Lavrov optimistic that diplomacy can solve global conflicts



Lavrov: Diplomacy experiences renaissance, logic of coercion yields to dialogue

… from  TASS,  Moscow

A younger Sergei Lavrov, swimming with glasses on
A younger Sergei Lavrov, swimming with glasses on

[ Editor’s Note: Lavrov takes the stage as the grand diplomatic professor at the opening of the Diplomatic Club in Moscow this week. I have to salute his optimism, as I am more of a cynic than he is. What talented diplomats construct, evil and corrupt politicians and their colleagues in Intelligence and even the military can undo.

But he is right to focus on what was accomplished, and what we avoided because wise diplomats steered their ships of state away from the rocks, at least some of the time. Avoiding some disasters is better than none at all.

My biggest beef with Sergei is he never really hammers on my pet peeve, how state-sponsored terrorism is the wellspring of the terrorism scourge. He just nibbles around the edges now and then, but never sinks his teeth in.

The religious fanatics and criminal elements that are sucked in are just tools and cannon fodder, as are their officers. Without state actors to support them, and the list is long, all the talk about defeating terrorism is frankly a lot of hot air. The countries involved in this must face a two-front attack to defeat them… domestic opposition in concert with international opposition, and more critically, senior international statesmen in the lead.

Lavrov has the top diplomatic reputation on the planet, and no one could lead this counter attack more then he. But I understand he works for the Russian Federation, not the world. But he must know, like I know, that containing the problem is not fixing it. You leave the enemy in the field time to learn more, adapt, and invent new tactics for a never ending war… Jim W. Dean ]


Lavrov - working the crowd on his arrival at the Club
Lavrov – working the crowd on his arrival at the Club

– First published  …  June 01,  2016

Diplomacy is experiencing renaissance today, and personal contacts are a key instrument in the effort to solve global problems, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday at the ceremony of formal opening of the Diplomatic Club in the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy.

“Communication probably remains the key instrument to overcome difficulties,” Lavrov said. “New communications tools will never replace direct face-to-face conversation. This helps promote some kind of mutual understanding, helping achieve mutually acceptable solutions.”

“On the whole, diplomacy today is going through a renaissance,” he said.

Lavrov said the logic of coercion, ultimatums, condescending conversations “gradually, very slowly, is yielding to the understanding that it is necessary to communicate.”

“Long conversations are held in various formats, including with participation of heads of state, foreign ministers, other representatives of states,” he said. “During these contacts, agreements that may influence improvement of the global landscape are worked out.”

Lavrov hopes for balanced approach to settling conflicts in Syria, Ukraine Sergey Lavrov hopes that the determination to achieve balanced solutions will gain the upper hand in settling current conflicts, including those in Syria and Ukraine.

“International relations are at a turning point, at a stage of forming new multi-polar, a multi-centric system, which is expected to reflect the ever more complex nature of the modern world and to address the emerging challenges common to all more effectively,” Lavrov said. He was speaking at the opening of the diplomatic club at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s diplomatic academy on Wednesday.

He believes that only concerted action can produce response to global threats.

“Attempts at trying to do that differently, through unilateral measures, have resulted in nothing good,” he said. “This means that diplomacy is emerging in the forefront in the process of identifying solutions that would suit one and all.”

“Last year’s events shows that there where all parties demonstrated the sincere wish to achieve harmonious solutions based on a balance of interests agreements accommodating everybody’s interests were achieved,” Lavrov said. As an example he mentioned the agreements on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program, chemical disarmament in Syria, and the establishment of a framework for the political settlement of the Syrian crisis and for overcoming the crisis in Ukraine.

“I do hope that this kind of approach will eventually prevail in tackling all problems resulting from numerous conflicts – those in Syria, Ukraine, the Middle East, Africa and other spots on the globe.



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