to be administered and managed by the county and the Paiute together to the betterment of the community.  The Bundys do not buy into the categories the bigoted left puts them into. They understand far more about history and about constitutional principle than their critics.
In your reports about this subject, you neglect the most important background, the main interest of the corporate-state: the uranium on the Hammonds land. (Gold on Bundys). You also neglected the truly terrorizing tactics pursued by the Feds over decades to strip this land from the Hammonds (and water-extortion that got them dozens of other ranchers to sell their lands pennies-on-the-dime.) The Refuge center was the center of operations for these land-grabs, that is why Bundy occupied it peacefully and turned it to the County Resource Center. With records there he is starting to sift through the web of fraudulent land transfers to try to restore some balance. How far he can go depends upon the help he gets from other claimants, including the Paiute. 
Please read the PPN’s Articles of Resolution. They make three “requests”. They are seeking due process and release for the Hammonds, they want the FBI to investigate blatant corruption in the Hammond trial, including threats and suppression of evidence, and thirdly, most importantly, they wish a return to constitutional principle in the issue of land ownership. They demand this be addressed first by stripping it from the federal government and then by turning it over to the county to be administered and managed by the residents and the Paiute in equal measure according to the values of the community (the whole community is what is implied.)
There’s false flags afoot too. You should know the media twists Bundy as much as it twists Assad or the Prophet Muhammad. Bundys is not a militia group first of all. Rather, sparks are flying from the airport turned into a fortress by the FBI. They were caught dressed as militia snooping about the Armory, and are the best suspects for false flags in town. This was dramatically revealed by the longstanding Fire Chief, who resigned to protest Judge Grasty’s evident corruption and cover-up of the FBI role and the Fed-State-County intransigence about permitting any kind of local dialogue with the Bundy group. 
That’s the Feds for ya, (and its lower fiefdoms)- and the Fed controlled left press misses it all. Everything you plead of Bundy, outreach, unity, constitutional principle applied universally and in earnest- –  especially the call for unity against a corrupt corporate-state -HAS ALREADY BEEN ANNOUNCED, has already been pleaded by Bundy. That you are unaware is a simple matter of your sources. 
Most egregiously Gawker picked up the Oregonian line (these guys are bad news) that the occupiers ‘rifled’ thru the Paiute artifacts, that they had no care for the ‘past’ but only the ‘present’ and further that the puppet-head of the Paiute, Charlotte Rodrique, was ‘worried’ about the condition of the artifacts now that the ‘white’ guys were there.
Well she should have worried a long time ago. The artifacts have been sitting – as Bundy’s group found out and documented – in rat shit since 1984. The Bundy group has called to the Paiute to come and claim and care for what is rightfully theirs. They mean the artifacts, and they mean the land. If their voices do not make it to the Paiute, whose fault is that? If the alternative press doesn’t cover this, who will? 
I’ll link here to the C4CF announcement about the Paiute’s artifacts, with video footage making pretty clear who is caring for what.  Sad to say, Ms Rodrique’s record of expressing the Paiute’s interest looks shoddy at best. This tribe could best regain some semblance of sovereignty by standing with the Bundys, just as he has asked them to do since day one. We all need to stand up as people, first.
For more links, evidence, background, and commentary see my blog, which mostly is about events in the Middle East though I recently have turned to Oregon. I am an Ottoman historian by professional training, but more concerned with present events these days. That means I love your Islamophobia stuff too. A lot of twisting of categories in that discourse too of course.
Anyway, despite this event-specific critique, I really cheer you both and support your efforts wholeheartedly. 
all best wishes,
Steve Wolf
Tony Hall replies:
23 January, 2016

Hello Steve Wolf;

Thank you for your very informative response to our brief discussion of the Oregon land dispute. This dispute is obviously part of a larger popular movement of resistance to the plague of federal criminality on many fronts these days.

I would like to respond to you more fully in some sort of exchange that Kevin might publish in VT.

I was able to locate the Articles of Resolution from the Pacific Patriots Network. In my first run through, however, I couldn’t find the Redress of Grievance document. Could you please help me locate that. If you could please help me understand more deeply the politics of alliance and antagonism between the different patriot groups, factions, and leaders, I’d also appreciate that.

You obviously have considerable expertise on this important story, much more than me, I’m sure. An article by Paul Craig Roberts helped me see the importance of the Patriots’ stance. I did not take my criticism of it lightly.

The watchman video with the discussion of custodianship of the artifacts is very significant. Thank you for including that. Who, please, is Blaine Cooper and how is he situated in the mix?

Your reference to the Paiute as one among a list of “claimants” is problematic for me. From whom would the Paiute “claim” their land. It seems to me the federal government is one of the parties that have a claim against the Paiute. In Canada we have taken to referring to “First Nations,” which helps put things in perspective, historically, constitutionally and ethically.

The “Articles of Resolution” offer to the Paiute to take control of contested federal land in partnership with Harney County bears careful consideration. In theory the federal government should be a kind of protector for the Native Americans against the incursions of local settler governments, including those of the state of Oregon and Harney County. Obviously the federal government has strayed from that responsibility. But the constitutional principles, the theory if you like, cannot and should not be kicked aside without careful consideration.

To ask the Paiute simply to ignore the history of federal treaties with the First Nations and to become in an instant trusting partners with the lowest level of settler governments is rather unrealistic given the survivors’ history of direct experience with one of the most gruesome sagas of genocide ever. From the perspective of the First Nations, there is not a lot of reason to look well on invading cohorts of ranchers, miners, loggers, etc. That legacy has to be acknowledged first if it is to be in some way transcended.

Who would speak on behalf of the First Nations in this situation. The colonizing forces have organized it so that elected officials on federal reservations are essentially agents of the federal government living in communities often 90% dependent on federal transfer payments. Its not a pretty picture.

But that’s not the end of the story. There are First Nations people that have made stands against the federal authority, most famously in recent times at Wounded Knee in 1975. One of their martyrs, Leonard Peltier, remains incarcerated to this day in federal penitentiary. By far and away Peltier is USA’s most famous political prisoner. All Soviet school children were not too long ago taught his name. Will Obama grant Peltier some sort of pardon when he leaves office? Clinton didn’t. Certainly Bush didn’t. Might Obama? Maybe the Patriots could open up that issue to start the ball rolling on some sort of political accord with the First Nations.


Mohawk activist Splitting The Sky being arrested in his attempt to conduct a citizen’s arrest of former US President George W. Bush. Calgary Alberta, 17 March, 2009

Kevin Barrett and I have worked closely with Splitting The Sky who embodied the AIM heritage of anti-federalist, pro-internationalist First Nations politics. He was thrust into the spotlight after he was charged with killing a guard at Attica federal pen in 1971. You can easily research it all on google. More recently the late STS attempted a citizens’ arrest of George Bush in Calgary Alberta in 2009. STS spoke often to Patriot audiences like that of Jack Blood. While AIM continues it was pretty much undermined by the FBI’s COINTEL program and such.

I think that possibly we might be in a situation to help nudge along an alliance between the Patriots and at least some of the remaining freedom fighters among the First Nations’ survivors. Such an alliance if properly established on a shared platform of negotiated intent would indeed have huge international implications in a world where many millions if not billions feel colonized and repressed by the Anglo-American empire that in its more recent incarnation has become the Zio-American empire.

I learned a lot about First Nations relations to Canada’s federal colonizing society in 1990 when I was more or less front and center in a blockade of Canada’s two transcontinental railways starting with our actions in northern Ontario at Long Lake Reserve 58. I wrote about it in an academic article that was widely republished in the days before the ubiquitous Internet.

Essentially we cornered the federal government by doing our action on a train yard on a federal Indian reserve. In Canada rail transport is a federal jurisdiction. Moreover in those days the CNR Railway, running right through reserve 58, was a federal Crown Corporation. The CNR had not yet been sold to Warren Buffet’s Hathaway conglomerate. The legality of this transfer of Canadian federal property to a US-based private conglomerate could still be challenged.

We held our protest camp at Long Lake 58 for a week. Other First Nations groups followed our lead. For about 10 days we had held control of Canada’s rail transport system. That big deal at the time. The Canadian laws were subsequently changed to make our patriotic act subject to one or more of the unconstitutional, post 9/11 anti-terrorism acts.

None of us were charged back in the early 1990s. We were not criminalized because we were able to gain some traction in backing up our assertion that it was the federal government and its Canadian National Railway did not adhere to the laws of Canada. The law of “Aboriginal and treaty rights” had not been applied law since the initial laying of the steel ribbons across British North America. My experience in 1990, which culminated in my involvement at Oka Quebec as a negotiator between the federal Armed Forces and the Mohawk Warriors, is one of the highlights of my life so far. So too is my involvement in the case of Splitting The Sky versus George W. Bush, a legal proceeding in which Dr. Barrett, Cynthia McKinney, Ramsay Clark, Joshua Blakeney, Michel Chossudovsky and Michael Pengue were also deeply involved.

I think have a good sense of what “Gawker” is all about. I agree with your characterization of it as a trashy left liberal operation of controlled opposition. I paid considerable attention to a set of article on the Gawker site when I was working on my lengthy article on the US navy’s missile knockdown off Long Island of TWA 800 in July of 1996.

My article took the former of a film review of the documentary film of my friend, Kristina Borjesson. As I studied of the corruption of the federal aviation agencies it seemed to me more and more like a preparation of the ground for the great betrayal on 9/11.

TWA Flight 800 and 9/11

Your thoughtful letter, Steve, is the first serious commentary I have received on a particular news story since I got involved in a substantial way with “No Lies Radio.” As I see it this collaboration started with our “False Flag Islamophobia” event in Paris last December. Thanks so much Steve for taking the time to deepen the discussion on a very important topic.

I think our FFWN work-in-progress would be well served if we did significant follow up when we are honoured with an intervention as serious and substantial as yours. I propose we work together in a way that might affect how history unfolds. Ultimately I think that what it seems to me is the preeminent concern of the four of us now communicating in this way.

Beyond that I very much look forward to the possibility of picking your mind on Ottoman Empire history, a topic I have yet to address with the rigour it deserves given its importance in recent developments with what they describe in Iran as West Asia.

Yours Sincerely,

Tony Hall

Sampson and Riley with Their Nabigon cousins. Sampson is in the Green Shirt in the Forefront. Riley is on the Extreme Right in the Yellow Shirt.
Tony Hall with Bertha Nabigon, grandmother of Lena Nabigon and Tony’s sons, Sampson and Riley. Meeting with a lawyer
Tony Hall with Fellow Mediator Bernard Abraham at Oka Quebec


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