Donbass advertises to the world – Stop Fascism!



Donbass advertises to the world – Stop Fascism!

… by Maya Klimova, Donetsk DPR, Exclusively for VT

[ Editor’s Note: Maya Klimova lives in the belly of the beast in Donbass. This is a story about American regime change — its utter depravity — by someone who has lived through it. The stalemate of Minsk2 has numbed the world to following much on that War any more, which is just fine with the regime-change perps in the West as their part in starting it.

It has failed miserably despite the Western cash and loan infusions, with the economy in shambles, the looters in power, and the war kept simmering as a way of maintaining control of the population and the EU funding flowing.

Russia has dealt with the sanctions with a bet that the EU will grow tired of them first, along with the blowback from its own misadventures in the Mid East with the refugee destabilization going on now.

With Moscow having turned the tide on the War on Terror, Putin bashing in the West has lost its attraction, and hopefully the masses of idiots will finally understand how they have been manipulated and why, and do something to correct the mess made.

Alla Pierce is a long time VT reader from Florida who has a WWII vet father in his 90’s living in Ukraine. She moved back to the region to help fight for her country by getting this very complicated story out as an independent journalist and is VT’s Donbass correspondent.

She has networked with other writers like Maya to give us a personal taste of what has been going on. The translation is Alla’s. You must have someone that can speak both Ukrainian and Russian, and be fluent in English or you will be very limited in what you can get in English, and less sure if the material had not been twisted or seeded along the way… Jim W. Dean ]


– First Published  …  March 01,  2016

I have to confess that no previous journalistic research posed such a challenge to me. This was not because of lack of material or problematic access to such material but for the same reason that the Nuremberg judges fell ill with revulsion during the trials that they had to seek medical aid. There is revulsion mixed with horridness from how low despicable human acts of abomination can reach.

But an hour of conversation with one of the Right Sector’s snipers, who gave her soul to the “Dogs” (nickname for the Right Sector, due to similarity of sounds of those words – AP), finally filled me full of resentment. I feel sorry for her parents, and this is why I won’t reveal her name.

Still, trying to overcome my horror and revulsion, I’ll try to outline my views with the least emotional expression as possible. This is material retrieved from the Great Patriotic War archives:

5,300,000 civilians were killed by the Nazi’s hands in Ukraine; 2,300,000 Ukrainian men and women were forcibly sent to work in Germany.

850,000 Jews, 220,000 Poles, more than 400,000 Soviet captured and 500,000 Ukrainian civilians were killed by executioners – Banderovtsi; 20,000 soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army and law enforcement were killed; 4,000 – 5,000 members of the UPA who were considered not “active and nationally conscious” enough were killed by their own associates.

I won’t talk about Bandera and his followers who were hiding after World War II, because much has already been said about them. Their brown uniforms left no doubt as to their philosophy and practice, even for those who were most loyal to fascism. Let’s talk about the recent and present times.


Genesis of Right Sector

The Azov volunteers do not hide their ideology
These volunteers do not hide their ideology

The extremist organization, “Right Sector”, has been banned in Russia and is persona non grata in most countries. How did they develop? If you think it started with awarding the rank of heroes of Ukraine to Bandera and Shukhevych, then you are wrong.

It started much earlier, back in the infamous month of August 1991, when the Soviet Union was destroyed. There were widespread varieties of nationalistic pseudo-theories that were created during the Soviet period by many Ukrainian dissidents. But as early as in 1990, VPO “State independence of Ukraine” with the motto of “The will, the power and majesty of the Ukrainian nation” had formed in Lvov.

The collapse of the Soviet Union had contributed the emergence of nationalism throughout the territory of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which hardened, evolving into Nazism. Such as for example, the “People’s Movement”, OUN, legalized in 1992 and UNA, which appeared a little earlier. In the autumn of 1993, the Ministry of Justice had registered another party – the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Ukraine (OUNvU).

I think it is worthwhile to mention the sources of financing of the nationalist movements in Ukraine. It started back in the 60s from overseas support by Ukrainian Emigres, then, later in ’80s the USA first secretly, then more openly invested financially in the pathological pseudo “ukrainizm”. Separately we should mention the “Freedom” that was openly financed by US intelligence agencies.

Without its participation in the Maidan with its Russophobic slander, everything could turn the other way, and Mister Yarosh might not jump into the rushing passage of history. Additionally, it is of interest to ask why the SBU encouraged participation of foreign intelligence services to assist in the formation of a powerful nationalist layer with militias, training centers, schools and ideological standpoints. However, there is nobody to ask, and the traitors won’t reveal how much they profited for selling their motherland.

And to clarify where the roots of Ukrainian pro-fascist organizations grew, I would like to present the text of the leaflets distributed by the UNA-UNSO in Odessa before the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2004 which says:

Let’s get back to the “rules of the sector.”

Members of the Ukrainian far-right radical group Right Sector
Members of the Ukrainian far-right radical group Right Sector

Wikipedia amazingly defined that the Right Sector is an “informal right-wing extremist group, that brought together a number of activists of the Ukrainian nationalist (national oriented) right-wing organizations during the protests in Kiev (December 2013 – February 2014).

First mentioned due to its participation in clashes with the internal troops and special units of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry that were guarding the building of the Presidential Administration, as well as in the capture of several administrative buildings in Kiev in Dec. 1, 2013.”

Isn’t it weird?

Crowds of armed people in balaclavas instantly took leading positions in the maelstrom of the Maidan, and no one even raised an eyebrow! The version of the Right Sector establishment by “The agency federal investigation» (

“The organization emerged out of a background of internal conflict between the Social-National Assembly and radically minded VO “Trident” named after S. Bandera. The informal movement “Right Sector” includes the following organizations: the VO “Trident” (leaders – Tarasenko A., Jarosz D.A., Stempitsky A.L.), “White Hammer” (commander Vakhniy A.V.), units “Poltava” and “Morozno” (commander Shumkov A.C.), units “Spilna Sprava”, “Direct diya” and a few more. “

These structures were set up by special operations of NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the goal to support national movements, but in fact, the goal was to create a framework for a political struggle against Russia.  The notorious Bruce Jackson, an American “eminence grise” and US intelligence staff officer, was one of the founders of the aforementioned organizations.

Right Sector's Dmitry Yarosh
Right Sector’s Dmitry Yarosh

In 2008, Dmitry Yarosh gave one of the first in a series of shocking interviews where he expressed his reverence for the Mujahideen, saying that,

“Ichkeria, Georgia, Ukraine are all links of one chain that should be draped over the neck of the peoples who do not wish to live within Moscow’s sphere. I am convinced we can defeat the satanic Moscow, destroy its Empire, in business, politics and then the culture of the specific nation can predominate the people. I also say “yes” to the closure of all media that may be suspected of sympathizing with Russia … and we need to prepare for war with it. ”

So, Yarosh has begun to implement this in reality in 2014 when, in his opinion, the time has come.

However, having in its ranks a huge number of criminals (remember Muzychko and other dubious people!) and ragtag fans instead of the army he started in the first place, with the obvious practice of banditry (he needed to feed and equip his future warriors) and secondly, with creation of the coordinative center for development of strategy of militant group actions and information warfare.

The important detail: the location of this center is remarkable – Mazepa St., 6-A – which also is the address for more than a dozen US grant eaters in Ukrainian. This fact, by the way, is not a secret and can be found in the Internet and in the register of companies. This proves, even indirectly, the fact that it’s not Kolomoysriy who provides the core funding of the “Right Sector” but Canada and the United States through public organizations, national funds and finance some parties, including the notorious ones called “Svoboda” and “Batkivshina.”

Two months later, on 15.03.2014, a Ukrainian “Correspondent” wrote “National Guard soldiers – the Right Sector were sent to Lugansk and Kharkov.” What’s this? From what merit the “Right Sector” has become a division of the National Guard of Ukraine? Remembering the February events on the Maidan it was a valuable service rendered to Petro Poroshenko! Actually, Porky got to the “banking paradise” on their “brown shoulders”.

Neo Nazi march in Ukraine, 2014
Neo Nazi march in Ukraine, 2014

The intimidating processions of torch light parades through the streets of Kiev were not held without reason and the decorating of the walls of the Ukrainian capital with swastikas made the residents shy away from this, because the display brought back reminders of the Nazi occupation during WW2. What is alarming is the clarity and coherence, as all were well-rehearsed script.

Needless to add, that the events of January-February 2014 finally completed the formation of a huge fascist group called “Right Sector”. And all that we have heard since the coup in Kiev, has left no doubt that fascism is back as Woland de Mort in London, although the world community prefer not to notice.

On May 2nd the “Right Sector” showed its real colors.  The “Dogs” were unable to contain their hatred and made the bloodiest murderers of all time turn in their graves. But the main thing is not even that! Most importantly, the Internet was full of scenes of violence, which were filmed by the members of “RS”, and they added obscene and mocking comments about those whom they tortured, burned, and killed. I’m not even talking about the fact that there were numerous more victims than the Ukrainian government has revealed.

This tells us that Right Sector has not just a stain of blood on their conscience, but rivers of blood. Here is a link to the post, containing not the worst and not the most candid photos from the scene of the tragedy.


And here are some links for the full picture of that tragedy:

The wrongdoers, with pathological demonic thoroughness, had no fear about recording their “feats”. This perversion comes not only from the desire to intimidate, but also from having confidence with arrogance and impunity.

In the Citations, I provide some proof of offenses committed by the “Right Sector” during the last year and half. Then you tell me whether there is fascism in Ukraine or not and who the Ukrainian Nazis are.


Believe me, I have chosen the milder of the available videos, which can be viewed below in the Citations, because these video shots of the Odessa massacre are enough to demonstrate the cruelty and inhumanity of RS. As for myself, I cannot look at it anymore. Any normal person cannot.

When the nationalistic perspective has been raised to the absurd it morphs into a great weapon in the hands of those who control the situation. What will happen to the simple, junior members of “RS” whose love for their motherland was used the wrong way? Evil grew from the motivation and aggression that was built in a pseudo-romance “higher caste” and ended up creating a whole army of zombies. They are not just simple zombies but well-organized and armed with all sorts of weapons used by bastards that are eager to kill.

However, I don’t specify who exactly they were willing to kill, because, regardless of circumstances anyone could have been their victim. It is sufficient to recall Mukachevo’s outrage when the “Right Sector”, while trying to capture the next area for financial plunder, randomly opened fire without aiming anywhere specific. No wonder they were placed behind the conventional Ukrainian army as detachments.

Many attempts at retreating or feeling the battlefield were intercepted by certain brown “heroes”. Many soldiers were shot in their backs due to their unwillingness to fight and also to warn others of their fate should they attempt to flee the field of operations.

The “Right Sector” has turned into an army having the worst possible ethics and conduct. They are nothing but the rabble of outcasts and social scum, raised with hate and envy, multiplied by a cult of sadism and disregard for human life.

Frankly, I rank ISIS on a lower level of psycho-mutation, because the members of this artificial force created by US specialists are not afraid to die for their ideals, they are always ready for death, and betrayal of the interests of their organization is considered a huge sin deserving of death. On the contrary, “RS” are able to sell their own Mothers with the homeland if they fear the slightest danger.

Ask the militia how the soldiers behave when they get captured, how they express regret over their actions and repeat that their mind was manipulated and they didn’t realize what they did. But when the danger to their lives recede they revert back to who they were. I felt the incomparable feeling of disgust, contempt and surprise of their cowardice and stupidity when I read through the interviews with them.

Indeed, the “Right Sector” left its main guru – Hitler far behind with standards of terror that they practice as normal behavior. Their irrational sadism and pathological bloodlust mixed with an explicit cowardice that cannot be explained by any ideology. The modern banderovtsi attempt to claim political basis for their actions, equaling sadism to patriotism.

This could end up being a mistake that seals their fate. The German fascists stopped Bandera’s monsters in a similar way. First they used them, then curtailed their behavior and organization, because even they had enough of the bloody mayhem. In turn we see that Poroshenko, who almost “caressed Right Sector” initially, now has declared war against his former associates, and seems like he can even win, when considering his resources.

The ground is burning under Mister Yarosh’s feet, as is evident from his emotional speech at a closed Congress of “Right Sector” about the result of the July’s events:

Please, note his words: “I don’t mind if we kill everybody, the Lord will sort them out”.

Those words caused laughter and applause. Yarosh’s speech sounded more like a summary of a plan of salvaging the “RS” movement. The “Co-founder” of the “RS” Andrei Bondarenko who, also being a friend of Yarosh, is considered the main force influencing the political climate in the country.

He encourages the overthrow of the government to “blow the country up from the inside,” claiming that this is the main purpose of the “Right Sector”.  He wrote this in the article named “The Immediate Tasks of the Right Sector,” without any attempt to appear tolerant or use other methods of moderation, just like other neo-Nazi organizations do.

What will take place next is difficult to determine, especially since it is well observed that a lot depends on the interference by the Stars and Stripes pseudo-democracy. However, is unlikely that ordinary Americans know where their money goes or in reality how the ordinary American is paying for corpses near Donetsk.

Denis Pushilin
Denis Pushilin

Recently I have asked Denis Pushilin, the Deputy Chairman of the National Council of the DPR – the person who feels the slightest political breeze in Ukraine due to the fact that he is authorized to be a representative of the DPR in Minsk – about the present and the future of the “Right Sector”. Here is a quotation of his words:

“The “Right sector” today is objectionable in Kiev and impedes the Ukrainian government from sculpting their image of being a “peacemaker” or “the people that are suffering from the aggression” in the eyes of the world community. Without the support of the SBU and the financing from the West it turned out to be a toothless organization of mentally ill people with radical viewpoints.

Young people who have not yet defamed themselves leave the extremists. Perhaps the “RS” will grow into the guerrilla movement and survive for a while as separate gangs acting purely in their own interests. The loud statements of the RS leader about the overthrow of the current Ukrainian authorities turned out to be nothing.

It was easy to say that people took part in Maidan and that members of the “Right Sector” are the heroes. But in fact, it is impossible to create another “maidan”, regardless financial, taxing, or credit, as the activists have promised. A crackdown will be even tougher than in Yanukovych’s time. At the same time the European community is silent about the “democratic” actions of the officials in Kiev. The same double standards work.”

Do you know what is the most depressing? The blindness of various European and international organizations, starting with the UN and the OSCE, and ending with the Institute of Human Rights named after Nelson Mandela.

I would really like to ask Alexander Hug, who called “a vandalism” the recent spontaneous meeting of people who are bombarded daily by Ukrainian troops – Mister Hug, why doesn’t the observation mission of the OSCE who having a mandatory list of concerns including human rights, thoroughly watch the terrorist organization “Right Sector ” and write the report on your website with the real results of the investigation? Why do you not do this?

I know it would be just a rhetorical question.

The most terrible things are happening in the world because of the people’s indifference. That’s why the same fascism, which claimed over 70 million lives 70 years ago, is back now.

And this is why Donbass – the region that was destroyed completely by German fascists – have risen again today. And that’s why I believe we are the final outpost of opposition to Nazism. This is why we scream out to the world: “Stop Fascism!”


Translated by Alla Pierce, VT correspondent in Donbass



Korsun, February 20, 2014

School in Drohobych, spring of 2014

Deputies of the “Freedom” are beating the Director of the 1st Ukrainian channel

Young “Right Sector” lustrate head physician at Children’s Hospital

Yarosh as he is in all his glory, but before Maidan

Torchlight procession with Bandera’s slogans



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