One Chip at a Time



By Ranzel Kendrick for VT

The makers of Radio Frequency Identity chips, (RFID), and the other assorted high-tech microchips are working to win 50-plus percent of Americans over to backing this technology. In their opinion, not to demean Bob Dylan’s classic line, “Everybody must get chipped.”

The tiny implants could offer powerful options but, until activated by an electromagnetic scanner using RFID technology, would lie dormant under the skin. The popular inventory/business supply chips make it easier to track merchandise in the modern day. But people! Forget science fiction.

Applied Digital Solutions, ADS, acquired patent rights to the “world’s first human implantable digital device,” they named “Digital Angel” years ago. With applications ranging from security, health care, criminal justice and child safety, to replacing cash, credit cards, ATM cards, ID cards, insurance cards, you name it!

The biochip-transponders consist of only a few components; computer microchip, antenna coil and capacitor all in a rice-sized glass capsule. Companies making these little jewels would love to see the world agree, they’re the greatest thing since lentil soup. If they get their wish, such companies could one day be selling to the BIGGEST market in the world: The world itself.

Which could lead to everyone being required to get chipped, or face penalties possibly including prison time for refusing. Who knows? But with this chip culture evolving it’s easy to imagine some old familiar phrases being reinterpreted to fit the times we live in today.

Some revised examples of where this could lead:

Just thought I’d chip in.” > Quip of non-chipsters after deciding to join their chip mates and get chipped.
Throw in all your chips.” > Rainbow Gathering mantra urging hippies to abandon cell phones, smart cards, passports, credit cards, driver’s licenses and everything else with a chip in it.

Feeling pretty chipper” > Common future expression of world citizens who don’t realize the implanted chips have cunningly been encoded with the Mark of the Beast.

New phrases could evolve as the chip culture evolves.  Possibly leading to such future classic revisionist sayings as:

When the chips are down” > Reference to the phenomenon caused by unusual sunspot activity that not only makes garage doors open and close, but also shuts down chip implants, causing New World surveillance to suddenly lose track of everybody everywhere at once.

Chip off the old block” > A custom microchip for blockheads implanted in their foreheads.
Chip on your shoulder” > Literally, a chip implanted in your shoulder below the clavicle, above the scapula, at the top of the humerus, but not touching the funny bone.

The device is small enough to be implanted in a child, which chip-makers claim would be a safeguard against kidnapping. And that’s where I have to get off the train, sorry. But that idea doesn’t fly with me at all.

Using kids as the impetus or reasoning behind plans of profiteering chip makers should not be part of any justification scenario.

Children’s issues should not be used to support profit-generating reasoning to help convince people everyone must get tagged. Yet that’s happening these days. And for a long time patients have unknowingly been getting chipped through things like breast implants, if you can imagine that. Others have been chipped through medical parts and pieces that go into people by means of surgeries.

There’s also an RFID-invisible ink that can be tattooed onto a person for tracking and identification. The bigger the tattoo – the more data it stores with no antenna required. But a warning to all… If you decide you get chipped, make sure you don’t end up with the Saudi Arabian-inventor chip designed for terrorists, criminals, political opponents, defectors and enemy combatants!  Which can be triggered remotely to release poison into its host and kill them instantly.  Really.

One day the power of biochip transponders could maybe expand to include such personal information as personality type, zodiac sign, personality type, horoscope, right-handed or left handed, right brained or left brained, IQ, and more… Where you can play video games with no hands, turn off radio alarm clocks with the wave of a hand, jam insurgent submarine signals with the bat of an eyelash, and tame baby turtles to swim to your chip!

Only, I personally never want to be chipped for any reason, for anybody and certainly NOT required to get chipped by some government mandate. While the presidential race goes on in 2016, will any group press the candidates for their position about possible forced chipping initiatives in the future?

The Christian right and left should both demand all political parties commit to supporting “chip-by-choice,” since New Testament prophecies warn something similar to forced chipping will be enforced in order for people to buy or sell goods in the future. We’re already forced to buy health insurance.


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