Have you become a stranger in your own land ?


by Preston James

liars-all-arounds (2)

Have you have “woken up” and learned about Gladio-style False-flag, inside-jobs, the engineered and staged terror attacks, real and virtual, which include mass-shootings in gun-free zones?

Have you learned that this staged terror, some fake and some real, is all part of a secret Establishment strategy to produce massive societal fear in order to motivate Americans to give up their basic Constitutional rights which they would never otherwise give up?

5678Have you learned that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was a monstrous Gladio-style, inside-job False-flag attack done by the Mossad and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors in PNAC and AIPAC along with help by Top NeoCon Traitors in the US Administration, Congress, the JCS, the USAF, NORAD and the FAA?

Have you learned that the FBI is a criminal organization set up inside the US Department of Just-us to service the cover-up needs of the Establishment and that it selects dumbed-down, retarded and mentally ill Islamic immigrants like Somali young men to mind-kontrol, arm and entrap as patsies into their staged terror dramas?

Have you learned that the CIA, the FBI and foreign Intel Agencies like the Mossad that serve the Establishment have a long history of using drugs, implanted chips and hypnosis to mind-kontrol victims and to activate and deploy them as stone-killers to do mass-shootings in gun-free zones.

Have you learned that these criminal Intel agencies do this as sophisticated psyops in order to generate massive fear in the American group mind in order to manipulate them to give up their Second Amendment rights  and other rights which are supposed to be guaranteed in the US Constitution and which they would never otherwise even consider giving up.

Sandy Hoax 1Have you learned that nobody died at Sandy Hook School which was shut down in 2008, it was a two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill using professional crisis actors, many who have been identified as such?

Have you learned that nobody died at the Boston Marathon Bombing which was only a drill using previous amputee professional crisis actors and a harmless black-powder puffer bomb?

Have you “woken up” and learned that our Congress and President were bribed in 1913 to pass an unConstitutional Federal Reserve Act which illegally gave the right to a private foreign owned bank to create and distribute our money in counterfeit form?

Have you learned that this illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve Bank charges pernicious usury to use what should be our own money in the first place and mandates inflation to continually debases its value so that it is now only worth 2% of its original symbolic value?


End_the_FedHave you learned that this progressive debasement of our money places most of us, (Excluding the Establishment Oligarchy and Plutocracy) in debt-slavery?

Have you learned that the illegal, unConstitutional private Federal Reserve Bank which issues interest-bearing fake money as debt-notes is just part of a worldwide, World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate (aka the KM or the “Establishment Empire”).

And have you learned that that this Establishment Empire has an incredibly evil Globalist NWO Agenda to destroy America in order to eradicate any vestige of what our Founding fathers produced, and prevent it from ever occurring again anywhere.

Have you “woken up” and learned that the Establishment has illegally and unConstitutionally passed various Free Trade Agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and GATT in order to fulfill their Evil Agenda to export American heavy industry and manufacturing along with most of our good jobs?

Have you learned that these Free Trade Agreements have forfeited American Sovereignty illegally and unConstitutionally and are designed to allow large international corporations to move their production facilities, hire cheap labor, while parasitizing lucrative American markets.

Have you learned that these large international corporations are doing this to maximize profits while the American economy is slowly and systematically sacked and decimated, producing the largest transfer of wealth ever conceived from the American people to the shareholders of these large international corporations who soon will no longer need American markets but will service the  whole world?



Have you “woken up” and learned that the Establishment has set up a dualism in every one of their USG institutions and agencies, the socially desirable side for for public awareness and the secret dark side to serve their sinister, evil purposes?

Have you learned that there is a visible ceremonial USG that has little real power except what they are ordered to do by the real secret USG which is called the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and is invisible to most Americans?

Have you learned that this SSG engineers and stages false-flag terror and projects public blame for these acts on foreign nations who had nothing to do with such, all done in order to feed the Establishment war machine and generate extreme profits while providing access to others natural resources for their associated corporations?

Have you learned that the SSG creates CIA-backed dictators if they agree to buy weapons from Establishment-associated defense manufacturers.

Have you learned that the SSG then uses these dictators and Establishment false-flag terror to start wars, all the while secretly funding both sides of the conflict in order to fulfill their Globalist NWO Agenda of “Divide and Conquer” while stealing them and the American taxpayers blind?

Have you learned that the SSG has built 140 Deep Underground Military Bases that are connected by high speed maglev trains?


chemtrail_plane (2)Have you learned that the SSG has deployed aerial spraying of toxic chemicals such as nano-aluminum, barium and strontium in massive quantities in order to deforest, kill plant life and cause famines, as well as to mind-kontrol the masses?

Have you become aware that the SSG has deployed ultra-high tech eugenics against the American masses to make them sick so they will boost the establishment owned Big Medicine and Big Pharma?

Have you learned that the SSG is secretly venting radiation from many nuclear power plants. Some insiders believe that this is being done in order to increase the rates of cancer in Americans and to alter their minds to make them more amenable to Psychotronic mind-kontrol?

Have you learned that the Secret Shadow Government is now setting up a 24/7 Total Surveillance System involving satellites, aircraft, drones, special trucks, vans, autos, cell phone Systems, Wi-Fi advanced technologies, in order to preemptively intercept any emerging spontaneous mass populism as effectively as possible?

Have you learned that the SSG has built numerous psychotronic firewalls against public truth which help keep the American Public mind-kontrolled and unable to know the truth even when told by others and shown the evidence?

Have you learned that the Establishment and the SSG have mind-kontrolled the American Public over the last 50 years to view the USG and their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Talking Heads as benevolent parent figures that would never lie to them or deceive them which is actually their mandate and daily practice?

alien-midway (2)Have you learned that the SSG has back-engineered recovered Alien ET anti-gravity craft and even negotiated beyond-black secret treaties with some Alien ET groups to obtain advanced technologies in exchange for allowing access to human and animal subjects for abductions and mind-kontrol and alien/hum hybridization experiments.

Have you learned that ever since Nikolai Tesla, secret zero point and ether-based free energy technology has been suppressed by the Establishment to keep the Establishment owned Oil Cartel fat with profits off the backs of Americans and the World?

Have you “woken up” and become aware that the USA has been completed infiltrated and hijacked by a secret sect of Babylonian Talmudic Zionist Occultists known as the Khazarian Mafia, the World’s largest organized crime syndicate run out of the City of London?

Have you become aware that the USA has essentially become a province of Israel and that Homeland Security (DHS) was set up by this occult group as their own private police state force inside America.


2-303x320Have you become aware that DHS was set up and has been run by KM mass-murderers who set up and deployed the attack on America of 9-11-01 and many other false-flag terror events in America; and this top DHS leadership is a strange collection of perverts, genetic weirdos and freaks?

Have you become aware that the same group who did 9-11-01 and set up DHS have been working hard to militarize the American Police and bring them under the control of Israeli anti-terror maniacs in order to quash any real American dissent and any serious attempts by We The People to take back America?

Have you become aware that this same group the KM has completely penetrated all American Intel and has been able to co-opt it, arranging for all NSA raw files to be downloaded by satellite to Tel Aviv where many defense, industrial and intellectual property secrets are sold around the world to the highest bidders, especially from China.

Have you “woken up” and learned that the establishment has allowed and even mandated excessive immigration legal and illegal including refugee status to millions of foreigners in order to destroy our language, culture and borders with the intent to Globalize America and reduce it to third world status?

Have you learned that H1 status professional foreigners are being brought in by the thousands to fill the reduced number of professional jobs that Americans have obtained college educations to get, all with the goal in mind to lower wages and increase profits for large international corporations?

Have you learned this is all part of secret evil Establishment Agenda to Globalize America by destroying its language, culture and borders along with their imposed diversity and false-equality.



Have you “woken up” and learned that the large Wall Street Banks launder illegal drug money for the CIA and its partner Cartels as well as profits from large illegal arms sales, and that this constitutes their greatest source of profits?

Have you learned that the Wall Street Banks have been bailed out twice by the taxpayers through illegal, unConstitutional Congressional and Presidential actions and these Banksters who have done these crimes have bribed their way out from being prosecuted with small “normal cost of doing business, hand-slap” fines being paid?

Have you “woken up” and learned that the US Congress and the Presidents are essentially bought and owned by special interest groups that feed them millions of dollars in large campaign contributions, revolving door jobs and board positions, and foreign numbered bank deposits called “set-aside allocations”?

Have you learned that the USG is essentially for sale anytime to the highest special interest bidders?

Have you learned that in 1867, the USA was illegally, unConstitutionally and secretly incorporated under the British system, was declared bankrupt in 1933, repossessed by the private Occult Zionist British Banksters.

Have you learned that at the same time a State of National Emergency was illegally and unConstitutionally declared by FDR which has been re-declared by every single later President, thus placing America in a secret state of martial law and falsely claiming to insiders that the US Constitution is suspended?

Are you aware that the American legal system is a secret franchise of the British BAR system and operates under their rules and this completely illegal and unConstitutional?

Have you learned that in return for these vast perks and payments, bought and owned Members of Congress provide massive “sweetheart” corporate welfare (pork) to these large corporate special interest benefactors, always at taxpayer expense one way or another?


ILLUMINATIPARTY1Have you learned that according to two separate investigations, (one by the FBI itself, now buried) about 40% our top DC elected politicians and officials are members of occult linked mystery religion groups and practice perversions from the dark-side such as pedophilia, child sacrifice, and S&M?

Have you learned that these acts of perversion, torture and murder are typically videoed and are occasionally used to blackmail them and keep them within parameters prescribed by the Establishment Hierarchy top Policy-Makers?

Have you learned how the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Network News Cartel “Talking Heads” lie and distort everything according to an Evil Establishment Globalist NWO Agenda, continually feeding most Americans mandated big Establishment lies, Establishment mandated false-narratives and Establishment mandated propaganda?

Have you become aware that this results in the imposition and acceptance by most Americans of a completely false reality? And have you become aware that if you try and convince most of the real truth about all these serious matters you find yourself in most cases being labeled a conspiracy theorist or even a crackpot and will be socially rejected?



Once a person has woken up, it becomes increasingly clear that the USG which was supposed to be “Of the People, By the People”, is no longer such and has been infiltrated and completely hijacked by a foreign based group of private Counterfeit Banksters.

This Occult linked group from the City of London private KM Banking System we now know as the “Establishment” has used its limitless and ever expanding money supply to buy and bribe every institution of the USG and almost every single elected and appointed official and has folded them into a unitary Hierarchy.

This Hierarchy is an unimaginably evil pyramid of power with only a few select incredibly evil secret Rulers or Kings at the top who set the policies and make all the important decisions. If they are told by their “higher power” that Americans must be disarmed using any means necessary, well then, you have new policies mandated for staged and engineered mass-shootings in gun free zones, some real and some virtual only. And these policies are imposed on the whole political system and attempts are made to institute them in every sate of the union using extensive bribes, blackmail and other coercive, illegal and unConstitutional means.

The bottom line is that this is no longer yours or my America, it is now an occupied nation that was covertly infiltrated and hijacked beginning at the end of the Civil War and culminating in 1913 with the passage of the illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve Act. It’s up to all Americans to wake up and slowly but surely take back our nation, step by step starting in each state using Tenth Amendment States Rights.

George Orwell once stated that in a time of universal deceit the truth is revolutionary. Sadly in America today, if you have woken up and speak the truth to your family and friends, you are too often viewed as trying to start a revolution.

Most of the time when you tell others any of these dark side truths you have learned from picking and choosing truth nuggets from the Alternative Media provided on the Worldwide Internet (as you do your part to awaken others) you will be disbelieved, tuned out and socially rejected.

Such rejection of truth and even yourself as a person is always somewhat painful. But the more you learn about what is really going on in the Establishment backrooms of America and their institutionally rampant organized crime with corruption now at every level of our government, the more isolated you will probably feel.

If you talk too much or argue about these things at work or at church, DHS may be alerted through InfraGard, the FEMA Clergy program, or a controlling nosy neighbor or misguided fear-filled informant and you are likely to be investigated as a “suspected domestic terrorist”, stalked, surveilled and even harassed in many diverse ways.

Do not be surprised if you lose your job or maybe never get another promotion despite being well deserved, if you talk about “truth” too much at work or to the wrong people. Today, if you want to be a success in a large Establishment related corporate business for the most part you must be intellectually neutered of the truth, thus willing to be quite bridled in your honest talk and willing to become a truth-gelding.

Even members of your own family members might think you have cracked and become a conspiracy nutcase or are in some kind of midlife crises, maybe even an early or delayed one.

Yes, it now seems quite certain that if you are truly “woken up” and have learned too much, it is quite easy to find yourself increasingly becoming a stranger in your own land, and part of an ever shrinking circle of real friends and family that you can communicate with about matters of real truth about what is going on.

You may now have a your growing obsession to share the truth with your family and friends and your legislators and Congress-persons about all the Establishment corruption and how there is rampant corruption at every level.

But you also have a growing realization that most do not want to know the truth and just cannot handle it because it won’t fit into their false sense of reality which has been effectively conditioned by Establishment mandated mind-kontrol.

And you also have a growing realization that Establishment oligarchs and plutocrats gain special privileges and have immunity from any correction for their obscene crimes, except in the rare occasion some go outside their allowed parameters and are made an example out of by the Top policy-Makers of the Establishment.

But despite how grim this almost total rejection of truth can seem and feel, it isn’t completely hopeless because slowly and surely the truth as dispensed all across the Internet on the Alternative News sites is diffusing to the masses.

And there appears to be a growing unrest and distrust toward both the Republican and Democratic political parties which are now becoming viewed by many Americans as two divisions of the same corrupt establishment.

As the good jobs continue to leave America and our debt-slavery increases with a continually worsening economy, economic pressures are building, and these help in waking the masses up from their CMMM mind-kontrolled stupor.

The real question is can the American masses wake up fast enough to organize and force the changes we need to survive as a sovereign nation and not become broken up into territories annexed by China (the South), Europe (the East) and Japan (the West)?


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