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By Elias Akleh

During the end of the tax season in the U.S. it behooves us to re-examine our American taxation system and how our tax money is spent. In general, governments collect tax money to spend it on the improvement of their nation’s living conditions; economy, infrastructures, education, health coverage, disasters recovery, and self-defense among others. The American administration seems to be an exception to this rule; a large percentage of American tax money is spent on “democracy-spreading” wars, the development of weapons of mass destruction (strategic nuclear weapons), regime changes, support of dictatorships, financing and arming terrorist groups calling them “moderate opposition”, and on financial and military aid to terrorist supporting states in particular the terrorist state of Israel.

Israel; a terrorist colonial expansionist state, is by far the largest recipient of American financial and military aid in the entire world, more than all the American financial aid given to all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean put together. (see how other nations compare). According to the CRS report, the American financial aid for Israel for FY 2015 comprised approximately 53% of total U.S. foreign military financing worldwide.

Starting in late 1973 Israel, a foreign state, has been receiving financial support that exceeds any amounts received by any other American state. Israel has been the largest annual recipient of direct American economic and military aid since 1976 and the largest total recipient of American financial and military aid since World War II.

Shirl McArthur; a retired U.S. Foreign Service officer based in the Washington, DC are gave in his 2008  report a conservative estimate of total direct American aid to Israel as $114 billion.  In his October 2013 report, McArthur gave a conservative estimate of total American direct aid to Israel to be more than $130 billion.

According to the June 10th 2015 Congressional Research Service’s report “U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel”, written by Jeremy Sharp; a specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, the American administration provides Israel $10.2 million a day in military aid. This include $3.1 billion for fiscal year 2015 in direct bilateral military aid, referred to as Foreign Military Financing, about $620 million for what is called joint American/Israeli missile defense program such as Arrow II, Arrow III, David’s Sling, and Iron Dome programs. Depending on Congressional approval the American administration is planning to spend between #371 and $487 million on such joint military programs in 2016.

American economic and military aid given to Israel takes many different forms and under different programs far exceeds the official declared amounts. Among the real benefits to Israel is the early cash transfer of economic and military aid; the so-called “U.S. – Israeli cooperative programs” in defense, agriculture, science, and hi-tech industries.  Our American administration gives Israel all of its economic and military aid directly in a lump sum cash money during the first month of the fiscal year. The administration borrows these amounts from the Zionist Jewish controlled Federal Reserve with 4% to 5% interest rate that adds other million to the amount in tax money. Israel, on the other hand, takes the money and invests it in American banks with higher and more favorable interest rates.

Another benefits to Israel are the loan guarantees the administration provides to Israel. Israel is allowed to borrow money commercially at special terms and favorable interest rates. These loans are listed on the Treasure Department’s books as contingent liabilities”, which means that the American administration is liable to pay the loans plus the interests and fees if Israel fails to repay them.  These loan guarantees are budget pressure on the American tax payers, and could be used by Israel as political blackmail.

The American military aid to other countries is mandated on these countries to spend this money on buying weapons from American manufacturers. This way this money stays in the U.S., benefits American companies, and preserve American jobs. Yet, Israel is the only exception to this mandate. Israel is allowed to use 26% of this American military aid to purchase equipment from Israeli manufacturers, strengthening Israeli economy, strengthening Israeli companies, and creating Israeli jobs. This exception has allowed Israel’s arms industry to grow into one of the strongest in the world. Between 2001 and 2008 Israel was the seventh largest arms supplier to the world with sales worth a total of $9.9 billion According to CRS. The worst side of this deal is when Israel sold American military technologies and equipment to America’s enemies and competitors.

All the American tax money and all the free weapons and military technology the American administration is gifting to Israel have not yet satisfied the greedy terrorist Israeli government, who is now in the process of negotiating a new “memorandum of Understanding” with the administration that would provide Israel even more free weapons, in excess of $40 billion over a ten years period, paid by the hard working American tax payers.

With the tax exempt money of the American Jewish billionaires the Zionist terrorist gangs had occupied Palestinian land, perpetrated many massacres against Palestinians, evicted hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes and towns, leveled whole Palestinian towns to the ground, and established the terrorist state of Israel. Since 1948 the American tax money and weapons have been helping the terrorist state of Israel to perpetuate this savage oppressive occupation for the last 68 years.

The American Tax money enables Israel to impose apartheid policies by erecting the illegal apartheid prisoning wall over Palestinian occupied land, separating Palestinian families from their siblings and denying them access to their life-giving farm land. This tax money enables Israel to impose the inhuman siege against the Gaza Strip making the Strip the largest concentration prison camp ever, and a killing field for the Israeli experimental new weapons.

American tax money enables Israelis to assert their religious discriminatory distorted Judaic belief of their superiority as the so-called their (racist) god’s chosen people. They exercise aggressive discrimination against all gentiles all over the world, especially in the U.S., not only against Palestinians.

Our tax money and our weapons gifts are used by Israel to demolition Palestinian homes, to usurp Palestinian land in order to build their expansionist colonies, so-called settlements, to settle Jewish immigrants, who are usually aggressive heavily armed religiously extremists. They harass Palestinian civilians including young school children while on their way to school, attack Palestinian families during the night and burn their crops and fire bomb their homes, shoot their farm animals and poison their water wells.

As all these American gifts are not enough, the American foreign policy is totally biased towards Israel. American veto in the UN grants Israel protection against international laws, and impunity to commit more crimes, violations of human rights and international laws.

It is not only our tax money, weapons and technology that our administration pays for Israel’s benefits, but the administration has also been sacrificing American blood for the sake of Israeli terrorism and colonial expansion. The American soldiers are fighting Israel’s war against the Arab World in the Middle East. American young blood was cheaply spilled for Israel in Lebanon, in Kuwait, in Iraq, in Syria and in Libya.

The American administration finds itself reviled by most countries because it provides unconditional and uncritical support for Israeli numerous violations of the UN Charter, international laws, and the precepts of all major religious faiths. This blind support to Israel is totally against American national interest on every level; politically, economically and socially. American support of Israeli occupation of Palestine; the heart of the Arab world, gains America only Arab hostility.

Under the Zionist created Islamophobia and the myth of Judeo-Christian religious feelings, the American support for Israeli occupation of the most religious Islamic holy sites, and for Israel’s destructions of Islamic mosques and its hostile policies and covert wars against the Islamic World, Americans had won only the enmity of the Islamic World, who is calling America the Great Satan waging a renewed Crusading war, as previous President George Bush had described it, against the Islamic World.

Had the American aid to Israel that was spent on murder and destruction, been spent to invest and to improve the economy of the Arab and Islamic Worlds; investing in sectors such as humanitarian assistance, economic developments, democratic reform, improvement of water access and other infrastructures, in health care, education and vocational training, Americans would have easily won the hearts and the minds of those nations rather than their enmity.

We should not pay Israel to buy bullets, bombs, and bulldozers for the terrorist Israeli army to daily murder Palestinian youths in the streets of Palestinian cities right in bright daylight, to demolish their homes, to build their illegal colonies, to continue their colonial expansionist wars, and to wage covert wars against its Arab neighbors. The American tax money is needed right here in the U.S. to create jobs, to improve economy, to pay for medical coverage, to house the millions of homeless sleeping in the streets, to improve education, to help Veterans, who fought and sacrificed for us, to repair infrastructures within the main cities, such as the water pipes in Flint, Michigan that all presidential nominees talked about.

Our tax money payed to Israel is used to build Israeli colonies and housing projects while many American citizens cannot afford to keep paying their mortgage payment to keep their homes, and while our homeless crisis is growing with more and more homeless families living in a make shift tents along the banks of rivers.

Our tax money is used to pay for total medical coverage for every Israeli citizens since their childhood until their old age, while almost half of American citizens cannot afford to pay for partial medical coverage, and our senior Medicare program is facing gradual cuts every years.

Our tax money is used by Israeli government to pay cache money to Israeli families as social security for every child they have since its birth until the age of 18 years old, while many American children are born in poverty especially in Black and Latino communities.

Our tax money is used to pay for free education to Israeli students since their elementary schooling all the way to their university graduation, while our American educational system is faced with many major budget cuts, a high percentage of our students cannot afford to pay university tuitions, and many of our university students are burdened by high interest student loans.

Our tax money is used to pay for total medical coverage and rehabilitation of the murdering Israeli soldiers, while our American veterans don’t get the proper medical care they need and deserve.  Many American veterans are homeless sleeping in the streets freezing to death during winter’s snowy nights. Others face eviction because they don’t have enough money to pay the rent. Single parents veterans, and families of soldiers lost in action are in dire need, and deserve to get financial help.

Israel should be sanctioned, boycott and embargoed for violating the hundreds of UN resolutions, for developing their nuclear weapons programs having at least so far declared 200 nuclear bombs, for violating the human rights of Palestinians, for their daily murder of Palestinian teens in broad daylight, for their Mossad’s assassinations of human right activists in Palestine and around the whole world including here in the U.S., and for its terrorist direct and false flag attacks against many European countries and especially against the U.S., such as Lavon Affair, the attack on USS Liberty ship (also here, here and here), and the nuclear attack of 911.

Unfortunately, our American politicians on both political parties, and our presidents are actually paid Zionist agents working for the benefit of Israel not for the U.S. They all compete in calling for the unconditional blind support to Israel, and none of them dares to utter a word against Israel let alone imposing any kind of sanctions against Israel and would not stop sending our badly needed tax money to Israel.

If no American official sanctions could be imposed against Israel, then popular sanctions should be imposed by the American people. The administration had imposed debilitating sanctions against other countries because it was believed that they have weapons of mass destruction; nuclear bombs, and support terrorism. Israel is the only Middle Eastern government that have nuclear bombs and support and arm terrorist groups; ISIS and Al-Nusra. Palestinians had initiated a BDS movement calling on nations and non-governmental organizations to join the movement against Israeli terror and occupation of Palestine. Since the American people do not have the power to force their government to sanction Israel, it behooves them to offset our paid-to-Israel tax money by adopting a personal Israeli BDS movement and stop buying Israeli products.

image001Edited biography:

Elias Akleh is an Arab American from a Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit Jala. His family was first evicted from Haifa by the Israeli occupation during the 1948 “Nakba”, then evicted again from Beit Jala after the 1967 “Nakseh”. He lives now in the US and write about the conflicts in the Arab World.


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