EU approves new law to track terrorist suspects

" Better late then never "
" Better late then never "
” Better late then never “

… from Press TV,  Tehran

" Out of control" does not even begin to describe the situation
” Out of control” does not even begin to describe the situation

[ Editor’s Note: I feel almost dishonest even using the term European “security issues”, because European INSECURITY issues would be a more accurate description of what has really be going on.

There have been nowhere near the protests expected from the people and public institutions when it came out that Muslim extremists on the watch list were just traveling around whenever and wherever they wanted. Turkey caught watch list people coming in with weapons and ammo in their luggage.

Even those returning from Syria were not held in protective custody until a thorough review of what they had been doing was completed. They have been allowed to just walk back in and then overwhelm what we now know was a way understaffed counter intelligence effort to keep an eye on them. How many networks have we seen being broken up in Europe? Almost none.

The Merkel Mania of bringing in million plus numbers of refugees with no possible way of doing security clearances or even knowing where they are once inside hardly raised a ripple, even when it was reported that 130,000 from last year had disappeared, as measured from those that did not turn up at their “free housing” assignment. My God even 5000 minors have disappeared.

The bombs being used can be made with $45 worth of hardware store items
The bombs being used can be made with $45 worth of hardware store items

It is obviously a totally out of control situation, despite our knowing the average citizen is under more massive surveillance than ever, and at a huge cost.

Those who have long claimed that the terror war is just a contracting and graft scam by all of those making the money on it are now being viewed as not an unpatriotic attitude to have.

We also see virtually no whistle blowers in the EU security complex coming forward to warn the public what a three ring circus that security situation is, along the lines of the Three Stooges TV series.

And frankly, it may not even be fixable as no one really seems to care that much, so we have failure at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom, which is a pretty hopeless situation.

And to make it worse, “they” tell us our biggest threat is from a resurgent Russia. Give me a break. Why are not people booed and stoned who put out such drivel… Jim W. Dean ]



– First published  …  April 15, 2016

The European Union has adopted a new security law purported to track terrorist suspects traveling to or from conflict zones who may pose a security threat to Europe.

The European Parliament, the legislative arm of the 28-member EU, approved the Passenger Name Record (PNR) law in the French city of Strasbourg on Thursday by 461 votes to 179, with nine abstentions.

Under the law, government authorities are given special access to information routinely collected by airlines from passengers, such as travel dates, itineraries, and credit card details.

EU officials say the new law would help prevent terrorist attacks such as the ones that recently occurred in France and Belgium.

However, the initiative has been criticized for giving governments wide access to personal data.  French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, however, defended the plan.

The PNR, he said, “will be a precious tool for boosting the security of European citizens” by helping to detect early the movement of terrorists and prevent them from taking action.

Cazeneuve said the initiative will boost “the sharing of information between police forces and European intelligence, one of the crucial requirements to enhance our protection against a new and mobile terrorist threat.”

In February, the EU passed a similar security measure to track the sources and channels of funding for terrorist suspects.



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