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by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor Note and Update ]  We published the Intel dump yesterday about Turkey’s thinking it would give Russia some payback by working more extensively with the Ukraine fascists and and Neo-Nazi coup crew in Kiev.  It is a ridiculous endeavor, almost beyond words to describe as a disintegrating country, which Ukraine certainly is, and is primarily a threat to its own people.

Turkey thought that it would jump in on using Ukraine as chump cannon fodder to “pressure” Russia…this after a record of total failure of the US, NATO and the EU to do so. But what it did do is give Russia, permission to begin supporting the Kurds, not only in Syria along the border but inside Turkey, also.

Yesterday’s missive revealed the Kurds are getting urban warfare training at camps inside Syria. This is the worst kind of fighting and without highly-trained troops the causalities are relentless, which reduces your forces to feeding green troops in until you don’t have any more.

Missing in all of the geopolitical reporting on the Ukraine war, Minsk2 and sanctions on Russia is any push from the West on war crimes prosecutions perpetrated en masse against the people from Donbass, other than the French group that visited last week. Because the West’s fingerprints are all over these crimes, especially the US, they are just being ignored — a classic case of “victim denial” to avoid acknowledging any responsibility.

The feature image I had used when this mother and baby were killed, which fortunately did get a lot of coverage at the time. They became a symbol, for a week, and then forgotten. But this was a good starting point because general shelling of a civilian area using munitions like grad rockets is a war crime because its aim is to terrorize a civilian population.

There were no marches in the West demanding this be stopped, no Congressional or parliamentary debates in European countries about their dishonoring themselves by having anything to do with this. It was an abject failure of the West to lay claim to any moral standing whatsoever. Western media not only rolled over on this issue but did everything it could to help shift the blame to Russia, which also failed miserably.

VT has done more to expose these crimes, and to shine the light that anyone in the defense and intelligence communities who think they can lay claim to having made Ukraine a safer and better place to live are patently frauds, if they pretend they don’t know what is really going on.

They have effectively become enemies to their own people due to gross incompetence, if not being willing perpetrators.

Many who consider themselves honest and patriotic Americans, especially the retired military contractors, we view on the level of the hired mercenary killers who were brought in from the dregs of Central and South America as CIA-hired killers to masquerade as Nicaraguan rebels. They murdered teachers, rural health workers, nuns and priests… easy targets as part of a totally deranged concept that this would show grassroots opposition to the central government.

The Contra scandal is known today only for the arms deal to Iran to provide the “off the books” funding for that operation… but not the crimes against humanity that were done. As we continue to predict here, every time this happens with no punishment for the perpetrators at the top of the food chain, you can bet these crimes will be repeated.

Donbass, and the terror war on Syria are just the more current examples, but it will never end as long as a large majority of us choose to look the other way, and accept the phoney scapegoat cover story. One could even pose that societies that allow this to happen do not themselves deserve to survive. On the contrary, the world would be a safer place if they did not exist… something that is not a popular debate topic on Fox News… Jim W. Dean ]

– First published  …  February 26, 2016

I had been awaiting the new Russian Investigative Committee White Book on the war crimes inflicted upon the Donbass people. It encompasses the reign of terror unleashed initially by the Kiev coup’s extremist groups who were let loose upon their fellow East Ukrainian citizens literally as torture and execution squads, hence the name “punishers” given to them by their many victims.

But these thugs were just the tip of the iceberg of these crimes against humanity, a throwback to the old Soviet purges and ethnic-religious slaughters during the WWII passions. As the evidence will show, the Kiev coup interior ministry people, National Guard and regular army units were also willing participants in the orgy of terror they inflicted on Donbass, given free rein to do so by their political and military leadership.

But that is not the end of it for all those in the West who look at the Ukraine tragedy as a local event in a faraway place. The United States, the EU, and NATO were all involved in it up to their eyeballs for their overthrowing the elected government which had just conceded to its opposition’s demands. But it gets even worse.

Those just mentioned had intelligence agencies that were fully aware of all of the atrocities being inflicted upon East Ukraine, the anti-Russian hatred unleashed upon those who refused to accept being ruled over by the gangsters and terrorists put in power by the West in Kiev.

To date we have no record of the Western perpetrators stepping in to pressure Kiev into a position where the West could not be represented by a regime that exhibited such cruelty on a mass scale to its own people.

To all you veteran contractors involved, whether you worked for the State Department, the CIA or the other shadow government organizations that supported these crimes against humanity, directly or indirectly, while we have a breath in our bodies we will be working to see you have your day in a future war crimes tribunal where under the Nuremberg precedent, “acting under orders” was not an acceptable defense.

The online release of ‘The Tragedy of South-Eastern Ukraine: The White Book of Crimes’ is due soon. It consists of 2500 volumes with over 100,000 witnesses, soldiers, militiamen, policemen, civilians, women, children, and even Western Ukrainians snatched up while trying to visit their families in Donbass by these monsters unleashed by the regime-change gangsters.

They all endured the worst of anything the Gestapo ever dished out, and Merkel, among other Western leaders, wears the shame that her fingerprints are on the throats of all these victims.

While we wait for the White Book, there is another venue where you can become a witness yourselves to some of these crimes, as there has been an independent documentary released, “Circles of Hell’, most probably intended to piggyback this new report. It has a representative selection of surviving victims and video footage that the “punishers” were so kind to leave behind for us in this age of hooded soldiers who love to record their work.

While spending much of yesterday [Feb. 19th] refreshing my older Ukraine War research files and video material, I happened across an Azov Battalion crucifixion and burning alive of a hapless Donbass PoW. And it did not seem to be the first time they had done one of these. [Viewer beware of watching this. It’s as bad as it gets, but fortunate stops when the fire starts up.]

At my age I really do hate to watch these things because, frankly, I have seen enough horrors. But I feel we have a duty to be witnesses to these horrible events to honor this poor victim who most likely is among the missing in action people.

It is much worse than the husband and very pregnant wife I watched hanged last year by another group of these murderers, making Donbass “snuff films” that they can show to their grandchildren some day when they ask, “Granddad what did you do during the Great War in Donbass?

Our VT crew saw the fingerprints of contract intelligence psyops people in the making of these films, as they had been very successful for ISIS… for recruiting I mean. They were geared for the sociopaths among us, to create a steady stream in replacements for their KIAs, and that is why I used orgy of hate in the title. It was not an attempt to hype the horror, but simply define it.

The documentary features people who have been thrown into cells where their cellmates have already had their throats cut. Another tactic was to strip people down and throw them into an open pit where they endured, men and women mixed, all kinds of indignities. Some were dumped as dead bodies on the side of the road, only to wake up and be able to crawl for assistance. If an accurate docudrama is ever made about this, it will probably be illegal to watch it.

But after my disappointment in not finding any highlights material from the new mega report, on page three of my Google search, up popped the January 11th article about the Donbass effort in filing their own indictments of war crimes in Donbass; 500 cases already filed and 800 waiting. Their venue is the European Court of Human Rights.

And they have a French delegation visiting to collaborate with the Donbass attorneys; it is a wonderful development to see the citizens of one of the countries involved in the torture of Ukrainians to be working to document the crimes previously supported by their government.

France and Germany are special cases, as both were signatories of Minsk2 where they were guarantors of Kiev’s good faith in abiding with the agreement — a duty for which both have been abject failures, and we have to ask if they purposefully did so as part of a conspiracy to hold Moscow hostage via its sanctions being removed only when Minsk2 was complete. We clearly see Kiev has no intention of doing so, and the EU is not using any of its financial leverage to encourage them do so.
There has been hype about a new World War III, primary by writing entities trying to pull readership, but it is a silly effort. We are already in a World War III of sorts, the US certainly since 9-11, which even targeted our own people; and Bush (43) did not even want to have an investigation, claiming that diverting the leadership and government institutions as such a critical time would endanger the country.

We had a mini-rebellion which finally forced an investigation, but the pitchfork crowd had gone home and to my astonishment, the fact that no testimony would be taken under oath seemed to go over everybody’s heads. When I brought it up to people they looked and me like “what’s the big deal, don’t you trust the government?” It was like being in a bad dream.

So here we are watching new 9-11s – the murder of civilians — in all shapes and sizes being inflicted on innocent people who were no threat to the US or the EU, and yet we have stumbled into one slaughter after another, where even an idiot would learn from the mistakes and stop doing self-destructive things.

But apparently, those benefiting don’t want to stop. They want Syria to continue on, unless they win in the negotiations what they could not on the battlefield. They want to continue the death spiral of Ukraine to have a completely vulnerable and dysfunctional state on Russia’s border, with the EU taxpayers eventually having to swallow all of the defaulted loans.

If this isn’t a war, I don’t know what is. It is a new kind though, where a country’s leadership attacks other states and people, while using its own as cannon fodder.

If we don’t snap out of our slumber, our time on the Azov cross may be the final lesson in civics that we receive, and many of us will not be completely innocent because we refused to resist when we had the opportunity.

Even now in the EU, laws have been submitted to criminalize “conspiracy theories”. It does not take a genius to see how such laws could be abused by applying them to a respective Donbass portion of a country where there is strong opposition.

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