Survival and Disclosure Among the Fallen

Bohemian Grove 1915 - a pivotal secret society still in operation

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Are there worldwide cults whose membership includes the world’s political and religious leaders abusing and murdering children? Are social organizations, think tanks, news agencies, watchdogs and whistleblowers often as not fully complicit underlings of these secret societies that have, working in concert, managed to create a generalized feeling of hopelessness and fear over continent after continent? 

Whatever we list first as endangering our survival, planets crashing into us, nuclear war, disease, “mars-ification” due to climate failure, inexplicable human behavior, clearly a global phenomenon, is the center of our focus.

We are forced to either accept that there are people so inhuman in nature, capable of abhorrent behavior not only individually but within subcultural communities, everything from terror organizations to business cabals and even national governments.

Scalia “host” John Poindexter, when asked, said he never heard of The Order of St. Hubertus


Above and beyond it all, we assert, are secret societies which share, almost invariably, an esoteric underbelly of quasi-religious adherence to angels, demons, early gods or anthropomorphised household objects.

These organizations, call them degenerate subcultures if you will, though under many guises, now appear to be one. There are no innocent little groups of the rich and shameless, wearing their goat headdresses, dancing around the fire before the baby is eaten or the cross spat upon or before the summoning.


more Ciblo masks
more Ciblo masks

To survive, to defend ourselves, we have to finally admit that these cults are real, that they have risen to preeminence in the world — they are our judges, our bankers, our presidents, they run our think tanks, they control our nuclear arsenals — they decide what we learn, what we see, what we hear and what we believe.

If you look at the world around you and don’t recognize it as the work of the human soul, consider looking for a durable explanation that matches observed phenomenon.



It has become increasingly apparent that current patterns of denialism, the universal need to simply look away, are suicidal for all of us. In order to make this thing I am writing relevant to people of different levels of acceptance, of experience and even of susceptibility, we are going to use some care in how things are expressed.

For some, this information will be commonplace. I have been told, and there are those who can tell and not ask, to severely limit what is written and published. Consider this, in itself, a disclosure, that implied authority exists.

Bohemian Grove 1915
Bohemian Grove 1915

Whether one trusts or believes such an authority, real or imagined, and all such things one does not see have to be continually examined and weighed, is something for personal judgment. All you can do is follow your “gut.” There is no other reliable guide.

We are going on a bit of a ride, touching on issues of the supernatural, of “non ordinary reality” and physics that they don’t teach in kindergarten. We are only opening a door, in a way telling others who have been silent how far they can go. There is no way I would be going here if I had a choice.


It Begins

We are going to be touching on pedophile rings and human trafficking within the context of inexplicable human behavior by so-called “elites”. The purpose is to provide as reliable a set of guidelines as possible, in order to understand what can no longer be explained as senselessness or misbehavior, not when we are subjected to, even in what we are allowed to hear about, visions of unimaginable insanity and brutality on a daily basis.

Behind the endless shelling of civilians, the kidnappings of entire peoples, the now officially labeled genocide of the imaginary “ISIS” organization, the beheadings, the mass rapes, the rampage that crosses two continents and is now working its way into Europe, there is something more.


Theft is Good

Yes, a room full of it
Yes, a room full of it

In Iraq alone we know that not millions but over $2 trillion in oil has been stolen since 2010, carried by pipelines and trucks then ships, but it never reaches refineries, never goes into gas tanks, is never paid for, never shows up in corporate profits, political bribes, money that never exists, or so we are told to believe.

The loot of the world — whether entire automobile assembly plants hauled away from Syria into Turkey, a veritable lake of oil, 2300 HumVees, tens of thousands of slaves, 5000 years of antiquities, the more loot taken, the more cash removed, like the $2.3 trillion the Pentagon misplaced on September 10, 2001 — it all simply vanishes.

When trillions more disappeared in 2007-8, when the world’s banks collapsed and America borrowed non-existent money to replace the missing non-existent money, when savings disappeared, investments vanished, homes became worthless and jobs blew away like sand in the wind, what was the reason? Who planned it, why?

Similarly today, we aren’t just watching a sea of manufactured refugees, perhaps an accidental byproduct of conflict, but much more likely something else. When we take 2 million refugees, perhaps 6 million, and add them to the 20,000 female “captives” of ISIS, we aren’t beginning to touch the problem.

Entire regions of Syria have been flushed into “refugee camps” in Turkey that don’t exist, people supposedly sold at auction, peddled on “ebay,” people who have disappeared but, as with endless millions of tons of crude oil, they never are seen again, not in refugee camps, not in sweatshops or even the brothels of London, Kiev or Tel Aviv.

Here we return to the US, to the 1980s, just a random time we could document based on a “branded” scandal. So often, we have written of the American military and its move toward religious extremism.

This move in the military, one that has sickened those of genuine warrior spirit, and such people do exist, I may even be one of them, heaven forbid, isn’t simply apocalypse worship, speaking in tongues and adherence to the teaching of moronic big-haired, racketeering TV evangelists.

Calling it a cult is oversimplification.

Do you feel like someone is staging it all, like the entire “system,” the economics that make no sense, the nations that serve only invisible masters, the wars not fought, not started but, more appropriately “staged” — isn’t it all like we are performing for the amusement of something perverse?


Why Now?

Scalia - Why the quick and sloppy coverup?...and nobody cared?
Scalia – Why the quick and sloppy coverup? … and nobody cared?

A couple of recent events have landed things in my lap which require a response. Not so long ago, prior to the genuinely mysterious death, and it is a murder by any reasonable explanation, of Scalia, we had been pushed to begin examining pedophile rings operating in Europe.

Within the company group here, and we are defense contractors, we have an field investigations group of former FBI specializing in human trafficking.

Months ago, physicist MT Keshe brought us a complex and frankly disjointed story of his experiences coming across a pedophile ring involving the royal families of Belgium and the Netherlands, and how their activities tied to some individuals in the US, Sterling Allan, now awaiting trial, but moreover into the European defense and scientific communities as well.

We had known about the issues in Belgium and the Netherlands, how this was a landing zone for child sex trafficking according to the UN, Interpol and the US State Department. We had gotten to know Keshe when his “new physics” free energy technologies, initially seen by us as a “cult,” had attracted attention from Russia, China and European groups within the intelligence agencies.

This is where it got sticky. It wasn’t just MI 5 or 6 but rather rogue or affiliated groups tied to what I will describe as “fringe freemasonry.” I have to also apologize to Freemasons for my use of this term. 

We could spend not just months but years discussing Freemasonry as a social organization, or as in Britain, a cult that through its penetration of Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police and the security agencies threatened British security through covering up a pedophile ring that continues to rule Britain.

The Murdoch press organization, through wire tapping, was able to advance Israeli influence in Britain through leveraging evidence tying in Downing Street and the Palace. This led to minor public house cleaning, a few aged celebrities and the poor aging monster “Janner,” thrown to the wolves during the last hours of their lives as though 3 successive younger generations hadn’t long stepped into their shoes enjoying full protection.

Gwenyth Todd, with the Defense Dept., in the field in Iraq
Gwenyth Todd, with the Defense Dept., in the field in Iraq

This is what Keshe stepped into, this and the Washington Gwyneth Todd describes within what she is willing to tell the public, or what Jim Hanke describes during his years at the Pentagon or that I can speak of in an equally limited way.

Let’s take an anecdotal look at “Franklin.” You see, every scandal is expanded, fictionalized, subjected to the “Alex Jones treatment” until it is poisoned to the point that no mainstream journalist, no prosecutor, no investigative agency, could ever look at it.

Disclosures are seeded with disreputable information in order to kill investigations. Too often agencies themselves take part, using the term “conspiracy theory” as an excuse to turn aside.

Thus, when solid evidence came to the FBI that children from the famous “Father Flanagan’s Boys Town” in Nebraska where being trafficked into the party circles of Washington DC, this story had to be “fictionalized” and killed.


Back to Keshe

Keshe came to us with solid proof that Sterling Allan, working directly with an elite group in Belgium, was operating inside the “Free Energy Community” online recruiting children through sex trafficking.

He presented a wealth of solid evidence, videos, email, more, that a network existed that tied “new age” types to not only online recruiting but to NGO’s working in South and Central America, in Africa and the Middle East, were involved as well.

MT Keshe, drawing the line when no others would
MT Keshe, drawing the line when no others would

We found organizations that were running schools and orphanages, “Palestinian scholarships,” help for abused or displaced mothers, from Lebanon, to Morocco, to Mexico and Brazil, all involved in stealing children.

These groups plant themselves near the camps in the Middle East, preying on the Palestinians or working with ISIS to traffick Syrian and Iraqi Christians and Shiites, with full support of Turkish organized crime and suspected complicity with their intelligence services and political leadership as well.

We traced them to Syria where we met with the Minister of Justice, who found himself deeply frustrated at how many powerful friends human traffickers seemed to have. Here we were able to tie both the US and Saudi embassies in Beirut, along with a series of NGO’s operating in Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey and, working side by side with Al Nusra and ISIS, into Iraq and Syria.

Aid workers and journalists move freely through the area, some representing the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, or so they say, other newspapers such as the UK Independent or online blogs long tied to Israeli or CIA funding.

We had similar meetings with governments in Africa, not one or two, all confronted with powerful economic and political groups clearly behind human trafficking.

In August 2015, we arranged for Keshe to meet with the FBI in Rome to hand over his evidence. As many know by now, the computers seized on January 15, 2016 by FBI agent Jeff Ross in Salt Lake City, Utah contained files that listed high level clients, details of their preferences and enough to secure the kind of protection we had been seeing in Lebanon, Syria, Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Belgium, Britain, Ireland and the United States.

Stirling Allan mug shot arrest for child molesting
Sterling Allan mug shot arrest for child molesting

Our information that it was Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court who was protecting, Sterling Allan, despite nearly 2 years of him doing everything imaginable to be arrested, was confirmed.

Our report on Scalia’s murder at the hands of a secret society tied to the Bohemian Grove “satanic cult” was also confirmed, as was our information that only after Scalia’s death could Sterling Allan be arrested.

We also have seen the “spin” that has tried to move what is solid evidence into conspiracy theory through wild misrepresentations of the Scalia-Obama meeting, or even blaming Obama personally for a “pillow over the face” suffocation killing partial confirmation as well, particularly when we follow the sources of these fabrications into the midst of Washington’s pedophile sewer.

We then caught a flurry of internet troll activity attacking Keshe, by associates of Sterling Allan. When we traced the origin of one group that began with the left-handed confession… “we are not pedophiles”, we took a look, more than a look.

We came upon a group in Morocco with a minor history of petty internet fraud and bizarre “new age” tale spinning that “landed” a gig running an orphanage that was quickly cited as a “way station” for human traffickers. We, as they so often say, are unable to comment more on an ongoing investigation.

Thus far, only MT Keshe has been willing to name those involved and only at a very real risk, much more risk than the army of trolls and child traffickers pouring out invective.



Are these really hallowed halls?
Are these really hallowed halls?

Thus, we use direct evidence, things we personally witnessed with the best sources possible, working within the existing narratives and paying close attention to how stories are poisoned, how investigations are quashed but moreover how things tie together.

This is where we move into new territory. What we are forced to explain is aberrant human behavior.

Going back to 2000, a criminal cabal overthrows the US government through the Supreme Court. We have been able to establish, partially at least, that of the 5 judges, of the 9, that supported this move against the Constitution, at least 3 were members of secret societies minimally considered “satanic.”

We can only assume that two others were influenced in some other way to take part in a coup, assured that Al Gore would be silenced, that the news media would play along, now clearly under the promise that America would begin a series of wars on behalf of Israel. We are on pretty safe ground here.

What is missed is the scale. Here, years later, the same groups that run children out of Africa and the Middle East, now peddle wild rumors about 9/11, poisoning even a 15-year-old event now entering America’s memory bank of horrors along with the Kennedy murders.


The Crux of It

We have to come to grips with denialism. We collectively believe in politics, in governments, in the pictures we see; the narratives created for our amusement, almost as though we were the mindless politicians they hire as actors, no more than that.

When you see ISIS with their shiploads of new trucks or Boko Haram, the great haters of technology, barefoot with their satellite telephones, and no one asks, who paid Toyota or whose platinum card picks up the sat phone bill, we are no better than those we subsidize to lie to us.

Let’s take a look at Scalia and the St. Hubertus group, a subset we are all informed, of the “Bohemian Grove” secret society. We know those involved are selected, not just money and power but for their history of moral flexibility, love of power combined with mediocre intellect, physical cowardice and delusions of being “special.”

We have to establish a baseline for what is normal. Dirty sex fantasies, debasement, various forms of self loathing or simple hedonism have always been part of the human condition and signs of these drives, or the potential, may well exist in many or even most of us. 

Whether people act on this or are restrained by a moral compass, religious belief or common sense, is long a subject of cultural and social examination. Then we have the other stuff.

The drive for sexual gratification is one thing. Today, our literature, television, films, obsess with the idea of sexual violence, particularly when it applies to serial killings. There seems to be a love among those who decide on our mass media entertainment for depicting debasement and slaughter of women, young, sometimes very young, or children, all instantaneously objectified, then cut down somehow, presented to an audience as a “wasted commodity.”

“We could have toyed with that child for months, why did they have to kill it off all at once?”

Picture yourself invited to join a select group, a club, a cult, told you are special, you are designated, you are “elect.” Now this isn’t a street gang as depicted on TV where you have to kill an innocent bystander to “earn your creds” or as in very much real life, how when taking on a position with a law enforcement agency or joining congress or even a state legislature, you are bribed and photo’d snorting cocaine off a prone call girl or rent boy.

This is the “old politics,” long since not enough, not meeting what is expected. Here is a story:

Malachi Martin
Malachi Martin

Years ago, not quite 30 years ago, I was talking with a former Jesuit named Malachi Martin. I had gotten to know Fr. Martin while working in New York. Martin had been working in the Vatican and had been forced out by what he claimed was a satanist cabal from among the Jesuits.

He claimed they had been in contact with demonic entities and had consecrated the Holy See in the name of Satan after receiving proof of a manifestation of the power of evil.

Martin said they cut a deal and were given promises, some very material in nature and, according to Martin, the rewards reaped by the Jesuits were material as well.

That relationship involved participating in ceremonies, as depicted in not only dozens of films, but in ancient wood carvings as well, human sacrifice, the killing of children, often newborn infants, dancing and chanting incantations while wearing headdresses depicting horned beasts or demons.

These Vatican rites Martin makes reference to in Windswept House and his other best-selling books are also the innocent ceremonies of Bohemian Grove or Hubertus or the yearly get-togethers on the solstice in Denver or at the Rothschild’s compound on Corfu.

Martin said this of the Jesuits, “they simply tired of Christianity, the unanswered prayers, they sought a ‘voice at the end of the phone,’ and such a voice was there waiting for them and the Church of today is what it is based on them abandoning God, not out of a loss of faith but out of God’s unwillingness to meet their price.”

Martin saw things within the definitions of good and evil, within the liturgy of the Church, its rituals, its history and traditions and, in particular, the Rite of Exorcism, something Martin performed hundreds of times.

What we have to ask ourselves is what we are willing to believe and if what we don’t believe is because we don’t know or simply because we don’t care to know?

Is Skull and Bones such a group? My answer would be yes, of course, but we can go further. Whether the supernatural is real or not, one must note that all religious faith is a belief in the supernatural, and the difference between entities and their purpose is the only difference between light and dark. This difference, as expressed in Wahhabist, Christian Evangelist or Talmudic Zionists crosses the line, but how much?

If the Jesuits can worship Lucifer, a fallen angel, perhaps bringing on decades of worldwide abuse of children, hundreds of thousands of cases, uncounted deaths covered up, and were one to look at the map, conflict upon conflict, driven on by the “unholy 3” rogue offshoots of the religions of the book, is there a synthesis?

Do the the Saudi Wahhabists, the Likudist Zionists, the odd marriage of neocon Bolsheviks and Christian evangelists, working hand in hand with what we might call “the Illuminati,” share a commonality, a love of evil, a deal with the devil, suffering, entropy, decline, debasement, a sea of lies, of hate, greed and cruelty building to some inevitable end? Is this what we are seeing?


As I had promised you a story, here it is. One of my friends is a longtime associate of Nathan Rothschild. Take this as gospel truth, which it is, or decide the whole thing is a story, with no significance at all. We will try to use some care in how this is told so that my own prejudices are filtered out. Oh, here it goes.

The Rothschild family, according to a highly placed source, cut a deal 4 centuries ago, with an unseen power. This power, I was told, and according to the Rothschilds, is not evil or Satanic or anything like that. They just came on “entities” somewhere in Germany, long ago, that agreed to help the family gain power and “earthly dominion” in exchange for a few things.

Each male member of the family would, at age 25, and I know someone who has witnessed this, goes through an “investiture” ceremony. There, the young Rothschild or Goldsmith or whatever, perhaps young Bush, no proof of this, allows an unseen entity to enter them. This entity, as they tell it, lives outside time and space, and has been on earth for “hundreds of thousands of years.”

Their reward is help against enemies, knowledge of the future and a guarantee of an afterlife of their choosing.

This is their story, as told to someone who was never supposed to pass it on. There is no aspect of good or evil involved, only a deal to use their given power and the gifts of the unseen entity to create “vibrations” that feed their newfound friend. Those vibrations are maximized through hate and suffering, not having anything to do with evil itself, but simply out of coincidence alone.

It seems that wearing masks, dancing in circles, debasing and murdering children, starting wars and even running central banks is all part of it.

What is also supposed to be true is that these secret societies that include the only the highest levels of Freemasonry along with all these other names that are tossed around like “internet candy” all involve ceremonies like out of a 1960 Hammer Studios film with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

ISIS is no more Islam than the Wahhabists, no more than Dominionists are Christians, no more than Khazarian Talmudists are Jews. We don’t have to make a case about Catholicism, the evidence there has nearly drowned the world for decades.


Defining the Supernatural

What’s it like having a hundred thousand year old devil inside you? Would beheading hundreds, kidnapping and raping 20,000 women or dropping a nuclear weapon on a village in Yemen make sense then?

Do these people, and I use that term only reluctantly, who so privately boast of hosting real or imagined monstrosities right out of a Captain Kirk Star Trek episode, get a little golden buzz when they feed their “familiars” with the delicious vibes brought on by a million screams of anguish?

Maybe they dance around with masks as part of a male bonding ritual with the oil company execs, guys from Boeing and the Washington diplomatic corps, simply out of boredom. Hell, we have known about it forever, always willing to believe that rituals that would have gotten you burned alive a few hundred short years ago are perfectly consistent with Christian teachings, as Fox News and World Net Daily interpret such things.

Back in 2011, a CBS News poll asked American adults if they believe in invisible beings. 80% said yes, with most referring to “angels,” unspecified whether fallen or not, as their “no-see-um” of choice. Other polls scored as low as 37%.

A 1998 CBS/New York Times poll has 63% of Americans believing in demonic possession as well.

Then again, a 2012 National Geographic poll has 77% of Americans believing that aliens have visited earth.

A 2010 Reuters/Ipso poll, a 23,000 person global sampling, has 20% worldwide believing that aliens live among us.

In 2013, according to Public Policy Polling, 20% of Republican voters believe Obama is the anti-Christ while, according to the same poll, 30% believe the world is ruled by secret societies.

I am personally in the 30% and not yet ready to join the 20%.

It is one thing for people to believe things, for the “common man,” continually subjected to mind control, minimally in the guise of news or entertainment, but we suspect further, perhaps much further, to believe these things exist. What can be stated here, categorically as fact, based on irrefutable sources, is that these “elites” believe they are teamed up with beings that came to Earth while mankind was in its infancy, beings that waited for endless centuries.

There are more questions, that is if one accepts any of this as true. If it is not true, and it may well not be true at all, then the power of suggestion itself may be “the new world order.”

If that is not the case, then the events of 9/11, or the creation of the Federal Reserve System back in 1913, may well be proof of rule by demonic forces.



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