Interview: Iran lawmakers back missile program, defense boost

Iran has demonstrated that it can launch a large retaliation strike if attacked

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 by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  … with Press TV, Tehran

– Published on April 5, 2016

Iran has put on display that it can launch a large salvo retaliation strike if attacked, as a deterrent
Iran has put on display that it can launch a large salvo retaliation strike if attacked, as a deterrent

[ Note: This is a bigger issue that most people think because of its boomerang potential in undermining US agreement to anything in the future.

On top of domestic political opponents openly crowing they will break the agreement if put in power, and the sitting administration playing the interpretation game to decide what parts of what it agreed to it will honor, the US’ word means nothing.

Such behavior is not that of a strong and great country, but of a weasel… a Netanyahu, or an Erdogan. Wherever these presidential advisers come from to pose these strategies, we should find out where it is and put a mini-nuke in it for our own survival.

What this silly charade has done is proved my long contention that the US stated preemptive strike policy, woven into our national defense public position, is basically that any country which might retaliate to a preemptive strike is considered a threat to US power, and therefore any and all means, including preemptive strikes can be used to eliminate that “threat”.

It is an intense perversion of the word threat, something only an evil empire would engage in. The public does not get off easy in all of this, as it has rolled over in not opposing any of it. It is never a political plank in any election. No major civic institution at its national convention ever passes a resolution against this insanity. On the contrary, they consider such things none of their business and “disruptive” to the harmony of their respective organizations.

This is evidence not of a great people, but a small one. But none are embarrassed, as so many are standing down, they do not fear being tagged as abandoning their country in time of need. Not even the idiot line up in the Republican primary put a dent in their group’s collective trance over the false flag threat hysteria being a game of not Russian, but “American Roulette”.

Take the case of the minority doctor candidate who was feted as the example of Republican inclusiveness, when he evidenced no leadership or presidential capacity whatsoever. He openly stated, when asked why he endorsed Trump so quickly, “He offered me a job”, and he was not laughed out of town as having played the yard ornament role. You just can’t make this stuff up! …JD ]


Two hundred and five parliamentarians have signed a statement which supports the national missile program as well as the missile drills conducted by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps with an aim to boost the country’s defense power.

During military exercises last month, Iran test-fired several missiles, two of which had a range of two-thousand kilometers.

That drew reactions from the US and its allies which claim the launches breach a UN Security Council resolution passed to endorse a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran says its missile program is solely defensive and that it’s neither negotiable nor subject to compromise.



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