Can You Explain It?


house-in-flames1by Speer-Williams –


One late, foggy, wintery night, a man and his wife were returning home from an out-of-town trip. Anxious to find a gas station and a motel, the man decided to take the first exit off the highway he came to.

“Hmm … this has been a mistake,” he said after exploring several streets off the highway, looking for any kind of commercial activity. “Everything is so dark.”

“Slow down, George. There’s a street sign. I’ll check the map,” Alice said, pulling out an old folded map from the glove box.

George stopped his car a bit off the dirt road and turned on his interior lights.

“Well … I don’t think this road is even on the map,” Alice said, raising her head from the map.

The lost travellers crept along until Alice said, “George, there’s a house with lights on. Let’s stop and ask for directions.”

George was about to knock on the door, when to his surprise it opened.

Standing in the open doorway was an elderly, gray-haired, and refined-looking lady.

“Sorry to bother you, ma’am … but we seem to be lost,” George said in as friendly a manner as he could muster.

“I’m Mrs. Jenkins. Do come in. You must be worn out, wandering about on a night like this.”

“Can you tell us how to get back on the main road?” George asked.

“I’m afraid I’d just confuse you if I tried,” said Mrs. Jenkins. “I’m so poor at directions.”

“But … we must be near …” said Alice, with a worried look.

“Yes, the turn-off is near here,” said Mrs. Jenkins, interrupting Alice. “But you’d never find it in the dark.”

“Is there a motel nearby?” asked Alive.

“No, I’m sorry there’s nothing like that around here …. But please … be my guests for the night. Come take seats by the fire while I fetch you both some hot tea.”

Later, sipping their tea and feeling warm, both George and Alice were impressed with the kindly demeanor of Mrs. Jenkins. “This is all very kind of you Mrs. Jenkins,” said a sincere Alice, “but you must let us pay you for our stay.”

A warm chuckle came from Mrs. Jenkins. “I wouldn’t think of it. It’s a pleasure for me to have company.”

After more polite conversation and an empty teapot, Mrs. Jenkins said, “You both must be exhausted. I’ll show you to your room.”

At a beautifully appointed bedroom, Mrs. Jenkins said, “Goodnight, I hope you both rest well.”

Once in bed, Alice said, “I wish she’d let us pay for all this.”

“Yes, you’re right,” said George. “Why don’t we start out early in the morning, before she’s awake? That way, we can leave her some money on one of her tables … without any embarrassment.”

Early in the morning, the travellers tiptoed downstairs. George spotted an old antique secretary desk and found a plain white envelope within it.

“I’ll slip these bills into this envelope and put them inside the top drawer,” said George, setting the money down.

A short while later, the hungry, but rested travellers were on their way, with sleep and sunlight making their navigation much easier.

At the beginning of the highway there was a roadside diner, so they decided to stop for breakfast.

After seating themselves on stools at the counter, they told the counterman about the old lady who had helped them.

The counterman furrowed his brow, apparently in confusion. “You say you stayed in a house about a mile down that side road? That dirt road? You must be mistaken. There’s no house on that road.”

“Are you sure?” George asked, careful not to become argumentative.

“There used to be a house there, but it burnt down about a year ago … Come to think of it … I think it burned down exactly one year ago last night.”

“Ah,” was all George could say, not wanting to get into an argument with the counterman … plus, he seemed so sure of himself.

Alice said nothing. She only stared at the counterman with a wide-opened mouth, until he was distracted by another customer. “George, let’s get out of here … something strange is going on.”

“Yes, let’s go back to Mrs. Jenkins’ home and ask her what this is all about.”

“Sorry, folks,” said the counterman on his return. “Nice old lady lived there. They found her dead in the ruins. Poor old widow Jenkins.”

“Diid … you saay … Jeenkins?” George asked, with a tremble in his voice.

“Yes, she was about … oh, I’d say sixty-five … or seventy years old,” said the counterman. “Say, you folks ready to order?”

“No! We’re going to skip breakfast this morning. How much do we owe you for the coffee?”

Outside in the car, George said, “We’re going back to Mrs. Jenkins’ old house. There’s something very strange about all this.”

George turned down the dirt road, where they had been lost the night before. Slowly, they made their way, worried about what they might find.

Then they came to the only place that could have been the Jenkins home. “Oh, my God!” muttered Alice.

“Ruins! Nothing but ruins,” George shouted, getting out of his car.

Arm-in-arm they walked toward what was once a grand old estate.

“I could have sworn this was the spot,” George said, as he stood in the middle of the burnt debris.

“No, it must have been another place,” said a shaken Alice. “That’s the only explanation … Oh, George! Look! Is that the desk you left the money in?”

George hurried over to the badly scarred secretary desk and pulled out the drawer.

“Oh, my God … Can you explain it?” mumbled George, holding up an envelope and the same two twenty dollar bills he had left Mrs. Jenkins not an hour and a half earlier.*

*Story adapted from the World Illustrated No 513 1-6.

When the travelers returned home they told their friends what had happened. But even when they showed them the envelope with the money in it, nobody believed their story. Later, after they had spent the money and destroyed the envelope, they themselves began to doubt it.

Science has taught us many things about our material world. But what about the unseen world? What about the world of political intrigue we can’t see, while being saddled with a main- stream media whose only purpose is to propagandize what is actually going on?

Many of the political decisions made by world leaders are too bizarre to be believed, so they are not believed – until it’s too late to rectify them.

The words No and Not are employed in the restraint of US government power twenty-four times in the first seven articles of the Constitution and twenty-two more times in the Bill of Rights. And yet, American lawmakers have passed hundreds of thousands of pages of legislation contravening the basic laws of our land, all adjudicated to be legal by a corrupted judiciary.

And in direct violation of the hallowed Separation of Powers, as delineated in the Constitution, American presidents began breaking our basic laws by creating laws rather than merely enforcing them.

lincolnThese unconstitutional laws came to be known as EOs (Executive Orders).

Our most egregious Commander-in-Chief to date, in that regard, was Mr. President – Abraham Lincoln.

For years, the southern states were treated as an agricultural colony of the North with revenues from tariffs that were pumping, sucking, and bleeding the South dry, but were enriching the international bankers – Lincoln’s supporters and controllers.

But the same satanic cabal that today demands we bomb Middle Eastern countries into atomic rubble wanted more from the South; they wanted it all. They wanted the South’s resources for pennies on the dollar, which a war against the undermanned South would bring them.

Slavery was not the reason for the Civil War, but it was the reason the bankers had their newspapers say was the reason for the war. It was a thin piece of propaganda that the ignorant bought but the enlightened easily saw through.

The English author Charles Dickens stated, “The Northern onslaught upon Southern slavery is a specious piece of humbug designed to mask their desire for the [complete] economic control of the Southern states.”

Truth be known, the international bankers, who controlled Lincoln, cared as little about the Black slaves as they cared about the mules owned by the White Southern farmers. In fact, it was these very same bankers who brought slavery to the Western Hemisphere.

Prior to the war, however, slavery was on its last legs in the South, with five times as many abolition societies in the South as in the North.

Most Southerners did not own slaves and would not have fought a war to maintain the institution. Southerners fought to maintain an essential part of the US Constitution – States Rights.

The American Constitution, and its provisions for States Rights, were anathema to the New-World-Order bankers; so they had a homely man from Illinois to do their dirty work.

capitolOur Capital building was being built during Lincoln’s first inauguration, but our Constitution was about to be destroyed.

Yes, the Great Emancipator controlled the Union like a dictator, exercising autocratic rule by claiming war powers after his provoked attack from the South at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. Then, Lincoln ran the entire federal government through Executive Orders, utterly bypassing the US Congress, in spite of great opposition to the war throughout the Northern states.

Without Ole Abe there might not have been an internecine war that denuded America of over one million of our finest young men, when the entire US population was not much more than thirty million people.

Was Honest Abe intent on carrying on his work for his communistic/fascist bosses after the war?

The infamous Karl Marx sent Ole Abe a congratulatory letter after Lincoln’s election to a second term of office. But then, Lincoln’s bosses quickly had him assassinated. So, Mr. Lincoln could not have been all bad.

The Lincoln assassination was probably due to the fact that he had his Treasury Department print what were called Lincoln’s Greenbacks to finance his war rather than borrow money from the international bankers at usurious rates of interest.

The Rothschild banking clan had one of their many newspapers, The London Time,s hotly respond to Mr. Lincoln’s Greenbacks.lions

If this mischievous financial policy [Lincoln’s Greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, shall become a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy [International Banker] on the globe.

NO_MORE_largeAn Executive Order (EO), made by an American president, is an order – an unconstitutional order – that has the full force and effect of the laws passed constitutionally by the US Congress and signed into law by the president.

This is not Rule by Law, but Rule by Men (the Satanic International Bankers) which means arbitrary and ruthless governance.

Ever since Lincoln’s administration, and his massive use of EOs, he has been both the model and excuse for almost all succeeding presidents to make up their own laws, to the point that thousands of such gross violations of our Constitution are now widely and routinely accepted.

Democratic President Woodrow Wilson used his EOs to imprison some 5,000 Americans who had opposed his World War I, the war he had promised to avoid if he were elected president.

It was Wilson who was the first to declare National Emergencies, in order to assume more powers not granted by either our elected Congress or the Constitution framed by our Founding Fathers.

Our 32nd president, Franklin Roosevelt, was presented by his “advisors” with a most clever way for him to expand his growing power, with the mere labeling of domestic problems as Wars. In this way presidents could cite the war powers brought into acceptance by Lincoln, in their pretended wars on drugs, poverty, racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, male chauvinism, CO2, or any other phony excuse to massively expand presidential powers.

Franklin D. Roosevelt ended up issuing over 3,700 EOs, thus destroying much of what was left of the US democracy.

We have a bi-party duopoly that attempts to represent itself as two distinct political parties, always promoting the trap of the left/right paradigm.

Please note how our presidents since Theodore Roosevelt have all advanced the globalist, new-world agenda with their Executive Orders.

The Federal Register and the Cato Institute list for us the number of Executive Orders (not the number of pages) issued by these presidents from the 20th and 21st centuries, both Democrat and Republican:

Theodore Roosevelt – 1,006; William H. Taft – 698; Woodrow Wilson – 1,791; Calvin Coolidge – 1,253; Warren G. Harding – 484; Herbert Hoover – 1004; Franklin D. Roosevelt – 3,723; Harry S. Truman – 905; Dwight D. Eisenhower – 452; John F. Kennedy – 214; Lyndon B. Johnson – 324; Richard M. Nixon – 346; Gerald R. Ford –169; Jimmy Carter – 320; Ronald Reagan – 381; George Bush I – 166; Bill Clinton – 364; and the numbers of EOs signed by presidents continued from there.

But there are also wicked Presidential Directives, which are a form EO, issued by a president with the advice and consent of the unelected National Security Council, which have the full force and effect of constitutionally passed laws.

But the real kicker is these directives are classified, using the old “national security” ruse. This is how America, now secretly, but officially, tortures human beings in military bases all over the world – torture in the name of every American, living or dead.

Back in 1916, Democratic President Woodrow Wilson began creating many of today’s federal agencies by the use of Executive Orders, each of which has ballooned to about the size of a large government, each headed by one or more unelected directors, and each issuing their own edicts, directives and orders, which have the full force and effect of legal laws.

One such agency, the Internal Revenue Service, enforces their tax code that is over 60,000 pages long, and growing.

Americans today are burdened, suppressed, and made into second-class citizenship in a fascistic state, with thousands upon thousands of pages of PRDs (Presidential Review Directives), PDDs (Presidential Decision Directives), NSRs (National Security Reviews), NSPDs (National Security Presidential Directives), and HSDs (Homeland Security Directives), all having the full force and effect of law, and all in addition to EOs and the thousands of pages of laws passed by Congress every year.

In order to maintain the illusion of a democracy, we are still allowed a presidential election every four years; and no one president can serve more than two four-year terms.

But, it is not any one president who has become a dictator; it is the Office of the Presidency, and those faceless autocrats (dual-citizen Neocons) in the Executive Branch who control the office of the presidency (and in effect our entire federal government) who are the dictators, without many of us ever knowing it.

Unless the orders and directives issued from our Executive Branch of government are not curbed, America will soon become a one party police state.

No, we are hardly a democracy. Our beloved United States of America has become a fascist state and will remain so until a majority of Americans come to realize the sad state of our ship-of-state.

Executive Orders, Presidential Directives, and all other tyrannical orders from our Executive Branch of government are the hallmarks of fascistic tyranny.

So, why do we have them?

Can you explain it?


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