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… by  Katherine Frisk

Dictatus Papae Vatican Manuscript
Dictatus Papae Vatican Manuscript

We have all heard about the Jewish Holocaust of Word War II and the Six Million lives that were lost. Then there are Holocaust deniers who contest this figure, some even claiming that there was no Holocaust and that those who died in the camps died from typhoid, among other diseases.

Between the one side screaming “anti-Semite” and the others screaming “Jewish Pig,” the reality of the situation has been successfully covered up.

War is far more complex than we are taught in history books. The good guys are not on one side and the bad guys on the other. There are good guys on both sides and bad guys on both sides, while the real bad guys, the engineers of war, the bankers and the arms industry who fund and support both sides duck behind a curtain of propaganda.

Religion, nationalism, race and politics are all interwoven together in the media for two purposes only — theft and genocide. No matter whose side you are on, if they can brainwash you into hating “the other,” they have a winning deck of cards and a few aces up their sleeve.

During WWII, both the Nazis and Jews were complicit in the extermination of millions of people, a fact that today is well covered up. Not only was it extermination, it was theft on a grand scale. From artwork and antiques, family heirlooms, gold and silver, crockery, cutlery, the spoils of war and the death camps turned the rightful owners into slave labor and then exterminated them. War is more often than not a highly lucrative business for the criminal and the truly insane.

Jews who were complicit justify their actions by claiming that they were fighting communism. However, Karl Marx, the father of communism was Jewish, and many of the Bolsheviks who murdered millions of Orthodox Russian Christians in the 1917 Russian Revolution and turned Russia atheist, were Jewish.

What is communism? It is theft by another name. Theft of religious identity, family bonding, property ownership and all private enterprise.

Communism the world over has been engineered by the same criminals and thieves who engineer both sides of every war.

Their communists move in, burn down religious institutions, arrest and genocide all academics and political activists and military leaders, impose strict censorship laws, remove private property laws, dumb down the population with Pavlovian education systems like Common Core and OBE, install slave labor; stir, mix.

Then, when the population has been ground down into submission into a poverty-stricken failed state, the communists move in with “Freedom and Democracy”, that is merely in reality Corporate Fascism, and they take over all the property and resources of that country. Corporate Fascism is a reverse image of Communism.

George Soros, a Jew, was co-opted to round Jews up in Hungary, as well as keeping records of the loot that was stolen. Over 70 years later, he is still on a mission to take over Eastern Europe, as his many Soros Foundation “color revolutions” testify to this day. The most recent color revolution was in Ukraine, where there is cooperation between the Nazi Avov Right Wing battalion and the ex-European Jewish families of Victoria Nuland (Kagan) , Dov Zakheim and Sheldon Adelson, to name a few.


Duality and its Offshoots


Joe Stalin and Heinrich Himmler were both Jesuits.

They were two sides of the Janus head, playing both ends against the middle for the same purpose — theft of religious and national identity, and theft of property — whether that be under an authoritarian, hegemonic, military Dictatorship or a Communist institution, with a one-size-fits-all religious, social, economic and political model.

Real democracy, real capitalism, real self-empowerment, real representation and a Constitution, Constitutional court and Bill of Rights are never the objectives.

In North America, unlike the dictatorship coups in South America, the Jesuits took a softer approach during the 20th century — Georgetown University, founded in 1789. For over 200 years, they have been training Jesuits in every religion and spiritual teaching. If you read the Jesuit oath, you can see how they work, and what their motivations are.

These Jesuits have then been sent out to infiltrate all religions and all spiritual groups. By now they have infiltrated every one of them and created more, including all the so-called “New Age”groups. Any real spiritual teaching does not focus on Genesis 2 (a misogynistic racist text), or the devil or satan for that matter.

This is seen as a demiurge, and of minor importance in the great scheme of things compared to Genesis 1. One of their tactics is to reintroduce this entity and focus people’s attention on it, creating guilt, fear, anxiety or stress, and attribute more importance to it and power than it really has. It is a form of reverse psychology.

If anything, they create the devils they profess to be against. They will also pervert any direct knowledge of God, and tell you that they are your only protector. And if they can make money out of you at the same time, all the better.

One of the few groups who are awake to them are the Quakers.


In the 21st century, the West is moving ever closer towards a unipolar, one-world Corporate Fascist system.

Nation Sate sovereignty as we perceive it to be was thrown under the bus over one hundred years ago. In its place we have had theft, persecution and genocide, and soon the Sith Lord’s council will be assembled in a One World Government.

The figures given for those who died in the camps in World War II are never accurate. Accuracy is difficult when there is no hard evidence, evidence that was successfully obliterated through the use of bars of lime (soap), which will dissolve a human body to the point where it disappears completely and is washed away in showers, and cremation that leaves only ashes to be scattered by the wind.

Hard evidence of at least over 12 million who were “genocided,” if not more, was made to vanish. This figure is most probably closer to 20 million in Eastern Europe alone — over and above the 20 million or more in Russia during the Nazi invasion.

The question we need to ask is, over and above the still disputed six million Jews, who were the other 14 million or more who lost their property, their possessions, their wealth and ultimately their lives? There are no monuments to them, there are no days of remembrance. They have been obliterated from the pages of history and labeled Gypsies, political dissidents, the physically disabled, the mentally retarded, the infirm and the old aged.

What I hope to do in this article is give a clearer picture of those who died. Other than the Jews.

The engineers of the Holocaust have never been fully exposed while the facts have been lost in screaming matches between the Zionist Talmud Jews and their propaganda machine and the pro Nazis who extol the virtues of Hitler.

Never mentioned in these slinging matches are Slavic Orthodox Christians, Greek Orthodox Christians, Russian Orthodox Christians, Protestants and Baptists. Eastern Europeans across Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, the Balkans, Greece and Russia. Never mentioned is the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits in particular. Where does the root of this acrimony between the Eastern Churches and the Western churches originate?

Hagia Sofia is a former Greek Orthodox basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, and a tourist draw
Hagia Sofia is a former Greek Orthodox basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, and a tourist draw

For over 1,000 years the Christian Church was a federal system, an Apostolic Church based on the passing down of leadership from the 12 Apostles through the generations.

In the late 12th century A.D the Dictatus papae changed all of that, and along with it came the feudal system, the Inquisition and the Holy Roman Empire. The Hagia Sofia in Constantinople was sacked by Vatican mercenaries funded by Jewish Bankers in Venice in the 13th century; the Cathar Crusade brought the independent principalities of the Languedoc under the control of the Roman Catholic French Kings; and an ongoing war against Moscow which became the protector of the Orthodox Christian faith, has raged ever since.

Here are the 27 points of the 1075 A.D. Dictatus papae as conceived by Pope Gregory VII. There is little spiritual in it, it is a political statement that has very little to do with a person called Jesus or his teachings — a man who turned the devil down when he was offered all the kingdoms of the world.

That the Roman church was founded by God alone.
That the Roman pontiff alone can with right be called universal.
That he alone can depose or reinstate bishops.
That, in a council his legate, even if a lower grade, is above all bishops, and can pass sentence of deposition against them.
That the pope may depose the absent.That, among other things, we ought not to remain in the same house with those excommunicated by him.

That for him alone is it lawful, according to the needs of the time, to make new laws, to assemble together new congregations, to make an abbey of a canonry; and, on the other hand, to divide a rich bishopric and unite the poor ones.
That he alone may use the imperial insignia.
That of the pope alone all princes shall kiss the feet.
That his name alone shall be spoken in the churches.
That this title [Pope] is unique in the world.

That it may be permitted to him to depose emperors.
That he may be permitted to transfer bishops if need be.
That he has power to ordain a clerk of any church he may wish.
That he who is ordained by him may preside over another church, but may not hold a subordinate position; and that such a one may not receive a higher grade from any bishop.
That no synod shall be called a general one without his order.

That no chapter and no book shall be considered canonical without his authority.
That a sentence passed by him may be retracted by no one; and that he himself, alone of all, may retract it.
That he himself may be judged by no one.
That no one shall dare to condemn one who appeals to the apostolic chair.
That to the latter should be referred the more important cases of every church.

That the Roman church has never erred; nor will it err to all eternity, the Scripture bearing witness.
That the Roman pontiff, if he have been canonically ordained, is undoubtedly made holy by the merits of St. Peter; St. Ennodius, bishop of Pavia, bearing witness, and many holy fathers agreeing with him. As is contained in the decrees of St. Symmachus the pope.
That, by his command and consent, it may be lawful for subordinates to bring accusations.
That he may depose and reinstate bishops without assembling a synod.
That he who is not at peace with the Roman church shall not be considered catholic.
That he may absolve subjects from their fealty to wicked men.

The Holocaust was in effect the result of Dictatus papae, which is far removed from the early Christian Church which was an Apostolic movement. The Pope now gave himself all the kingdoms of the world and designated himself the title of Christ’s representative on earth.

Croatian Catholic Monks and Nazi salute
Croatian Catholic Monks and Nazi salute

In the 20th century according to The Vatican Holocaust:

“The Holocaust– the mass sacrifice of over eighteen million innocent Protestants, Orthodox Christians, ethnic Jews and minority groups by burning several million of them alive in ovens in Poland and Russia less than seventy years ago by Catholic dictators represents the largest and most expensive act of mass human sacrifice in history.

So vast were the military and logistical resources ordered to be deployed to this “Great Inquisition” from Rome from 1939 to 1945 that it played a major part to the eventual downfall of the Nazi Third Reich. The effort to efficiently sacrifice the largest number of non-Catholics in 24 x 7 purpose-built ovens (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) was a massive logistical effort, not the least of which required the complete genealogy analysis of most of Europe.

If not for the genius of fledgling American technology companies such as Innovative Business Machines, who created the first computers for the task of confirming who were to be saved and who were to be slaughtered, and if not for the hundreds of millions of dollars in research by pharmaceutical companies in advance nerve agents to render people unconscious in “gas” chambers for easy transport to the ovens, then the plan would have been impossible.

But most of all, if not for the willing and complicit support by Allied leaders not to interfere with the Vatican project, the Nazis managed to kill more innocent people by fire in 1944 and 1945 than all the other years combined.

Twenty million people could have been murdered the same as many other dictators had done throughout in history, simply by mass murder and burial or the bodies disposed by creating great pits as was done during the plagues of Europe hundreds of years before, which killed ten times more people.

Yet the evil charade, that the Holocaust was merely a hatefully racist, expedient, Nazi system of “cost saving” extermination, remains the accepted view — an absurdity that defies all the evidence to the contrary. That the main architects of this terrible period remain protected to this day is a mockery to the memory of every single Jew, every Russian Orthodox, every Greek Orthodox, every Protestant, every Baptist and every person sacrificed in the ovens.”


Enter the Globalist Tool, ISIL


In the 21st century we have the rise of Daesh/ISIL, supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Turkey, US and NATO.

Many of the main targets of persecution, other than the Torah Jews, the Sunni Muslims who do not support Wahhabism and the Shiite Muslims, have been various groups of Orthodox Christians not under the authority of Rome.

Their genocide has extended from Libya across Egypt to Syria, parts of Iraq, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. These are some of the oldest Christian communities in the world going back 2,000 years.

Greece that was once the centre of Christianity, the churches mentioned in Revelation since been taken of by the Turks and now part of western Turkey, has been dealt with by repeated engineered fascist dictatorships in the 20th century. A Goldman Sachs-engineered destruction of their economy and a Soros-funded refugee invasion of their country in the 21st century has been instituted for the total destruction of what once was the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire centered in Constantinople, now Istanbul.

In Ukraine, the Roman Catholic Nazi Avov battalions, along with support from Zionist Talmud Jewish factions and Islamic Jihadists, burn down Orthodox Christian churches and persecute Orthodox Christian Russians in Eastern Ukraine.


21st Century Inquisitions

The Inquisition is still ongoing, as is the unipolar Holy Roman Empire driven by Washington, Wall Street, Brussels, the City of London and the Vatican. The EU is their brain child, as is the New Corporate Fascist World order, a one-world bank, one world religion and the TTP and the TTIP agreements that will do away with nation state sovereignty, any constitution, a Bill of Rights, private enterprise and private property ownership. A feudal system controlled by a conglomerate of corporations.

Even if the Vatican shuts down tomorrow, those who have controlled it for almost 1,000 years, the not so Nobel families not only in Europe but around the world, have in the last 100 years hoarded away vast quantities of gold which they have kept out of the hands of the general population.

Their altars are now desks on the top floor of buildings owned by banks and corporations. They have changed their masks from kings and priests to one of CEOs and offshore trust accounts.

Politicians are their stooges, and often, literally, their illegitimate children. Political parties are their marketing armies there to convince voters that the legislation that they pass is beneficial when in reality it is only to the benefit of the corporations. And if that fails to convince the general population and control them, then they will have them at each others throats, engineer a civil war and obliterate all opposition.

The prize they are after has nothing to do with God or religion, Moses, Jesus or Mohammed. It has nothing to do with “Freedom and Democracy”, human rights, civil rights and due process of the law. Education, health care, minimum wage, preservation of the ecology. The prize they are after is the Pacific Rim countries, Eurasia and the Silk Road, and the vast resources of Russia and Africa, along with total world domination via theft.

The Second Coming is here, and it is now we who attempt to whip the money lenders on Wall Street; we who rage at the Herodian Kings sitting in their corporate fascist boardrooms; we who defy the High priest who cries “herectic!”, when he himself has never walked in the shoes of the fisherman but who has taken the devil’s offer of owning all the kingdoms of the world in a universal “Catholic State” — an offer that Jesus turned down in the wilderness.

How many will their Roman Legions genocide this time?

And when we have the opportunity to save each other, will we choose the thief Barabbas and betray both ourselves and Jesus once more?



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