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Ibrahim el-Bakraoui
Ibrahim el-Bakraoui

[ Editor’s Note: We have the confirmed story with multiple sources, Brussels airport bomber Bakraoui was recruited while an ISIS jihadi in Syria, because of his Belgian passport.

While in Raqqah, at a suicide bomber training facility, he was taken by Turkish intelligence across the border where he was “arrested” and “deported” to the Netherlands.

There, according to airline security sources, Bakraoui, as with other terrorists as well, was walked around security by employees of Israeli ICTS, the same company that aided “crotch bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab board Northwest Flight 253 in Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009 without a passport or ticket, placing him in First Class.

As you will learn below, Bakraoui was arrested as a known terrorist by Turkey and not imprisoned or turned over to Belgian authorities but “allowed” to return, not to Belgium but to the Netherlands, on a commercial flight, despite the fact that the same records that led to both the arrest of Bakraoui and his “deportation” because of his known terror background, as Erdogan claimed in his press conference yesterday.

Here we go again, another "walk through" by Israeli security
Here we go again, another “walk through” by Israeli security

Where Erdogan is caught lying, the first of many in this incident, is this; Turkey is signatory to not only international conventions but NATO security agreements as well that preclude any threat to airline security from boarding a plane. This is only the beginning. Now to Jim W. Dean:

We have something here that has been missed by everyone else, hiding in plain site. Belgium claims it was not correctly notified by Turkey of Bakraoui being sent back…DEPORTED actually. But Erdogan has made a big mistake himself.

General Hamid Gul -former VT board member
General Hamid Gul – former VT board member

You cannot put a deported terrorist on a commercial airline, especially by himself. It it grossly illegal to do such. Anyone on the no fly list, which all terrorist suspects are supposed to be on, can never fly commercial for the rest of their lives.

Many people who have said things that have pissed off powerful people have been put on no fly list purely as a punishment, to make an example of them as was down with VT board member General Hamid Gul.

But even if by multiple screw ups he got onto a plane, once your passport has been scanned into the airline’s computer, while you are flying along you name is being ground through every database base there is to catch any mistake that the boarding people made so that “special people” can be waiting to escort you into the interrogation room when you arrive.

But if he went to Schipol airport as claimed he arrived at the Mossad’s European transportation hub where all kinds of special treatment is available for terrorists, like the shoe bomber with a one way cash ticket, no luggage, and no passport, but a bomb in his shoes got VIP treatment in getting onto the plane. Does any of this sound just a little bit unbelievable?

The Magic Carpet Jihadi Express
The Magic Carpet Jihadi Express

And lastly, if an arrested terrorist was just put on a plane to Amsterdam by the Turks as claimed, against all NATO and EU conventions, and nobody claims to have known at that time, how many other times do you this this “Turkish Express” has been used in the past?

Could Turkey have pulled this off solely on its own, or would a cooperating party had to have been in place at the landing location, like with an Israeli security company.

And then would assets have to be in place to make sure that the passenger boarding was blocked somehow from going through all the watch list database. We know both brothers were in the US watch list and would have popped right up.

So why has not anyone shown any interests in how these jihadis have been flying around all this time, which VT has constantly railed about, yours truly as the “Ali Babba’s Magic Carpet Express”, when VT has had up to a half dozen people on the no fly lists who were not terrorists? … Jim W. Dean ]


European "insecurity" is being put on display, including the failure of leadership
European “insecurity” is being put on display, including the failure of leadership

– First published  …  March 25, 2016  –

Yesterday, Turkish President Erdogan bragged about sending a terror bomber to Belgium. According to Erdogan, Bakraoui was arrested inside Turkey, in Gaziantep province as a terrorist.

Rather than jail Bakraoui, as Erdogan does with his personal detractors, “tweeters” and journalists, the terrorist was somehow “sent” to Belgium, where is has been identified as responsible for the deaths of 32 and wounding of 300. In a statement made to reporters, Erdogan, while standing alongside visiting Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, said:

“One of the Brussels attackers was detained in Gaziantep and then deported. Despite our warnings that this person was a foreign terrorist fighter, the Belgian authorities could not identify a link to terrorism”

However, in a VT report published March 24, 2016, Kurdish forces inside Syria confirmed information received from a captured Turkish intelligence officer telling of a longstanding Turkish terror operation that had been sending jihadis like Bakraoui into Europe, aided by Turkish organized crime groups across the European Union. dog ate my homework...
…my dog ate my homework…

Later, the Turkish press agency re-contacted reporters stating that they may have sent him to Netherlands, or that Barkraoui may have gone to Belgium and then to Netherlands, they weren’t sure, but that President Erdogan blamed incompetent authorities in both Belgium and Netherlands for the attacks.


According to Erdogan, he had warned Belgium or perhaps the Netherlands, that he was sending a dangerous terrorist there and that they either failed to listen or simply didn’t understand Turkish policy.

Seemingly, NATO partner and EU membership applicant Turkey has a national policy of sending Islamic terrorists to Belgium and, when they kill dozens in attacks, blames the victims for being unaware of Turkish policy.


Yesterday, the Syrian YPG, a Kurdish group inside Syria fighting ISIS while also under attack by Erdogan forces, announced in an exclusive VT report, that it had captured a Turkish officer north of Raqqah, the ISIS military headquarters inside Syria.

That officer, under interrogation, confessed his role, later confirmed in a story by Israeli news agency Haaretz, in planning the Brussels attacks and recruiting and training the suicide bombers including Bakraoui.

From the VT story by Nahed al Husaini, Bureau Chief Damascus:

VT's Nahed al Husaini - Damascus
VT’s Nahed al Husaini – Damascus

Damascus VT/ Kurdish Popular Forces serving in Syria today captured a senior Turkish intelligence official who has, under “enhanced interrogation” implicated President Erdogan.

VT was given access to recorded confessions which detailed the role of the MIT in the Brussels explosions along with plans for more attacks across Europe.

The “suspect” has confessed his role in planning the Brussels attack in coordination with ISIS at Raqqah.

Intelligence that led to the capture was supplied by a Russian signal intercept. We are told that no Russians were involved in the capture but that a Spetsnaz team may have been available for support.

Turkish intelligence runs an operational planning center in an underground complex in Raqqah, according to our unwilling informant. The center, built under an athletic facility, contains stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons including sarin gas, swine flu and tons of materials for producing mustard and chlorine gas.

The US hit the center in October 2014 in coordination with a Syrian “Tiger” unit which led to the capture of Qatari, Saudi and Turkish officers in one of less than a half dozen highly secret joint operations.

The interrogation notes we received thus far from European Department for Security and information (DESI) Secretary General DR Haissam Bou Said indicted that Turkish intelligence MIT was behind the horrific twin suicide bombings and that Turkish terror cells across Europe had been planted years ago in coordination with an organized crime infrastructure long involved in human trafficking, narcotics and working with Israeli and Saudi groups staging false flag terror attacks.

Erdogan, according to our source, has been channeling MIT trained terror cells hidden within the carefully orchestrated influx of refugees, directing them to “berths” within the Turkish crime communities long established in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The VT A-Team at the Damascus anti-terorism conference, Dec. 2014, Col. Hanke 3rd from R - photo Jim W. Dean archives
The VT A-Team at the Damascus anti-tetrorism conference, Dec. 2014, Col. Hanke 3rd from R – photo Jim W. Dean archives

In an interview today, VT military affairs editor, Colonel James Hanke, former G2 (Intelligence Chief) of NATO’s largest command, 3rd Army, noted the following:

Capt. Jim Hanke, Special Forces team leader - Vietnam... a big target
Capt. Jim Hanke, Special Forces team leader – Vietnam… a big target

NATO had long been aware of Turkey’s plan to destabilize the EU. European unemployment has soared under rising wages, increased taxation and strict environmental regulations while prime manufacturing jobs have gone to Turkey with that nation building an industrial base, including an arms industry as well, eclipsing EU growth.

The manufactured refugee crisis, coordinated with Israel and Saudi Arabia, is simply a next step in a destabilization ploy, followed by what we are now seeing, a terror offensive.

Worse still, the EU with a corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy and intelligence agencies long infiltrated by the MIT and Mossad, has no counter-terrorism capability at all. 

When you add to that a controlled press, then the political swing to the radical right we are now seeing, which will bring about an implosion of the EU, the ‘re-Balkanization of Europe, if you can excuse the pun, is inevitable.



A lessor known photo of Farouk during Yemen training
A lesser-known photo of Abdulmutallab during Yemen training

Reuters reports Dutch military police are investigating claims that an accomplice may have helped Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab board Northwest Flight 253 in Amsterdam on Christmas day without a passport.

Kurt Haskell of Newport, Mich., took to the comments section of this Web site early Saturday to share his story:

He and his wife, Lori, saw a well-dressed man help Abdulmutallab board the flight without a passport under the guise he was a Sudanese refugee. The military police have already said Abdulmutallab did not go through passport control at Schiphol when he arrived from Lagos.

In another interview on Inside Edition, Haskell described what happened:

Attorney Kurt Haskill - shoe bomber witness
Attorney Kurt Haskell – shoe bomber witness

A passenger has come forward with disturbing new details about the plot to bring down a jet, including the astonishing claim that the accused terrorist was able to board the plane without a passport.

Kurt Haskell showed INSIDE EDITION his boarding pass for Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. The lawyer, who lives outside Detroit, was returning home from an African safari when he says he saw the terror suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallabm, and another man, who he thought was Indian, approach the ticket agent.

“Only the Indian man spoke,” says Haskell, “And what he said was, ‘This man needs to board the plane but he doesn’t have a passport.’ “

“His clothes were like jeans and a t-shirt or something, he looked kind of thin, like a 16-year-old teenager, and the other man, looked like he was 50 years old, looked like he was a wealthy, Indian man. I just couldn’t figure out why they were together,” Haskell tells INSIDE EDITION.

An earlier CBS news report today stated:

The "crotch bomber's" iconic photo
The “crotch bomber’s” iconic photo

CBS News has learned the State Department system designed to keep track of active U.S. visas twice failed to reveal Nigerian terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had been issued an active visa allowing him multiple entries into the United States.

According to a law enforcement source, the first failure came on Nov. 19, 2009, the very same day Abdulmutallab father’s, Dr. Umaru Mutallab, a prominent banking official in Nigeria, expressed deep concern to officials at the U.S. Embassy in Abjua, Nigeria, that his 23-year-old son had fallen under the influence of “religious extremists” in Yemen.

The second failure to flag an active visa belonging to Abdulmuttalab occurred the very next day in Washington, after Mutallab’s concerns were forwarded to officials there. It was only after the Christmas Day terror attack in Detroit that U.S. officials learned that Abdulmuttalab had been issued a visa by the U.S. Embassy in London valid from June 16, 2008, through June 12, 2010.

Wayne Madsen Report on Schiphol

Let’s look at the Wayne Madsen report on the failures at the airport in Amsterdam along with direct ties between this case and the shoe bomber Richard Reid:

The Mutallab case also resembles that of another attempted plane bombing, that of the hapless “shoe bomber” Richard Reid.

Alhaji Umaru Mutallab - Dad tried to turn him in
Alhaji Umaru Mutallab – Dad tried to turn him in

It has also been revealed that Mutallab is the son of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, the former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria.

According to This Day of Lagos, the elder Mutallab claims he reported the extremist views of his son to Nigerian security agencies, as well as to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, yet no attempt was made to prevent the radically-inclined Nigerian student to board the plane in Schiphol.

The attempted plane bomber was schooled at the British International School in Lome, Togo and attended college in London and moved to Egypt and Dubai. The elder Mutallab is a frequent visitor to the United States and he is married to a Yemeni woman. …

Madsen points out the well-established family ties to Yemen thru his wife.  He further points out how Israel managed to bring the terrorist son of Mutallab through multiple airport security obstacles with the same ease the United States shepherded a known terrorist through a visa process. What we hadn’t seen is how much this process had been tested during the “shoe bomber” episode.

For a number of years, passengers at Schiphol flying to the United States have been subjected to intense grilling by security personnel linked to an Israeli firm.

US bound passengers at Schiphol are asked a number of personal questions, including where they have stayed either in the Netherlands or in their country of origin. Hotel receipts are routinely requested by security personnel and the addresses of private temporary residences are recorded.

Mutallab boarded a KLM flight in Lagos for Schiphol where he transited for his onward flight to Detroit on Northwest/Delta.

Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid


Six months prior to Reid’s near shoe bombing of American Airlines flight 63 from Paris to Miami in December 2001, while memories of 9/11 were still fresh in everyone’s mind, Reid attempted to board an El Al flight from Schiphol to Tel Aviv.

Reid was taken aside by El Al security and identified as a terrorist suspect. Reid paid for a one-way ticket with cash and would not reveal what he planned to do in Israel.

However, rather than turning Reid into Dutch security for further action, he was allowed to board the El Al flight by Israel’s Shin Bet security so his movements during his five days in Israel could be monitored, according to sources.

At this point, Richard Reid was on every no-fly list in the world and was officially labeled a “terror suspect.”

Six months later, Reid attempted to ignite his shoe on the flight from Paris to Miami. Israel had not informed British, American, or any other security agency of the “concerns” about Reid. Reid’s aunt, Claudette Lewis who raised Reid in south London, was quoted as saying she believed her nephew had been “brainwashed” while in Israel.

Reid later said El Al failed to detect that he had explosives in his shoes on the flight to Tel Aviv, an amazing revelation considering the Israeli airline’s tight security.

The security company that allowed Reid to board American Airlines 63 at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security) International. ICTS’s senior management are all ex-Israeli security officials, many of whom worked for El Al security.

It was ICTS that largely developed the passenger “profiling” procedures used at Schiphol and other airports around the world through its subsidiary, ICTS Holland Products BV.



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