Breaking/Busted: Video Shows Finicum Armed to Kill, So Many Lied


… by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff, VT Editors 

[ Editor’s note: We have two videos, a short one for the quick and lazy. Finicum goes down like right out of OK Corral, gun in hand. Cliven Bundy lied; Ammon Bundy lied, as did the stooge or hostage or groupie, who suckered so many. Please remember the story of the execution, poor Finicum on his knees begging for mercy while police shoot him repeatedly and then empty their guns into his body.

And to think none of this happened in the Walmart tunnels, nor was it witnessed by Alex Jones’ 60,000 Russian troops swimming up the Mississippi. Time for the liars, the fools and the lynch mob to repent, turn in their trolling licenses (you know who you are) and kiss our rosy red asses. (Police Academy film reference) ]


“Right now, I’m asking the federal government to allow the people at the refuge to go home without being prosecuted,” Ammon Bundy said in a written statement read after the hearing by his attorney, Mike Arnold. “To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now — in the courts.”


The video and stills were added the article written earlier in the day

As we wrote on this yesterday, we did not have to get too cranked up and judgmental without more official information on what really happened, other than the initial comments of angry protestors at the scene unhappy that their holding the county hostage days were at an end.

Comments on yesterday’s articles on this were representative of the diverse views on this all over. They ranged from those angry at the government for a number of reasons wanting to pile on with a quick “execution verdict” over Lavoy Finicum’s death, without the benefit of a trial for the authorities on the scene, to those that thought the protester group was the gang that could not shoot straight, in terms of their ability to lead a controversial issue like this.

Running with pistol in his hand, pointing pistol at police officer in woods

It was no surprise that the police version of the incident was different from the initial reports. It said that Finicum and another protestor did not follow instruction to surrender when they exited their truck, and Finicum reached for a pistol he had in his belt which triggered the shooting.

As I suggested last night, the whole road block incident would have had at least one camera rolling, and it did.

The authorities are now discussing releasing the footage to counter the ridiculous execution claims being made. But clearances would have to be make with attorneys that would avoid later claims of prejudicing a potential jury pool.

Bundy had enough sense to keep the death count where is still is and not add to it. The remaining refuge protester pool was reduced by those surrendering, with a few hold outs.

But it seems one guy wanted to snag the Mr. Bad Boy trophy and was making a social media call for reinforcements to come replace those who had left or been arrested.

And it seems he also had either a death wish or a love for federal penitentiary accommodations. As reported in the LA Times today he said on video:

“There are no laws in this United States now! This is a free-for-all Armageddon!” a heavyset man holding a rifle yelled into a camera transmitting from the refuge. He urged others to join those at the protest site, adding that if “they stop you from getting here, kill them!”

To all you future occupiers out there, I would strongly advise you to take a group paralegal online course on where all the red lines were for creating a number of felony charges for yourselves, including incitement to kill law enforcement officials.

Drawing his gun

This dummy bought himself a probable ten years of federal time with his video as a confession. And no, I will not be donating to his legal defense fund. I can think of a hundred other causes more worthy.

I applaud Ammon Bundy for waking up and smelling the roses. But he is still responsible, along with the others, for dragging this out to where a death occurred, and they are now under felony charges, when they could have gotten their federal court battle on much lower charges and with no one killed.

Gordon and I can go over endless stories like this, where we have watched slow motion train wrecks where pumped up people who obviously had no one with any sense advising them “blew themselves” up while playing the tough guy, until reality made a house call.

  Longer video:

The Bundys and Finicum were older, mature men who should have known better. What Ammon Bundy wants to do now, which is not his choice any longer, he could have done earlier, instead of the circus route they took with Mr. Death Wish as a leader.

“God Groupie,” Victoria Sharp (far right) 18, fabricated up story of police murder fooling thousands

So what can I say… that we are fortunate that we had only one funeral in this sad circus? I can’t, because it might not be over yet. Maybe the idiot calling for reinforcements to kill police officers to join the refuge hostage failed stunt might trigger some Mad Max crazies who are arc-welding steel plate onto their homemade combat vehicles as I type.

I hope the authorities release the video quickly, as we need to put what really happened to bed quickly so we can focus all of our attention on why it happened and who was ultimately responsible. Maybe that will help avoid such absurdity in the future, and needless bloodshed.

Catch the  infamous lying “witness,”… count the falsifications she pours out here… like the officers shooting into the car for 5 to 10 minutes; officers pumping rounds into Finicum after he was down; 40 vehicles; ambush, snipers in the trees…


 VT right again, taking truth over stupidity

Catch the Jade Helmster wannabes with their modern lynch mob YouTubes:

Burns Oregon.Lavoy Finicum SHOT AND KILLED With His Hands in the Air on His Knees By FBI!

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