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Truth, like gold, is not to be obtained by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”Leo Tolstoy  (you have to ponder this for a bit…JD)


Our partnership with NEO is part of the international bridge building that is needed to beat the Brezinski Jihadis
Our partnership with NEO is part of the international bridge building that is needed to beat the Brzezinski Jihadis

[ Note: I would like to thank NEO for publishing this, when so many publications would not. I believe it is time to move on from these “wolves in sheep’s clothing” medicine-show men who have promoted endless international conflict to serve certain interests that did not include the rest of us.

It is not enough to be their critics. Everything that they stood for needs to be deconstructed, which will include pulling out by the roots the “stay behind” operatives that still exist, their network of think tanks here in the US and in Europe.

We we are all plantation animals to these people, knock-off goyim for the non-Jews among them, “born but to serve” as the Talmud verse proclaims. Without a strong determination, serious funding, and professional organization, it will never happen, and we will then have to share the blame for what happens.

As a general cannot win war by feeding one company of troops at a time into the battle, neither can we have any real impact if all we do is snipe at them on the internet. We have to get within bayonet range, metaphorically in terms of affecting their historical reputationsJWD ]


– First published  …  June 09, 2016

Is is not time to move on from Ziggy's Great Game chess game where he is the grand master?
Is is not time to move on from Ziggy’s Great Game chess match where he is the grand master?

A reader forwarded to me Brzezinski’s latest missive, where he attempts to play the grand chess master who thinks he is a move or two ahead of the competition. But he is not. Sadly Ziggy is behind the geopolitical curve in not being able to give up his old ways, and yet wanting to play the wise old man passing his wisdom on to the rest us, who frankly are tired of his endless machinations.

His latest article for The American Interest is entitled, Strategic vision toward a global realignment, a typical Ziggy topic. Step number one in Intel analysis would be to see who Ziggy is hanging out with at American Interest, and a surprise it was; just three others, Eliot Cohen, Yoshihiro Fukuyama, and for some old world flavor, Josef Joffe, publisher of Die Zeit, all old Brzezinski friends.

In short, it’s a NeoCon mob, although Fukuyama has “distanced himself” from that old gang, but not really.

Eliot Cohen was co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, the flagship for the post-Cold War academics wanting to lead the charge to take over the planet, and providing some intellectual cover for it all. Frankly, for what these four have contributed to the world, they could be the reincarnation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Cohen ran with the “let’s go to war crowd” during the Bush (43) years, like Richard Perle. They are all Ivy League educated, mostly Harvard, the Rand Corp, and all the grooming stops for people being moved up the line to serve the military industrial complex as “strategic thinkers”.

Eliot Cohen
Eliot Cohen

These fellas are about as independent as my three cats who never forget who feeds them. When you look at the war crowd’s publishing credentials, you see the usual NeoCon echo chamber, where positions that are being driven by special interests are given a consensus robe to wear, what the smart folks think. And I have to say this works, otherwise they would not keep doing it.

But I must share with you that putting on theatrical, “independent” debates is an important intelligence operation; and most countries who can invest in these traveling medicine man shows do so. Public opinion is a way too dangerous thing to leave in the hands of the public.

We all live in an age now, even in so called “democratic” countries, where the public is treated as a potential enemy by government, and is then is subject to being led down the correct path. And all the classic war time psychological operational tools are fair game for bringing in the sheep.

Ziggy loves to write his “how I view the world” pieces using a point numbering format, like you would use when dealing with children where you would be testing them afterwards on the material. Ziggy delivers like God giving the ten commandments to Moses; in this case the “basic truths” or verities, a term no one uses in English anymore, other than poetry.

He starts out with his favorite “emerging redistribution of global political power” theme that he loves, as it provides endless writing material. But incredibly, he gives a twist by anchoring it with “the violent political awakening in the Middle East”… signaling the coming of a new global realignment.

One thing you cannot deny about Ziggy is that he has remained close to power politics
One thing you cannot deny about Ziggy is that he has remained close to power politics

He is pitching this as a new thing, despite that the terror-driven conflicts we see going on now were birthed on Ziggy’s watch during the Jimmy Carter years, when the US and Saudi Arabia teamed up to unleash Wahhabism, via the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan acting as cannon fodder troops to pull a Vietnam number on Russia.

In a later section, on the slaughter that Colonialism brought to the world, he lays the one million killed at the doorstep of the Russians, when they were the invited guests of the Afghan government when they went in, similar to what happen with Syria in October 2015.

Dear Ziggy, this cheap shot went over like a lead balloon. Your name is on the virtual tombstones of those dead Afghans, and you have bragged in your books about how cool an idea it was to lead the Russians to defeat in a land that had swallowed British armies before.

He goes on to describe how Russia, if it plays its card right still has the potential to become “a leading European nation-state”. China, on the other hand, is posed as an “eventual co-equal and likely rival” to the US, a preposterous claim which avoids explaining how China is going to catch up to America’s 750+ worldwide foreign military bases, while China only has one.

And why would China want to waste money building a huge foreign military infrastructure when it can do the Silk Road project with tremendously more benefits to China, Eurasia, and all the countries on the routes of both the land and sea based routes?

Richard Perle is another long time buddy. At VT most of our sources would not talk to us if we were "close" to such people
Richard Perle is another long time buddy of his – at VT most of our sources would not talk to us if we were “close” to such people

China, like Russia, is on defense when it comes to its military power. That is all they can both afford to do and still keep funding the civilian infrastructure to build economic security for their people. This is why Putin as repeatedly said Russia will not get sucked into an arms race.

His five initial verities are nothing more than his set up for his transition to the clincher: “The United States must take the lead in realigning the global power architecture in such a way that the violence erupting within and being projected beyond the Mideast…to other parts of the Third World…can be contained without destroying the global order.”

This is an incredible statement as I know Ziggy is privy to some high Intel briefings. He has to know that US, British, French, Israeli, Turkish, German, Saudi and some of the other Gulf State Intel agencies have been the main state-sponsors of terror in the regions, a carryover from the Cold War which the longest serving Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara once described as “anything but cold”.

Boko Haram has been running around Africa for years now communicating via satellite phones which are not an easy thing to get when you are a terrorist, and even harder when you want to buy service from a satellite provider that is required to ID you quite carefully.

And what could be easier than tapping the sat phone of obvious Boko Haram people that you can easily spot by their GPS locations and listening to a few calls? All of these satellite communication are sucked up by the NSA.

The West could have been drone bombing the Boko Haram people to smithereens using their sat phones for locating them and picking a good meeting time, like when they were going to go out on another village-slaughter and kidnapping raid. But this intervention has not been done because those who could do it are benefiting from its not being done. The mayhem serves some purpose for them.

Why does not corporate media cover the scandal of how terror groups like Boko Haram terrorists use sat phones like they were an NGO?
Why does not corporate media cover the scandal of how terror groups like Boko Haram are able to use sat phones like they were NGOs ? They are obviously being “allowed” to do so.

One of the reasons for Africa being targeted is that space technology long ago discovered that Africa is floating on an ocean of oil, and the world petroleum powers would really prefer the interior remain too dangerous for development to take place. But Brzezinski is the last one to tell you any of this, as it is classified.

He then begins to unveil what his spin goal is with all this, by posing that American cannot effectively deal with the current Middle Eastern violence if it does not have a coalition that includes Russia and China.

Ziggy omits acknowledging that Putin has been calling for a full multinational real war on terror, and has been generally ignored by the US, as it has even refused to coordinate anti-terrorism efforts in Syria.

In another low blow, Brzezinski tries to smear Russia using the worn out claim that if Russia stopped invading its neighbors, Ukraine, Georgia, Crimea, even including the Baltic States, that it would have more time to fight terrorism. He is diverting attention from the tremendous Russian counter terrorism success in Syria which exposed the US coalition’s make believe effort.

He does on to give China a diplomatic spanking for not getting involved militarily in fighting terrorism in other countries, when it has a long history and a key plank of its foreign policy, of not getting involved in the domestic affairs of other countries, other than economically. He also poses the American partner role of China to help contain global terror, but of course as a junior partner.

But why would China want to be partners with one of the state sponsors of terror, to help provide them cover? Russia might be willing to do it, even if some state-sponsored terrorism continues, as long the growing cancerous independent version can be curtailed.

These Pansiki Gorge Chechen Jihadis are some of the baddest boys around, and are Western sponsored to boot, part of "destabilizing" Russia
These Pankisi Gorge Chechen Jihadis are some of the baddest boys around, and are Western-sponsored to boot – part of “destabilizing” Russia

Some of our current terrorism scourge has seen spawned from Brzezinski’s early earlier Muslim terrorism efforts, such as the Chechens, who still have US contractor-supported training bases in the Pankisi Gorge area of the Republic of Georgia, a rather overt US terrorism effort on Russia’s border, not to mention the bio-weapons laboratory that was in Tbilisi.

The new geopolitical framework that Brzezinski is calling for has already been taking place and West is going to war against it with NATO expansion, Obama’s Asian Pivot, and rearming Japan, and trade wars.

That framework is a multi-polar one that is not a fake Western group construct with the US as the plantation owner and few major European states as overseers.

The West does not want a world framework where it cannot dominate policy, and is willing to use both economic and military means to make sure it can. Hence we see people like Ziggy and The American Interest being trotted out to play their assigned demonization role to hint to wayward nations what their assigned roles should be.

Western patronization is not leadership. The world wants none of it, and neither do the Western people They want a new global order without the Western leadership we currently have.

Both of the top US presidential candidates have very high negativity ratings. EU leadership is another wasteland. They are universally not trusted and no one wants your new global order Ziggy with any of them involved, or you and your NeoCon friends for that matter.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VT, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



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