The Khazarian Mafia Corrupted David Petraeus and Other C.I.A. Agents

Interview With Director Merlin L. Miller


by Jonas E. Alexis & Merlin L. Miller 

Merlin L. Miller is an independent film director, writer, and producer. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Army where he commanded two units.

Miller’s former classmates at West Point included former C.I.A. director David Petraeus, former National Security Agency director Keith Alexander, and the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Demsey. Miller is the author of the new book Eagles Are Gathering.

Alexis: You write, “I’m often asked about some of our more famous classmates, including Martin Dempsey, David Petraeus, and Keith Alexander.” You also make the point that Petraeus in particular “was regularly promoted by the national media. His successes were largely in service to the Neocon/Zionist political and media establishment.”[1]

You even went out of your way to do what many other people would never do:

“In December of 2009, I sent David a treatise that connected military, political, and media intrigues—challenging many of the orthodoxies. David is conscientious and, along with other influences, I believe began to question the Middle East situation from the perspective of what was truly best for America.

“In March 2010, he publicly addressed the Israeli/Palestinian situation as being potentially endangering to our troops. Stating this truth was a political faux pas and David came under heavy Neocon criticism. He did his best to mend those forces, but became a bit concerning to the Zionist establishment, which he had so faithfully served.”[2]

Tell me something. Do you think he did this for either money or power or fame or all the above? Tell us more about your experience with some of those people and how they are afraid to speak the truth.

You also suggest that the establishment

“need to keep him on their farm, and hence I believe Paula Broadwell (nee Kranz), who had spent time on an Israeli Kibbutz, was embedded to write his story. I find it unusual under those ‘wartime’ circumstances that this attractive biographer…was sent to join him for a lengthy period of time in Afghanistan…

“Their drama unfolded in such a way as to keep David captive. Today, he works for Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts (KKR) and is rolled out to advocate for American exceptionalism, globalism, and fealty to Israel—under the guidance of Neocons and the banking establishment.”[3]

Do you think it was another honey trap? It has been pretty much confirmed by now that the New World Order used Petraeus really well.[4]

Miller: I’m only speculating, but David is driven to achieve. He has done quite well and thrived on the recognition. Much like Achilles in the movie TROY, warriors often seek to prove themselves and achieve a level of fame (even immortality) – usually with a corresponding power that feeds that recognition.

People, like David, who have great capabilities and ambitions can be easily exploited by the Agamemnons (today’s Zionist power brokers), especially when they have vulnerabilities.  Whether a “honey pot” is the Achilles Heel, as I believe it was in David’s case, or through other human vices, many of our military leaders are targeted (as are political, media, and business leaders).

Another classmate, Keith Alexander, has come under great criticism for his business partnerships, filings of patents, and rich compensations since retiring.

As questioned by The Atlantic “We’re supposed to believe that Alexander went home and developed much of a million-dollar-per-month cybersecurity technology in his spare time, while doing two different demanding national-security jobs, without using NSA resources or classified information, in a way that was somehow separate from his core duties, which included a cyber-security portfolio?”

Disturbing to me is the obvious message being sent to others in the military with post-service ambitions. Keith has just been selected to be our Class’s first recipient of the Distinguished Graduate Award to be presented this May.

Others, with much less controversy, yet clearly proven records of great service, are not yet recognized. This is “in our face” recognition for those who will serve New World Order schemes, rather than America’s Constitution.  The best leaders are either rewarded or punished based on their servitude, and this will affect their actions for America.

Of special interest to me now is the response to Eagles Are Gathering by West Point classmates.  Some of the information will be shocking to them, and those who have served and been well rewarded by the military-industrial complex may be critical, although they have not come forward. 

Many others will keep their heads in the sand, as they simply don’t want to know, or face, the troubling realities.  But a growing number are privately confiding in me their support and agreement with the themes of this book.  There is hope, although overcoming the effects of a Zionist ideological brainwashing is not easy.


Alexis: Let’s switch gears a bit here. You had an interesting encounter with a Jewish classmate at West Point. You say,

“A Jewish classmate who I had considered one of my best West Point friends (he was in our wedding) became very distant when I mentioned the USS Liberty story. Subsequently, I would get group emails from him denigrating any and all enemies of Israel and calling for actions against the Iranians.

“When I challenged that discourse and reminded him that Israel had attacked the USS Liberty, and Iran was being unfairly condemned, he cut off email communications with the parting shot that Israel was America’s best friend and he would hear no criticism of them.”[5]

Alexis: I had a similar encounter with a Zionist friend of mine who went to the Gulf War. A very nice guy. The Israel/Palestine conflict is a thorny issue and it can quickly help you lose friends and alienate people. So, I usually go from the basic facts that all people share and work my way up. I remember one time my friend and I sat down one evening to talk about this issue and flesh out our positions.

“Would you agree that the United States has been supporting the Syrian rebels for years now?,” I said. “Yes,” he responded without hesitation. “Good. Would you agree that the so-called Syrian rebels and al-Nusra and other terrorist groups are concentric circles?” “Yes,” he again admitted. “So, would you agree that the United States is an accomplice in spreading terrorism?”[6]

At that point, he exploded. “Conspiracy theory!,” he shouted. I honestly could not believe what I was hearing because I thought that the man was a rational person who ought to know better. From that moment on, I told him that we would never talk about this issue again because it seemed that I was talking to an ATM machine. I had to seriously tell him that “I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in my life, but this is one of the dumbest ones so far.”

In your experience, why do you think people are attached to the Zionist ideology? Why is it so hard for people to look at the evidence consistently?


Miller: For several decades now we have been indoctrinated by a controlled mainstream media, puppet politicians, educational institutions, and a misguided Christian community – to believe things that are simply not true.

Ironically, motivating much of the subterfuge is an American virtue to serve and aid others. That virtue can also be a vice when exploited by those with a hidden agenda. Most Americans view Israel as an innocent David standing up against a brutish Goliath (the Muslim world and any obstacle to Israeli hegemony).

Nothing could be further from the truth, but because of Holocaust indoctrination, a false Judeo-Christian narrative, and Muslim demonization, we have supported American Exceptionalism and not scrutinized the actual evidence to respond rationally. Fortunately, this is starting to change and is a primary objective of my book.

Lastly, I just attended an “Israeli Influence Conference” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, and was encouraged by the broad array of notable speakers, including many anti-Zionist Jews, who are increasingly challenging the evils of America’s unquestioned support for Israel and the Zionist/NWO agenda.

Alexis: Can you expand on what actually took place at the National Press Club?

Miller: the March 18th “Israel’s Influence: Good or Bad for America?” conference was sponsored by the American Educational Trust, publisher of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP). It was held from 8am- 5pm (with a reception that followed) at the National Press Club. It was attended by approximately 300 people and covered by CPAN.

The purpose of the Conference was to expose and analyze the enormous impact that Israel has on America’s foreign policy. It first took place in 2014 (which I attended), again in 2015 (which I did not attend), and now in 2016.

With an impressive array of speakers and panelists, they were quite successful, revealing many difficult truths. Some speakers may be motivated to protect American-Jewish interests, but they are increasingly condemning Israel/Zionist actions than when I attended 2 years earlier (more disturbing facts are reaching public awareness).

Many facts were revealed about Israel exerting a shocking degree of influence by way of aggressive, well-funded, and intricately organized lobbying efforts. In essence, through the actions of AIPAC, wealthy Israeli supporters, and Neocon-controlled think tanks and foundations, our media, politicians, and governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions are heavily influenced, if not “controlled”.

Among the attendees, it is increasingly clear that if Israel is our greatest ally, then we certainly don’t require enemies. Through bribery, blackmail, spying, and “false flag” operations, Israel is shown to regularly betray America.

And as far as being the only true democracy in the region, I believe many of the speakers (especially those representing the oppressed Palestinians) take vociferous exception. A good conference and one that should be viewed (online) by all.


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