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by Speer-Williams –


Today, one percent of the people in the United States (plus the 0.001%  of the world’s elite) are dedicated to creating as much chaos, misery, and death as is possible. Attempting to gentrify those soulless thugs is an utter waste of time and effort.

Numerically balancing those crazed and certifiable psychopaths there is another one percent of Americans who daily find proofs of crimes in high places and hotly disagree with them.

In between that rigid dichotomy sleeps the bulk of US humanity, the ninety-eight percent. Apathetic and ignorant, these poor souls do not know what to think so they do not think. Their sad indifference adds much weight to the order of the day – a severe oppression of the ninety-nine percent of us.

The destructive and parasitic one-percenters have other advantages: their universal control of money and credit, their ubiquitous media, their schools, churches, medicine, and science, and, of course, their control of national governments.

How large a cohesive force do you think our enlightened and brave one-percenters would have to be to mount a serious challenge to the controlling one-percenters?

Historians tell us that the Colonies of America had a population of two and a half million people, with only a third of them actually supporting our revolution against the foreign bankers and their vassal state of Great Britain.

A sudden increase of the informed freedom fighters leaping from one percent to thirty-three percent seems unrealistic … until one takes into account the World Wide Web, something our freedom-fighting colonists did not have.

Perhaps the Internet carries more potential for freedom, justice, and equality than most of us realize – a potentiality that has not escaped the notice of the evil one-percenters who control or heavily influence the governments of the world.

Why else has our government been proclaiming that the Internet is now badly broken and must quickly be corrected?

A free and open Internet is perhaps our best weapon against tyranny. Such a free Internet promotes the spread of constructive ideas, drives entrepreneurship, encourages and advances innovation, and protects our freedom of speech.

Certainly something this valuable to the people would be attacked by the enemies of the people. The light of truth must be denied to the people in order to keep them enslaved.

But …

darknessWhy else have we seen the quick and vast militarization of our local police departments with advanced and sophisticated weaponry such as Laser Blinding Dazzlers, Tasers on Steroids, and Microwaves (that pierce our skulls)?

Or how about MRAPs – armored personnel carriers that transport armored police with automatic weapons loaded with hollow-point bullets?*

*Hollow-point bullets do not just go through human organs; they shred them into pieces.

The foreign bankers who control our federal government are in fear of our stalwart one-percenters swiftly expanding to thirty-three percent. Why else would they have launched such a false mainstream media campaign against qualified Americans owning firearms?

Matthew Bracken, in his excellent book Enemies Foreign and Domestic, explains when and where law-abiding citizens have been denied guns, and the consequences. When guns are outlawed only criminals and governments will have them.*


1911: Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.

1929: The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, 40-60 million “class enemies,” unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.

1935: China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million Chinese “class enemies,” unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.

1956: Cambodia established gun control. From 1975 to 1977, one million “class enemies,” unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.

1966-1976:  China still had gun control. Millions more “class enemies,” still unable to defend themselves, were exterminated.

1990s: Rwanda established gun control. In 100 days in 1994, over 800,000 Tutsis, unable to defend themselves, were exterminated by machete-wielding Hutus backed by armed government militias.

The radical left in America knows of the gun confiscation history above and that is the reason they are so hysterical about enacting strict gun controls – it is part of their mass genocidal agenda. But, they first need a pliable population.

Why else would the powers-to-be (the International Bankers) enforce fluoride into our drinking water, soft drinks, and processed foods?

Both the governments of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia used fluoride as a light lobotomy on their political prisoners to reduce their power to resist domination.*

*Fluoridation of drinking water, soft drinks, and foods has been going on in America for over half a century.

The foreign bankers have also destroyed what was once the grandest economy in recorded history. Since the inception of their Federal Reserve System in 1913, the US dollar has lost ninety-five percent of its value.

Our welfare/warfare state, brought about by the bankers of the Federal Reserve System has destroyed our economy.

Welfarism is far from being the ideal solution for helping the poor. Providing tax benefits for those companies – large and small – that provide jobs for the unemployed is a far superior and more workable resolution than the government handing out welfare checks and food stamps.

Taxing the affluent to give to the poor reduces societies to their lowest common denominators from which there is little chance of any economic recovery and is the real  reason for welfarism. Do you think that that the foreign bankers who control the American government care a whit about our poor? If you do, then you are in need of much remedial study.

Today, many people in the United States cannot pay their monthly bills; they are moving ever closer to joining the starving masses of the world – all thanks to the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

Congressman Louis T. McFadden Born: 1876 Assassinated: 1936
Congressman Louis T. McFadden
Born: 1876
Assassinated: 1936

What have the demagogues in the American government done for our economy or for the starving masses of humanity?

They are reducing the hungry of the world by killing them with bullets, rockets, and bombs, while making their home lands radioactive for the next four and a half billion years  with DU munitions (depleting uranium).

Could not the hundreds of billions of dollars our government spends a year on killing people be better spent on our own country, making it more livable?*

*Factual note: The typical American worker has to work for a full month to earn as much money as one of the International Banker’s corporation’s CEOs is paid in one hour. Both the Democrat and Republican political parties support the bankers who are causing this form of fascism.

Now most Americans are too stressed over their mounting bills to give much attention to their lost freedoms or their country’s hideous crimes against humanity.

Why do American Marines guard the opium crops in Afghanistan if not to addict millions of Americans to heroine and to thus populate the US prisons with slave labor?

US/NATO/Israeli intelligence agencies create, fund, equip, and direct Middle Eastern terrorist groups to justify the endless US War on Terror and to unite a benighted public behind a criminal American government.

Why else are we given a never- ending stream of sports coverage, along with the latest happenings in Hollywood, except to distract us from the real problems of our day?

Why else are Americans made sick with leaking nuclear power plants,  exposed nuclear fuel rods, vaccines, chemtrails, prescription drugs, and chemical-laden GMO foods, except to make us apathetic about our even more serious problems?

Now with staggering speed America is being transformed into a Soviet or Stasi-styled police state. We are spied upon around the clock, with what looks to be camps for future internment scattered around the country for those who are awake to the massive subversion of our country.

For decades, Americans have been systematically betrayed by their government, media, and major institutions at an ever increasing rate of speed.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America, we are being ground into scraps to be disposed of by our government, no matter if you recognize it or not.

For those who are distracted or feeble of mind, the bonds that are restricting them are still too weak to cause a panic – but the restraints are hardening. And soon enough such go-along-to-get-along types will feel the pinch of manacles, and then the suffocation of body chains.

Knowledge protects. Ignorance endangers.

But perhaps we can say that the most serious assault on us yet is the attempt to eliminate our computer freedoms, thus cutting off our vital ability to wage a peaceful info-war against those who have long been seeking to impoverish, enslave, and kill us.

Americans – for the most part – are childlike, knowing little of their national history, allowing thieving politicians to bankrupt their nation (and themselves), while being robbed of their Christian culture.

What positive prospects are there for Americans? None whatsoever if they lose their most vital organ – a free Internet.

In the meantime, people in our government and media claim there is something called digital terrorism that must be combated. I say the US government has already committed too many crimes in their alleged attempt to “prevent” terrorism.

Others say the Internet is broken.

The Internet is only broken for those who intend to eliminate most of us while enslaving the rest.

Any person in the government or the media who professes that the Internet is broken and in need of governmental repair is our enemy and is a traitor to mankind.

Like all US legislation, regulations, and Executive Orders, expect any attacks on our Internet freedoms to be called something constructive. These self-styled designations will be wholly inappropriate and meant to deceive.

Net Neutrality is perhaps another governmental scam, meant to increase the United States Federal Communication Commission’s under-handed control over the Internet.

What would the implementation of Net Neutrality likely mean in real terms for American freedom fighters?

At best, we would retain our isolated voices.

At worst? We would lose our voices, while in prisons or in graveyards.

Expect to hear about how Internet hackers have become a major cyber security threat, who could bring down our orbiting spacecraft or the US power grid.

It is guaranteed that in the coming months, you will hear a lot of noise as to why government intervention into the World Wide Web is an absolute must.

Expect agents from our many US intelligence “services” to do what they usually do: covertly create false flag attacks. This time blaming them all on a broken Internet that must be fixed (read controlled).

US government regulation of the Internet (or of anything else) might be made to sound like a good idea, but implementation of it will prove to be a blow to our freedoms, and perhaps our lives.

In our discernment of truth, we should take note of what is being well publicized, as it is likely to be propaganda – such is life with a controlled mainstream media* and a despotic government.

*Like television, the Internet is dominated with cultural Marxist propaganda. The Net features the inappropriately named Social Justice Warriors, who are merely misguided delinquents who are paid to act like hooligans in support of some sort of outrageous cultural Marxist nonsense.

Trying to educate, or even gentrify, those soulless thugs in a humanistic sense is an utter waste of time and effort.

The Net is still, however, currently our only source of some truths.

There are informed and dedicated patriots who have claimed that US freedom fighters number more than one percent. I hope they are right, as America needs well-intended, bright, and brave people as never before in her history.

libertyToday, real patriots are considered to be home-grown terrorists by far too many bureaucrats in what used to be our federal government, when the federal government was made up of sovereign states.*

*Freedom comes to us by how much voice we have in our government. We can more easily be heard by our state government, than by a huge central government, especially one that has consistently worked against our best interests.

One of the major reasons the International Bankers funded both sides in our Civil War (but finally pulled the funding of the South) was to once and for all eliminate our rights as states.

Even the Civil Rights battles, brought to our country by President Dwight David Eisenhower in the 1950s, had far more to do with ending State Rights than advancing rights for our Black Americans. As has been said before, the powers-to-be give not a whit for the Blacks, homosexuals, or Jews; they all are merely political footballs to be kicked around to further the interests of a New World Order.

In any case, our main battle is for the hearts and minds of Middle America – if indeed those people have any hearts, minds, morals, or ethics left.

We are in for some undeniably hard times; there is probably no way to escape that. But we can pass on to our younger generations what freedom, justice, and prosperity was once like, thus keeping alive the great American dream.

Remember the immortal lyrics of Janis Joplin …

Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose.

Are we not children of the most high?


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