VT Science: Free Energy, Scams Cults and the New World Order


by Gordon Duff, with Ian Greenhalgh

We had imagined that we had seen it all, we are talking about the sewer of the internet, scams, and cons of all kinds but with our investigation of the death of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, we have moved into a new “red zone.”

We are going to be talking about the “free energy community,” and how it more than simply preys on the decent and hopeful.  With the arrest of radio host and self-appointed community leader Sterling David Allen on numerous first-degree felonies tied to child sex abuse, the chain that led us to Scalia, heads back down as well, not to the corrupt and powerful but to something incredibly sick.

It is one thing to run YouTube channels and phony charities, to sell used patents and “extension cord” free energy technology right out of PT Barnum.  We have found that along with the donation scamsters like the QEG peddlers of imaginary “Tesla” technology, this free energy guru’s not only scoured the network for vulnerable children, they actively do the “hands-on” recruiting as well.

We are finding groups in Mexico, Honduras and, in particular, one in Morocco.  Morocco is a non-extradition country that has a very large refugee “pass-through” from not just North Africa but the upper Sahel regions of West Africa as well.  Morocco is believed by many vulnerable young people to be the “superhighway” to the European Union through Spain.

France has put a stranglehold on the border there, pulling over cars at gunpoint, opening trunks, searching trucks.  Traffickers have opened new pathways, fishing trawlers from Spain and Portugal, coastal cargo ships, offshore handoffs always going to the next step along the path, Belgium.

We will get into this a bit more, but we will start with some VT background.  All of this is preliminary but it was time for us to go to print rather than sit and wait.  You be the judge.

Free Energy

VT began it’s free energy research 5 years ago when we set up an investigative team looking into that, weather modification technology, artificial seismic disruption and field generated mind control or “inducement.”

The idea was to learn how much is a science fiction and conspiracy theory and how much is real, either threat or promise.  The team is headed by editor’s Jim Hanke, a retired US Army Special Forces colonel, and Mike Harris, with long experience in the semi-conductor arena.

For support, the real “smart guys,” we have used physicist Jeff Smith formerly of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Smith is published on Lower Energy Nuclear Reactions, a key potential “almost free” energy technology and is a renowned specialist in the area of nuclear weapon design and nuclear non-proliferation issues.

Out of the Adamas group we borrowed Professor Riccardo Maggiore, a longtime friend, who specializes in field theory and, among other things, is a visiting professor at MIT.

I have investigated political and security related issues tied to the impact of these technologies and, in particular, have studied who is “tasked” with blocking some technologies while pushing others.

At this point, I will let the cat out of the bag…some very nasty people, certainly national intelligence agencies, but “others” as well, have taken a more than benign interest, particularly in Keshe’s work.  We will get into that as it seems to be important.

The Short and Sweet of It

Excuse me if I am less than open in some areas where military applications apply, call it “enlightened self-preservation.”

Weather modification:  Not only did we see rock-solid evidence that this technology works but the team operating the microwave units actually made it rain on Hanke’s house 7 days running during the Arizona dry season.  They did far more than that, playing with polar vortexes, we believe to attract investor cash, and giving portions of the US and even Mexico, horrific winter cold.

LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is quite real and marketable but, even though the units are being commercially manufactured in Japan and produce energy at very low cost, they scare the hell out of people.  I met with the government of Kenya a couple of years ago and offered to finance one of these units but was held off by what I saw as a predictable “Africa” roadblock.

Key political figures controlled a large but low-quality coal deposit that the Chinese offered to “exclusively” mine only if they, meaning the Chinese, were allowed to build a powerplant to burn the dirty high sulfur coal. Suffice it to say, the project is in eternal paralysis and those who needed the power, needed the jobs, will continue to do without while Kenya is being plagued with terrorism.

Our discussion of field generated “mind control” is going to be short.  Suffice it to say that a highly respected defense electronics firm, not from the US, secretly has demonstrated the ability to “broadcast” feelings, ideas, and images directly into the minds of a sector of the population over a wide geographical area.  Let me stop right here.

The use of seismic disruption, the creation of earthquakes and tsunamis using far too readily available nuclear weapons originates from the sources or imagination, you choose which one, of Ben Fulford and Michael Shrimpton.  Discrediting Fulford and Shrimpton is a cottage industry, one they take part in themselves from time to time, as to most of the rest of us as well.  However, toward that end, there are “highest level” confirmations of “some” of the conspiracy theories of both Fulford and Shrimpton and full backing from the scientific community.


Recent Events

During the last few days, I have received many emails including videos by “Hope Girl” attacking Keshe as a fraud.  A couple of things on that, first of all I watched part of one of the videos and found it painfully inept and the individual speaking with a nodding zombie-like character at her side endlessly droning on, speaking to an audience I had never imagined existed.

I had not known much about the internet free energy community until I had been forced to look into the background of Sterling David Allan.  My good friend Jeff Rense had known Allan for some time.  Allan had, during the last few months, been parading around for sympathy across the internet and podcast circles, making himself appear to be a victim.  When his indictments came down in Utah, describing him as a vicious child predator, the picture filled out more.

For those who are unaware, it was Keshe who initiated the investigation by the FBI of Allan that led to his arrest.  This began with a meeting in Rome with the American legal attache’ and the presentation of massive evidence of Allan’s involvement in a child sex ring.

When Allan’s computer was found to contain blackmail files with the names and sexual details of many well-known individuals, it became clear why it took so long for Allan to be arrested and, moreover, his ties to Anthony Scalia and how Allan could only be arrested after Scalia’s death.

For those who haven’t followed this story, there are real sources in the White House that have given us detailed information on events prior to the death, we believe by murder, of Justice Scalia.  The Allan blackmail files are now the “Obama blackmail files,” and our sources said that White House operatives put a plan in motion to remove Scalia from the court and force Scalia to back a liberal nominee.

There is much confirmation on the murder, much confirmation on the existence of the pedophile ring alleged to be involved and, within days of the story being published on VT, confirmation of the meeting between Scalia and Obama and its role in Scalia’s murder.

The European “fringe press” carried a version that involved Russian President Vladimir Putin and nuclear blackmail.  We believe that story was leaked as a coverup.



My question is how did Keshe get involved with a pedophile ring in the first place?  But first, I will give a bit of background on Keshe, short as possible as you can read the whole thing on the net somewhere without me having to lay it out like a publicist.

Keshe is a real physicist, born in Iran, who moved to the UK and worked designing control systems for nuclear reactors.  I will let you decide for yourselves what level of nuclear physicist would be doing this kind of work. Where we move into new ground, new and important, is this.  Our sources say that Keshe was forced, blackmailed, whatever, to leave his “day job” at a public utility in Britain and take a private research job for a front for the Ministry of Defense.

How do I say this, I believe he was working on a project involving gravity as it relates to electromagnetism and, to be oversimplified, “unified field theory.”  In 2009, while at RAF Brize Norton, outside Oxford, Carol and I were “allowed” to see an experimental anti-gravity “ship” or airplane or whatever, big as hell, something somewhere between X Files and the Flintstones.  

Jeff Smith has described the science using what he calls “red mercury” while Lee Wanta says that President Reagan was aware of this very early version (1950’s) and later more sophisticated versions.

Other sources have satellite images of huge “black triangle” craft that are supposed to be reverse-engineered UFO tech.  I am only mentioning this now because the confirmation I have on the Keshe work in Britain ties directly to this research project which he claims he knew nothing of.  What I know, I have told or at least “alluded to,” and as to other assumptions, they are for us to believe or not as they are not conclusively in evidence.

It is very important to draw these lines and use this language, painful though it is.

As part of our energy research, I placed Colonel Hanke and Mike Harris with Keshe, not a “smooth placement” by any means.  Let me explain.

I have gotten to know Keshe.  On the issue of pedophiles, he came to me for advice as I have enough “juice” to lean on at least some protected individuals and have worked with law enforcement in Europe.  I advised him to spend his time doing other things, to leave it alone and move on with life.  I had seen “pushback” and felt Keshe would be in danger and no matter who your friends are, anyone can be killed, as we see too often, just to name John Wheeler III for one and my list is huge.

This started up while Keshe was in Belgium.  VT has an affiliate group in Belgium that runs a cybersecurity organization for the European Union and Interpol under special government license, as many know.  We are there, hosted in Belgium, because this is fertile ground, for reasons we have already explained.  Saying anything past this is just not helpful.

But when Keshe came to me saying he was being pressured over patents tied to defense applications of his technology, the names he brought to me were known, some at least, tied to a well established diplomatic scandal were highly placed Belgians have been indicted in France for child sex crimes, individuals so prominent that Belgium will not allow extradition even under treaty.

To speed this up a bit, in the interim, Keshe went to Italy.  I have been able to confirm, despite claims made on the internet by associates of Sterling Allan, we are talking “Hope Girl,” Keshe is not under indictment nor is he being sought in any way.

Keshe left Belgium because there was an attempt to murder Keshe and his wife Carolyn, I have seen the police files, an attempt involving gunfire and a high-speed car chase.  Thus far, however, we sound a bit like a B movie, we can get better.  Let’s move forward, Keshe is in Northern Italy, in a compound on Lake Como, with a security team.

Professor Maggiore was teaching at the University of Torino, not so far away.  I send Riccardo to debrief Keshe on his technologies and research and received a report the next day.  Professor Maggiore, a major defense technology guy, probably yelled at me for ten minutes.  “Damn it, Gordon, he doesn’t even accept Maxwell’s Equations, not only that, his version of “plasma” and mine are not in the same ballpark.  Not just that, tell me what the hell a “magrav” is.”

This didn’t bode well for Keshe, not at that time anyway.  Then Riccardo and I went to Ghana together to meet with their Space Agency, yes they have one and it is rather impressive.  While there, riding in our armored car, we got whacked in traffic and I was injured.  The flight back to Frankfurt, even in First Class, which Lufthansa does quite wonderfully (trolling for a free upgrade) was quite unpleasant, perhaps the understatement of all time.

After an emergency room visit and two visits to my primary care physician at the VA, under whose treatment I got only moderately worse, I turned to Keshe.  Keshe sent me a belt, a rather nice thing, lots of velcro, flexible, one of his plasma things.  In two hours I was better, not permanently, but no pain, no inflammation.

I had Hanke get one too, who has hip damage from his 2000 plus parachute jumps (yes, that many).  Keshe medical technology can cure a rainy day, at least when it comes to pain, inflammation, and healing issues.  Chalk one up for Keshe.


Back to the Current Narrative

We jump forward to today, for awhile at least, Keshe is in Dubai, having left Italy after a second attempt on his life, a poisoning.  At this point, I unleashed the ferrets, meaning those who owe me favors inside police and security agencies and began to look for whether Keshe simply was a bad driver and ate spoiled food, along with an active imagination, or if he was targeted.

The technology threat, when evaluated by a conventional scientist, didn’t play out.  I had to get more information.  In order to do that, I did a “virtual waterboarding” of Keshe.  Jim Dean can explain this, as can others.  I am a trained interrogator, skills that work far better in journalism than in trying to gain intelligence for governments that have no idea what to do with it if you excuse the politically weighty aside.

Here I learned things that helped.  Keshe quit the Ministry of Defense job after making a breakthrough, one recognized widely, in the area of “gravity.”  I will not try to explain it but perhaps hope he may do that now that we have gone there.  He stayed in Britain, funded by, well we don’t have a clue do we, and continued his research.

Then the British government made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and, guess what, he refused it.  This is who Keshe is, he is stiff-necked, he listens to no one.  This is a guy with a powerful sense of justice who demands that things be fair.  I have no idea where he got that, here in America he might be called a “liberal.”

Here is what happened next, in Britain, there is an air show at Farnborough, a former RAF base about 50 miles outside of London.  This is an air show but it is a huge defense show as well, just like the one in Paris.  We display satellite technology there, sensors, and SAR (synthetic aperture) radar and have for some time.  I was at this show, the one we are going to discuss now.

Keshe was invited to Farnborough at one of the “before” days when only cleared defense clients are let in.  There he was going to meet with British officials, we will call it “the cowshed research group,” they will know when reading this, who was going to make a what they said would be a “sweetheart deal” with Keshe that wouldn’t allow his discovery to be weaponized.

Instead they tried to arrest him until someone got the Minister of Defense personally on the phone to call off the dogs and, as we say it, try to put the “toothpaste back in the tube.”  Keshe’s reaction was to go totally off the rails on them, something he was unaware they were unwilling to accept.  They came up with “Plan B.”

Plan B was for the Belgian government to ask Keshe to come there, this is 2004, where he can continue his research, file patents, and enjoy the full and unbridled support of a peace-loving government, one that also hosts the military headquarters of NATO.

Keshe was not paying attention.  He was going to wake up to an ugly surprise.  In comes Sterling David Allan, a seemingly minor and at that time innocent type, a nice Mormon boy from Salt Lake City, now “palling around” with the King of Belgium, the legal team “helping” Keshe with his patents.

Keshe wasn’t the only target though the military applications of his technology, which we will discuss in a bit, put him on the A list.  Their methodology was simple, they ran a tight ship, in Belgium called “The Red Circle,” I think named for a secret organization from an Arthur Conan Doyle short story.

For trivia fans, the radio adaptation of “The Red Circle, starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce aired on December 7, 1941, and was interrupted by an announcement that President Roosevelt would address the nation the next day regarding a misunderstanding with Japan over something or other.

Run the clock to January 15, 2016, to the offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Salt Lake City, Utah, to agent Jeff Ross who has seized the laptop computer of Sterling David Allen and shades of that cabal in Belgium come to light as, among names yet to be revealed if ever, is a Justice of SCOTUS, a fat prize if there ever was one, whether the “Red Circle” is called the “Order of Saint Hubertus” in the United States or as some reference, a “Bohemian Grove” derivative, has yet to be established.

What we can assume is this, multiple attempts on Keshe’s life, an arrest attempt in Britain, and the carefully staged rodeo in Belgium and now, attacks on Keshe because he has much more to add to the Sterling David Allan story, as it is Keshe that can bring down an EU government fully complicit in blackmail, technology hijacking and, of course, is the human trafficking center of the Western World.

Keshe Tech

We also had Jeff Smith look at Keshe.  Jeff is now an archivist for the Department of Energy and part of the Los Alamos “gossip squad” that helped us so much during the 9/11 investigations.  What was clear, if we can use the term “clear” at all is that Keshe’s version of physics and the one taught commonly have little to do with one another.  Then we remind you, Keshe comes out of the nuclear power industry and has a standard academic background until he “left the reservation.”

Others in the “Free Energy Community” don’t have much of a pedigree, some are simply “PayPal button” scammers, all are scammers.  Keshe doesn’t do anything for free either or so he would have you believe.  Actually, he is one of the biggest suckers in the world but doesn’t tell him I said that. Anyone could talk him out of the shirt on his back.

Here is where we stood, we had tested the Keshe belts, these are manufactured in China.  They are pretty amazing, available on eBay and not very expensive.  Several at VT started experimenting with “gans,” a nano-material technology with many applications.  We tested one “gans” on plants with amazing results.  We are in a longterm test using a “gans” as a treatment for Alzheimer’s/dementia.  We are having discernible positive results there.  I can assure you, we are being not only very careful but have our “skeptic knob” turned to “11.”

Keshe power generation units are only now being delivered.  We have one in testing with mixed results and another, which will be in the hands of someone independent and “skilled,” being delivered this week.

However, Keshe has a huge Facebook following with some people “beginners” and others with clearly good common sense and lots of background in electronics.  Rather than take a side here, I suggest you look, read and contact.  This is a large and totally open forum.


A Whole Different Thing Going On

What I do know is that China is fascinated with Keshe.  A number of factories in China produce Keshe equipment but, perhaps a darker issue or maybe not so dark, China is also very interested in Keshe related space technologies.  I haven’t mentioned that, but when Keshe goes somewhere, and he is in China or other countries quite often, he is there with the space agency.

Thus, we had to take this into account also, that real scientists, people with billion-dollar budgets who actually fire rockets to the moon and Mars, host Keshe privately.  When Keshe is attacked by internet fraudsters who seem to be supplied with Federalist Society “talking points,” just a guess on my part from someone who has a history of being a better than average “guesser,” I can’t help but shake my head.

The Keshe “business plan,” involves independent manufacturing, local capital, local jobs, local markets and local control.  If this is a fraud, it is the worst planned fraud in history.  Keshe power units are being manufactured in the Philippines and have been, a dozen countries are working closely with Keshe Foundations but others not so closely.  Keshe has not patented his most valuable technologies.  They are free.

There are no lawyers hunting people down.  What is going on is a bit of a cult, Keshe not only talks “world peace” but talks of little else, of cleaning the environment of education, and this is a guy who puts in 18 hours a day or more.


Still on the Bus

Based on the openness, and who Keshe has for enemies, based on what I know of him personally and the degree of his fanaticism, we are staying “onboard the Keshe bus.”  None of it is easy but then who said anything should be easy.  Also, those who question and criticize have every right to do so, those who doubt have every right, and, frankly, I am still among that group myself.

I don’t believe this is the only route to energy independence.  We look at everything but, if Keshe is correct about alternative physics, and our other groups have led to believe that we have been heading down the wrong path for a very long time, then this may be the “thing” that changes it all.  

Then again, the Keshe organizations are genuinely besieged, attacked by internet fraudsters, and plagued with their own organizational incompetence and cult-like atmosphere.

Here is the question, if one technology based on Keshe discoveries works as stated, are all of Keshe’s teachings valid?  Let’s get more background.


When the “Stuff” Hit the Fan

The VT news story, Scalia Murdered After Obama Meeting, was soon after publishing the number one news story in the world according to Google.  The story is news, not conjecture, not “dot connecting” and hardly conspiracy theory.  It is simply a news story and to be taken as such.

However, there is nothing wrong with conjecture, with following a hypothesis as long as facts aren’t tortured to death as with much of the theories on 9/11.  Fascinating yarns are spun to serve an audience starving for meaning, driven to the esoteric, and, there victimized by shills and hacks.

There hasn’t been a news story since Watergate that has changed anything.

Our issue here is going to be to carry forward what we do know, that Scalia was murdered, what we also know, that we have finally named one of many secret societies and, in the process, cross the Atlantic and open new areas for an investigation that can be fact-based and not spun so easily by the infamous Israel lobby and its newfound stranglehold on the lunatic fringe media Donald Trump has fallen in love with.

We have covered the mysterious death of Anthony Scalia and how the Federalist Society, Order of St. Hubertus and its “Bohemian Grove” sisters protect pedophiles in America’s highest offices, in the Pentagon, and around the world.  The story goes further, it is a story of incredible technologies and the fight to keep the promise of a better world from becoming a very real tool of global domination.  

It began in the Black Sea, an American AEGIS destroyer, the kind of ship that protects America’s coasts from attack, planes, missiles, and in particular, when combined with JLENS blimps, from those nasty cruise type missiles that from time to time bang into the side of the Pentagon.

The Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system is really AEGIS ships borrowed at time of need from the US while the money America pours into Israel to pay for missile defense spins back in the pockets of crooked politicians, one of a hundred or more similar backhander deals that make up the wasteful defense corruption environment in Washington.

Yes, this is a tale of conspiracy, of mad scientists, of 9/11 “truthers” and, most of all, of a European secret society, a part of a worldwide pedophile ring, decades old, centuries old perhaps, that permeates the corridors of power around the world.


The “Donald Duck” Conspiracy

The ship was the USS Donald Cook, built in 1996, sailing the Black Sea, perhaps illegally depending on how you interpret treaties and such, part of an American show of force against Russia during the nasty business after the Kiev coup.

On this bright, sunny day in 2014, the Donald Cook was buzzed by a Russian SU24M we are told was fitted with a highly specialized jamming pod.  Whether it was something on the plane or simple happenstance, all systems on the Donald Cook shut down, engines, radar, everything as though it were hit by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) except that the Donald Cook is “hardened” to resist the energy wave produced during a nuclear explosion. This was something different.


A Country Within a Country

Now we go Utah, an American state in the West, home of the Mormon Church, and to some, the breakaway American “Donbas,” the oft hailed “Kingdom of Deseret,” the dream of an obscure 19th century revealed religion known as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints.  Their role in this is not seminal but is needed, or I think it is, in order to provide framing.

Salt Lake City — (KUTV) A new death penalty bill is making its way through the Utah Legislature.

Rep. Paul Ray, who made waves last year with his successful bill reinstating the firing squad, is sponsoring House Bill 136. It would make aggravated human trafficking a capital offense if a child dies in the process of being trafficked for forced labor or sex.

“If we really want a deterrent to it, you have to take this step,” Ray told 2News.  Ray’s bill would open the death penalty to anyone who was involved in trafficking that child – not just the person responsible for the child’s death.

“Whether you’re the one that abducted the child or coerced the child or you’re the one that was pimping the child at the time, you’re potentially going to face the death penalty,” said Ray.

On February 22, 2016, there was an arrest of a Mormon dissident.  Usual Mormon dissidents are those who hold onto the original teachings of founder Joseph Smith, practices such as polygamy and child marriage, but this is different.  This arrest of a deeply flawed individual can perhaps be compared to the arrest at the Watergate back in 1972 and, for those students of that era, we now await the testimony of James McCord.

A Moment of Review

The reason this is so important is that so many ties together here, more than we will ever be able to get into.  For purposes of the simple organization alone, we are going to just make a list and then pull back into the narrative.  Be patient, we will get back to the story in a minute:

The death of Anthony Scalia and the secret International Order of St. Hubertus, founded in Bohemia in 1695 and is now suspected to be one of the many heads of the hydra.  Trace this group in America to the Bohemian Grove of Alex Jones’s fame and the Bohemian Club of San Francisco.  We are talking, of course, pedophilia on a global scale.

We go back into time again, Franklin Scandal, that, in general terms, tells of children being taken from Boys Town in Nebraska, famous because of the depiction of founder Father Flanagan by actor Pat O’Brien in the Hollywood film of the 1930s.  During the 1980s and beyond, children from there, from around the country, in an organization centered in Houston, TX, were served up as party favors during GOP fundraisers including those attended by Ronald Reagan and the two Bush presidents.  

Think stolen nuclear secrets, blackmail on a massive scale, a trail leading to 9/11, leading to war upon war, leading to a control of the United States Supreme Court and the Citizens United case which turned America over to the drug cartels, wherein the story returns to Utah, to the Romney family, to Arkansas, to the Walton family of Walmart fame and to an FBI agent named Claudio D’ la O who passed on the photos and recordings tying all this together.


The Arrest,  From the Provo, Utah Daily Herald:

  1. 4th District Court Case # NewPc129118 $0.00 Cash Only 76-5-403.1 SODOMY ON A CHILD X 4 Arrested/Held For: New Charge
  2. 4th District Court Case # NewPc129118 $0.00 Cash Only 76-9-702.5 LEWDNESS INVOLVING A CHILD X Arrested/Held For: New Charge
  3. 4th District Court Case # NewPc129118 $250,000.00 Cash Only 76-5-404.1(4) AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ABUSE OF A C Arrested/Held For: New Charge

Sheriff’s office arrests Fountain Green man following reports of child sex abuse, Sterling D. Allan, Coast to Coast and Rense Radio host

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Fountain Green man Monday afternoon on suspicion of multiple counts of child sex abuse.

The arrest of Sterling Allan, 52, comes after more than a year of investigation. According to police reports, a special agent with the FBI received a tip in January 2015 that Allan was involved in the sexual exploitation of children. Internet searches reportedly revealed several online videos in which Allan admitted he was a pedophile and had committed sex offenses against children.

In January 2016, agents interviewed Allan in Fountain Green, and he reportedly admitted to molesting children when he lived in Eagle Mountain, from where he moved six years ago. Allan also reportedly admitted he sexually assaulted a minor in the summer of 2014.

During an online post he made earlier this month, Allan reportedly stated he planned to travel to Russia, which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.

Allan was booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony; four counts of sodomy on a child, a first-degree felony; and 41 misdemeanor counts of lewdness involving a child.


Keshe and the European Connection, Playing for Keeps

One might ask why this man, Stirling Allan, and if the accusations are correct and we believe if anything they are grossly understated, this “heinous” individual is so important.  This is where the name “McCord” and the obscure reference to Watergate comes in.  We can also use another tired analogy, “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  It isn’t perfect but it will have to do.

Sterling Allan was brought to my attention by an Iranian physicist, MT Keshe.  Sterling Allan had insinuated himself into the Keshe organization and turned out to be more than simply disruptive, according to sources there, Allan and his friends, who we have now identified as being connected to groups in Belgium we will be getting into in a bit, had another agenda.

Why Keshe?

We go back to the year was 2004 when Iranian born physicist, MT Keshe was invited to Belgium.  The young physicist had solved a key problem with gravity, one related to field theory that opened the door to real space travel, not just buzzing around just outside the earth’s gravity or random chemically propelled saunters to nearby objects in our solar system.  This was a real breakthrough and it brought the cockroaches out of the woodwork.

This story in itself is telling as it leads us down a very long path, names we will introduce, accusations will be made, we begin to tie secret societies to intelligence agencies and, most of all two issues:

  • Suppression of nano-technologies as they apply to energy production or so-called “free energy” very real bans on research now written into law, starting with, as you may have guessed, Belgium.
  • The theft of key military-related technologies in two critical areas; 1] anti-gravity and 2] “beyond EMP” not just weapons system jamming, but something far more than that, technologies that are believed to be responsible for the USS Donald Cook incident

What arises from this is the nexus that John Kennedy warned us of in his Secret Societies speech back in 1963, organizations whose membership, though secrecy, is able to hide its membership.  Belgium was chosen for Keshe and the offer to settle him there with broad assistance was made.

Here, we return for a moment to the Scalia death, the “no autopsy, pillow on the face death,” an obvious “suspicious death,” a crime scene right out of Agatha Christie.


Universal Truths

We will spend a moment or two discussing secret societies.  Almost all claim pre-Christian origins, ancient Egypt or Phoenicia, some Druidic or Nordic but most have some things in common.  Membership though sometimes public involved an initiate inner circle whose secret knowledge invariably transcends that of the hoi polloi, knowledge presented as arcane but usually tired hocus pocus thinly veiled in substance abuse, illicit sexual behavior and dressing up and dancing around, sometimes undressing and dancing around, usually wearing a mask or headdress with horns.

Typical among these groups is the Society of Saint Hubertus, now exposed in a semi-coverup by the Washington Post tied to the death of controversial Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia.  According to the Post, well you read it:

After Scalia’s death Feb. 13, the names of the 35 other guests at the remote resort, along with details about Scalia’s connection to the hunters, have remained largely unknown. A review of public records shows that some of the men who were with Scalia at the ranch are connected through the International Order of St. Hubertus, whose members gathered at least once before at the same ranch for a celebratory weekend.

Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,”


Why Sterling Allan?

Sterling Allen spent 20 years in therapy for sexual issues tied to children.  During this therapy, he was recruited as an IT specialist, to scour the internet for IP addresses of vulnerable children.  Among this group were the St. Hubertus Society and the all-powerful Koch brothers-funded Federalist Society and its stranglehold over America’s judicial system at every level.

Why We Should Care

One of the things President Obama did that few know of is funded E-ARPA, the other “DARPA.”  What many thoughts was a “black hole” of wasted basic research is now ready to deliver battery technology that will change everything.  The “free energy” community is much like the UFO community.  There are those who read, who remember, who fabricate, who have it all so well organized, the narrative, their stories, that they are more convincing than the real thing.  Is there a “UFO real thing?”

If you know what I know, you know why I see free energy as so important.  Despite the millions spent by the Federalist Society and the death cults, and that is exactly what they are, funded by the wonderful Koch brothers, despite the smirking and sarcasm, this isn’t “weather.”

One more generation and it may well be too late.  Time to turn off the engine, shut it all down.  In order to do that we are first going to have to learn to separate the jackals from the sheep.


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