According to an unconfirmed report yesterday, Israel sent troops into Ukraine to fight the Russians for Zelensky’s army, and they were soundly defeated in short order. This kind of action seems to be a hopeless endeavor as the Russian Federation’s apparent complete weapons superiority (so far) seems to assure RF victory in Ukraine.

And there are now confirmed reports that a secret Underground Base in Ukraine near Kiev which was staffed by hundreds of NATO officers was hit and destroyed by a hypersonic RF missile fired from one of the RF fighter aircraft.

Zelensky had claimed that Ukraine was set to launch a major counteroffensive against the RF that would crush them and retake Crimea. So far no such thing has occurred nor is it likely to occur at all. If the RF decides to it could remove all access to Kiev by highway and air in about 20 minutes and turn Brussels and NAT0/Gladio/DVD to ashes in less than an hour.

Supposedly the RF has not even deployed their most secret weaponry in Ukraine which involves scalar frequencies and time-warping technology of their advanced particle quantum physics.

After 8 years of restraint, while Russians in the Donbass were repeatedly attacked, sniped, and terrorized by the efforts of the RKM Cutouts inside America’s State Dept who paid for and deployed a Coup d’état, the RF decided enough was enough and they could no longer tolerate the aggression of NATO against innocent Russians living there and their very RF borders as well as the violation of the Minsk Agreement. Obviously, Crimea and Donbass were historically Russian and most citizens there spoke Russian and wanted to become part of the RF.

And the extensive US and Western sanctions leveled against the RF appears to have greatly increased the economic might of the RF. The American blowing up of the natural gas pipeline to Europe appears to have brought immense oil profits to the RF. As the German people will find out in due time, this act to cut off their inexpensive RF natural gas will cripple their industrial might and economy, and transform them into a third-world nation in due time.

How strange for the German and EU leaders to favor this act of sabotage and the Globalist mandated destruction of their own societies and economies? What has been done to the brains of these Western leaders who are betraying their populace that pay their salaries and why do they want to destroy their own nations and their own Sovereignty?

The answer lies in what the top inverted sidekick of the head Globalist has stated: the human brain has been hacked. The Globalist top has stated publicly, in the future you will own nothing but will be happy. Why? Because the masses have apparently had their brains mass hacked and they have been cloned to think with one mindset. Has all this been done by the deployment of very advanced Beyond-Black brain hacking technology? How come some just are affected by these brain hacks? Seems evident that hard-core truthers and very independent strong-willed folks are impervious to all this.

As you can imagine, if this Intel is accurate, RF weapons superiority poses a very dangerous situation for Israel if they continue trying to support the Ukraine Army and defeat the RF in Ukraine and trying to serve as the RKM’s COL top Cutout.

It seems that the military might of the Pentagon appears to be greatly weakened under the invalid non-elected Biden Regime. Israel is already divided and crumbling politically within. Sadly, there are many Israelis that are sick of their government’s persecution of Palestinians and want peace, but their voices are ignored by the RKM-based govt even when they take to the streets and demonstrate. Their desire for peace is not shared by the RKM top leader who wants to continue using American soldiers as cannon fodder to destroy many Mideast Nations and promotes their evil greater Israel Plan. Of course, they don’t want to do the fighting themselves or have their children do it either.

And Israel is likely being covertly punished for doing 911 which they did with help from the NeoCons and PNACers in America. After 911, the NeoCons and PNACers were warned by the US Secret Space War Program that any more such actions would result in Israeli military capabilities being turned to dust in short order.

Without the full military strength of the Pentagon supporting Israeli defense, it is likely they will wither up and become notably weak. And if rumors are true, the Nuclear Snake-eaters (NEST) folks have supposedly cleaned out all the Israel Nukes stored in various Israeli Embassies while they supposedly had “labor problems” and were closed. If true, then it looks like their Samson Option is now quite limited unless they can manipulate the Pentagon into starting a Nuclear War with the RF.

If these reports on RF superiority are accurate, the Russian Federation now likely has the advanced high-tech means to completely decapitate NATO/Gladio/DVD in Brussels as well as all Israeli defense and nuclear arms using advanced quantum particle weaponry. Anyone that doubts this claimed advanced RF weaponry must only check out the USS Donald Cook incident where the ship slightly probed Russian defenses, and an RF fighter was sent up in response. The Ship activated and locked on its missile radar systems to follow the fighter. The RF pilot’s response was to activate a special wing pod with advanced quantum particle physics capability that completely shut off the ship’s power for a period of time, leaving it dead in the water.

Not only is it claimed by some that RF missiles have antigravity-generating nosecones that allow hyper-supersonic speeds without any air resistance, but these missiles are also hived and continually communicate with one another for constant retargeting as any conditions change. These missiles can supposedly corkscrew and zig-zag and are almost impossible to stop. And some insiders believe that the RF has hypersonic torpedos that share these same capabilities and small unmanned drone subs that trail most US subs from a distance and are electronically cloaked making them difficult to identify.

One interesting factor appears to be the pre-existing Secret Space War Treaty between America and the RF that they would only use their developed Secret Space War weaponry to protect Planet Earth from any Alien Invaders as President Ronald Reagan was quite concerned about. Reagan pushed hard to establish their partnership and for the USA to create and develop the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black Star Wars weaponry. Are these new advanced RF weapons part of a cadre of Secret Space War weaponry or something different that the RF developed to deploy during conventional warfare on Planet Earth?

Why has the COL/RKM been obsessed for over 200 years with destroying Persia (now Iran) and Mother Russia? Apparently, it is because both Persia and Russia destroyed Khazaria after warning them to stop murdering and robbing travelers who passed through Khazaria as a central travel nexus. Some insider experts believe that the RKM is still obsessed with forever destroying Persia (Iran) and Russia for their destruction of Khazaria in the 1200s AD.

Some top insiders are very frightened that as the Russian Federation crushes all Ukrainian military efforts, this will mean the complete worldwide end of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and eventually all their Cutouts and traitors to the USA.

By the time this occurs, it may however end up that it is too late and the whole USA will be finished as a total collapse of the USD occurs, and RKM/COL efforts to replace it with a pure digital system are unable to succeed.

There are hundreds of MS13 now in the USA in our major cities and they have been well armed by the Company. These monsters were trained by the US Army special forces inside the USA and armed by the Fast and Furious Operation run by one of the greatest American Traitors and lawbreakers in history. It is known that the Company has been distributing confiscated police weapons from large cities to gang bangers for many years, in addition to their partnership with the drug cartels which they keep fighting between themselves so any one of them does not get too powerful. The trademark of these MS 13 monsters is tattooed all over their bodies and faces, and a habitual practice of chopping up their victims. These animals have lost their very souls and function as savage monsters.

The role of the Company administering drugs to MS13 to cause this blood-thirsty savage homicidal attitude is unknown but is suspected based on what insiders have claimed. The first experiments done with chemicals that remove the need for sleep for up to a week and made soldiers incredibly bloodthirsty and savage were done in Vietnam, and involved the hallucinogen “BZ”. This was described in the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”. According to insider reports, this experiment made soldiers hyper-aggressive, and sleepless, to fight and win no matter what failed miserably as those administered the drug turned on each other and murdered all they could, yes, even their own fellow soldiers.

Another similar experiment by the Company was the distribution of “Bath Salts” to drug users in certain large West Coast cities. One side effect in addition to the brutal animal-like aggression of those ingesting this drug toward their victims was the attempt to chew the victim’s face off. As the drug took effect, body temperature rose quickly and most who ingested this quickly removed their clothes before attacking their prey in a psychotic, unconscious rage. This was covered up for the most part but did leak into the local press somewhat.

The amazing thing about all these traitorous acts by top Democrats, some RINOs and RKM Cutouts (SES boys?) inside America to destroy America will undoubtedly end up with the Globalists quickly destroying these traitors as well as all their Cutouts if these Globalists can win this war against the RF and the BRICS Nations because they will no longer be needed and will become excess baggage.

The apparent fallback routines that the Globalists and NeoCon/PNACers have is to suddenly collapse the economy and monetary system, install a pure digital “Block Chain” monetary system, deny use to anyone not following their new rules of expression, to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to erode any will of the “We The People” by bringing in millions of illegals up to the border in buses and trucks where they are dumped. Obviously, the Globalists are paying for all this with American money that was fraudulently issued or printed at will with no limitations.

If this fails the final fallback routine of the Globalists is likely to initiate a complete full-scale ICBM Nuclear war with the RF and BRICS nations, while the top dogs seek safety in DUMBs and wait underground until they can re-establish a new feral system with mostly robots and very few humans, which is what they wanted all along anyway. The problem these Globalist madmen face is that it is uncertain that their Nukes will work because the RF’s new advanced weapons have been rumored to be able to neutralize all of them.

If on the other hand, the RF and the BRICS win this secret colossal battle for world power it seems very likely that the American people will want final judgment and justice against all their Globalist NWO top Cutouts and Traitors that sold America out, destroyed its Rule of Law and Judicial System, destroyed its economy and let in millions of illegals to destroy America top to bottom.

Many hope that the RF are the good guys here and are responding to the RKM and NATO’s aggressions since 2014 and the violation of the Minsk Agreement. However, we do not know yet for certain what the RF’s long-term agenda is here, or why some of their tanks display the letter “Z” on the sides. Could this World War 3 actually be an internecine war between different factions of those seeking to run the world by leaders of the RF who have their own secret long-term agenda?

And the final question remains as President Ronald Raegan once posed to the world. Could it be that Planet Earth is being attacked by a very advanced alien force that is using Beyond-Black brain hacking mass mind-control technologies which large segments of the human masses have no real defense against?

The USN Navy Secret Space War folks once stated that as soon as they reached “weapons parity” with Alien ETs who were malevolent, they would disclose the Alien Presence, something many in the Pentagon and the USG/SES do not want. Last year the USN released numerous gunsight photos of UFOs and stated more would be coming this year. And the anti-gravity generator patent of Salvador Pais who invented one means to generate anti-gravity was made public, itself an astounding disclosure. And there are of course the many long-term rumors about the Beyond-Black “Solar Warden” Secret Space Program.

Stay tuned because you can bet this whole situation is going to get very interesting soon. Obviously, when you USG officials have been Mind-hacked in mass using Beyond-Black advanced particle quantum physics, this seems incredibly confusing to those who remain un unhacked and sense how nuts these USG leaders are acting, being so willing to destroy America and American Society while sitting around in an apparent mas fugue state.

©2023 Preston James


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  1. fuge states / starlings.. !

    admiral expressed sentiment. that never trust the russians.. presently i agree..

    simply going hav to wait for this pig slop to die off and get plowed into the bak 40 for a new potato crop 7+ years later..

    as to MS 13 god like pesonifications… when in the roman distrik.. i carry a wheel on the driver side belt and a nice 6 bang 5 in the center console. u do not need to haul around a folding stok w this group for after hours..

  2. antigravity-generating nosecones.. lets see the little black book on that one.. gott hav one..

    there are 3 hypers… 10K – 20K and 30K..
    30 K is the Zircon /Schram.. Zircon is short fo Zirconium.. half zirocon and half hafnium..

    hafnium has 3 or 7 metastabe configuariion for home remendy Alpha..

    #30 K is aslo Atomik.. its on winkepedia w a model number,, the 30K emitt C14 and are a little hart to trak due to the short distances.. its also not in use and is saved for last… cute little creature – lookslike donald duk w his gowing beak open.

  3. Donbass were repeatedly attacked…

    this is another sadd song.. mostly romo’s and gypsies N that area… extreme povertyw/o a doubt..

    some of the above is correct.. but the russians invaded to take the coke plants and the 30 Trillion NG Reserves.. along w the coal – coke – steel – rolled mill – alum smelters.. this was the folly jolly of MacCaine and Biden Crime Family ( the chicoms were in there for a slice and toppings)

    the nuke plants.. chernybol is also a problem.. apparently that graphite reactor burned a whole hole in the ground and its solid air all around US.. they are going to hav to correct this w some extensive underground mining. Its not the first… legend has it another or the first went off in poland N an underground mine.. the fires of ice @ the frezing point depression of ignition is sub zero…

    thegrainand fertalizer are another item.. not shure about the potash reserves of uki land but probably in there w the titainum that is currently milled and shipped..

    the russians today – on air.. R in ther to collexct all and the entire not for hire industries.. that why U see the MOD blowing these plants and fields into ‘smitherenes….

    Do U think BlackROck is going 2 arrive when the powder stops burning… or vanguard > or cargil sending in teams to demine and UbX grain fields..

    nope – not a dime of their time… its simply scorched earth – play it along – trash the european industries… the russian will winn all and them un-employed bozo’s currently saddeling up for a light brigade charge.. will B standing in line for hi tek employment visas – working for the russians – paying into the retirement sistems..

    the untold stories – rite in there w 30,000 missing babies from the russian invasions.. somewhere safe in russia and the western empires die one limp at a time-warping

  4. natural gas pipeline… slo down andthink here a little.. if U compress Methane – it FREEZES solid..

    the sinister Taodie here is Seymore(less) Hersch.. writing friom his typewrites of a unconfirmed typewrites somewhere in his basement/garage/portapottie/mar a largo…….

    Notice a lot a readers hav issues w this blak balling journalisms…

    first to keep pressure and partial pressure in check as gass are umpNpumpered.. NGL’s or natural gas liquids are added to the mix.. in this case synthetiks devoid of parafins – w napthales and benzene to offset the parafins and freezing..

    now go bak to the past for a little blast… remember the Siemens Pumps Gazprom sent to Canada for refurbishing…

    then come up w a realative number of how many tanker equivalents of crude is added to the Blue Gas as its pumpet to maintain the Reidy Vapor Pressures (pv=nrt)..

    now – move along and get to the little bubble coning up from the smashes gasline.. ??

    More-See and no baloney ! That area should hav looked like the deepwater horizons.. an oil slik all the way to texas w tears..

    soo what came first refurb pumps B4 or after ?

    Answ: the ruskies had suked that line dry B4 seymores walk on water.. as the water filled from the bakport a few tons of carbon dioxide was infused into the water.. pump – sukers- pump – ripthe line and it looks like a giant 7 Up Cola and a giant hoax…

    otw who got the gas.. 60Billion Cu Feet is missing… harump

  5. scalar frequencies and time-warping !

    few weeks ago on TG there was a space shot over the crimea… if the clip was real.. that scal is visible from space as a huygens grating…

    covered most of the land mass,,, think two gratings superimposed at rite angles and the space inbetween missing.. apparently the sukos hav this opn bard and is called the indivisible..

    I also suspect the MOD is applying this tek in field.. its simply not advertized and why the nazi-neocons can’t hit their planes…

    as to USA hypermissels now ready… ???

    more shit if the same Dumb Show.. it would B classified and showing a pik w a missel flying in space w/o a bak drop; probably also super classified in the local newspapers..

    the US Military has ordered 20K+ replacements for the bummer/hummers.. they are not going to B resistant to a Lancet w a Thermobarik Warhead,, the limitations of the lance is range and not fully deevloped fire and forget AI in the 100 Km.. their newer stuff flies into an area.. lands – takes a nap – pop up for a peek…

    the battlefield has changed…

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