Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Human Disposal Operations (Part II)


by  Preston James


In part one the top secret Khazarian Mafia (KM) disposal ops to use, abuse, weaken and dispose of American Soldiers was disclosed. In Part II, you will learn that the construction of ISIS was a KM covert operation designed to dispose of Al Qaeda, highly paid mercenaries and mind-kontrolled extremists sheep-dipped to appear as Islamic fundamentalists.


As many VT readers and numerous seasoned Intel officers know, the Khazarian Mafia (KM) continues to replay their same covert operations over and over again.

Why? Because the KM Select Few top crime Kingpins who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy, set top policies and pull the strings, always like to use techniques that have been proved in the real world.

The KM uses the same covert op methodologies that have a well-established record of successful deployment because believe this minimizes risk of failure in their operations.

Why try new things, when the old proved methods that have a great track record of effectiveness are usually a sure thing?

3d230d44-320x2852The inter-generational Khazarian Mafia Game Plan

Here is the Khazarian Mafia game plan which was used to destroy Russia and mass-murder over 100 million innocent Russians beginning in 1917, to build up the Nazis and drag the world into a war which resulted in another 55 million recorded deaths (probably much more), and to build up Maoist China and mass-murder well over another 100 million innocent civilians:

1- Use massive amounts of RKM Fiat script (“Fake money”) provided by large Wall Street RKM franchise Banks to raise up an arm a secret army. Sometimes this is done to raise up two opposing armies at the same time, or one secret army to battle with a designated “national security” risk, a synthetically created army that can be later morphed into mercenary terrorists and extremists and used a focal point to garner international opposition.

2- These terrorist armies are mind-kontrolled by various sophisticated means, some psychotronic such as pulsed beam microwaves, including “Voice of God”, and biological chemical means. In this way, these secret armies can be transformed from freedom fighters into “terrorists” who do outrageous atrocities against innocents.

3- Yes, real atrocities are done, but even more are morphed fake videos done in front of green screen by Khazarian Mafia actors to prepare numerous propaganda films to be distributed through the KM’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) as a major set of psyops on the American People. These real and faked narratives are then used to manipulate Americans into sacrificing their soldiers as cannon-fodder, weakened and any survivals disposed of also, or rendered disabled or isolated.

Syrian rebel training
Syrian rebel training

4- These synthetically engineered wars are based on synthetically engineered terrorists and so-called Islamic extremists, most of whom if not all are seriously mind-kontrolled and drugged mercenaries and street urchin abandoned children picked up and trained in special Saudi camps under Mossad direction. These wars then produce vast profits for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, private City of London-run, franchised central banks, and for their favored, associated defense contractors, which are usually “no bid”. But more than that, numerous nations with vast natural resources like oil, strategic minerals and secret Alien ET artifacts are then destabilized and subsequently cleared by these synthetic war efforts.

5- When the dust clears, the KM-associated key corporations (about 147 of them each with interlocked Boards of Directors comprised of mostly the same players over and over again), then can easily gain access to a county’s valuable resources for mere pennies on a dollar, while being protected by the Allied armies who were sent there to supposedly “bring democracy and freedom” to this unfortunate nation that came into the KM’s gun-sights. In the process, most of these so-called terrorists (most mercenaries) are either killed, wounded, disabled or transferred to other nations to be deployed again for the KM, as the cycle is repeated.

6- The Khazarian Mafia knows it can keep redeploying these “Blackwater-type mercenaries” until they are used up. This keeps them distracted, and the very large monthly payments they receive is a great reward to keep them on board. Were these well-trained mercenaries not redeployed until they were used up, they could easily become a serious threat to the KM itself, and especially the KM Kingpins (the Select Few) in the USG and the Foundations and think-thanks that really run it, like the CFR.


Now for an explanation of how this age-old methodology of the KM was used to construct and deploy ISIS using al Qaeda and Blackwater types.

There were lots of well trained, well armed al Qaeda mercenaries left over in the Mideast after the second Gulf War. The KM was afraid they would join up with other Arab nations and become a serious threat to Israel.

So they decided to hire them once again, expand their ranks with mentally retarded and seriously mind-kontrolled dupes, arm them with large amounts of US Military arms and equipment left behind on purpose for the KM to give to these mercenaries, and deploy them against their primary targets: Assad, Syria, and Iran.

And these six major mass media corporations are KM controlled and function as an illegal News Monopoly that specializes in KM big lies, false-narratives and propaganda used to mind-kontrol, psyop, deceive and manipulate the masses into wars of aggression and profit for the KM and its 147 “crony” international corporations. behind these wars are sophisticated human disposable operations with secondary purposes.

The KM had been distributing massive propaganda based on big lies and false-narratives through the CMMM that Assad was a nasty tyrant and torturing and murdering his own people and deploying poisonous gas.

Contrary to the propaganda, it was these ISIS mercenaries doing so with the help of the CIA and Turkey. And the false-narrative that Iran was working 24/7 to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal and was going to have one in mere weeks was also based on big KM lies dispensed by their CMMM. Iran is not seeking nuclear bombs, but is working hard on developing safe, cheap nuclear electrical power, that’s all.

But the KM and its main action-agent, Israel, want to clear out Iran and Syria so they can run pipelines for crude oil and natural gas to Europe instead of Russia. And they are doing everything they can to try and provoke Russia into WW3 with America, because they believe they will then be left controlling the Mideast completely.

But Putin and Russian Federation have been far too crafty and well-informed to fall into this trap, which would pit the Russian Federation against America in one big disposal op to get rid of both. Putin completely checkmated the KM’s ISIS in the Mideast, by fully exposing that it is a CIA, Mossad, Turkish, Saudi covert operation based on massive crimes against humanity.

And all over the world, we now have the newly emergent, growing and quite powerful Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) social justice movement against Israeli Apartheid of Palestinians.

This has freaked out the KM and the Israelis, and in a panic, they decided to use ISIS to completely destabilize the Mideast in Iraq and Syria (and numerous nations in Africa too), and then use KM Globalist NWO Cutouts like George Soros to funnel KM money to pay to transport these displaced folks from the Mideast and Africa to Europe.

The game plan here is to embed mind-kontrolled, mildly retarded and trained young males in these immigrants who will sexually abuse European women.

A well-planned EU immigration crises is a sophisticated attempt to suppress the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (BDS) in Europe against Israeli Apartheid of Palestinians.

Mind-kontrolled dupes are deployed to function as sexual abusers and rapists of young European women and girls after they are inserted in these immigrant masses and transported into European nations.

Meanwhile the key European leaders have been completely mind-kontrolled by Psychotronic and chemical/biological means to not only allow these immigrant/refugees, but to welcome them and accept their ways as superior to each nation’s culture and practices.

This is all done under “induced” political correctness, which is so extreme in these leaders and their officials who surround them, it is patently absurd.

The purpose of this is to serve as a replay of the psyops of WW1, which was used to process Germany and transform it into a Fascist nation. And that is what the KM is intending to do to these European nations, especially Germany, Norway and Sweden, as the public gets fed up and rises up to stop this immigration invasion.

The KM is to punish European nations for their growing BDS against Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians. the KM believes that this engineered “rapist invasion” by these sheep-dipped mercenaries and mind-kontrolled dupes will turn all Europe against Islamics in general (who will be falsely blamed), and then will reverse the BDS trend.

Slow to react, always a potent and seasoned chess-player and strategist on the global chessboard because he has the world’s best and brightest advisors. Vladimir Putin must never be underestimated in his capabilities to act at the right moment in the most politically powerful and expedient way to serve the Russian Federation and the Russian People as effectively as possible. The last great statesman that America had of his caliber was President Jack Kennedy who negotiated a two-sided balanced and respectable win/win solution to the Cuban missile crisis with Nikita Khrushchev. Putin has now defeated ISIS for the most part, broken Erdogan’s back and has negotiated a secret settlement between Turkey, Syria, Assad and the Russian Federation. Putin wants all in the Mideast, even Israel, as strong trading partners and new markets instead of war, and without the now doomed US Petro Dollar.

The KM has a vicious back up plan if this “mass-rapist/immigrant” strategy fails:

The KM has a backup plan they will attempt to deploy if they do not get their desired effect.

That plan involves using Blackwater-type mercenaries run by the CIA and Mossad to set off large terrorist bombings in public arenas and facilities to be falsely but convincingly blamed on ISIS and radical Islamics.

The KM, and its key Intel agencies the NSA, CIA and Mossad has been completely penetrated by the Russian Federation:

It is now known by top Intel Agents all over the world, that all NSA raw data is automatically downloaded to a joint NSA/Mossad station in Israel.

Unbeknownst to the NSA or Israel is that this NSA satellite-fed raw data has been completely penetrated by Russian Federation Intel.

How this happened and what it means has been covered in a prior VT article, Six Eyes.

This means that Putin and the Russian Federation Intel Agencies have complete knowledge of all America, UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, NATO and Israeli Intel, all of it every single bit.

But the rumor deep inside the beltway is that Donald Trump has been quite adequately briefed by a top American Intel officer on the basics of what can be shared — Intel not protected by secrecy agreements or national security — because it is based on foreign espionage, RICO criminal and High Treason.

You can bet The Donald knows a whole lot more about this Clinton slush fund to arm ISIS. It appears to be a  deep-cover, covert operation of the CIA or the CIA and the Mossad that he is not going to disclose publicly, unless Hillary decides to go for his throat during the campaign. The Donald is now holding all the cards and his position as a favored winner has just risen drastically due to his knowledge of this covert operation by the KM Cutout he calls “Crooked Hillary” and the expected DC insiders who will now flock to his side despite negative public statements, seeking his protection and an assurance that We The People will never find out about this Slush Fund used to covertly arm ISIS, the one thing that got Chris Stevens murdered when he refused to allow the Manpads to be delivered to ISIS.

Trump knows that Putin knows and he also probably believes that Putin will not leak any of this before the election because it might strongly induce a serious major, incredibly expensive and un-affordable war with the Russian Federation.

This Intel, if leaked by Russia through European back-channels and newspapers and Internet sources, unless mitigated by major covering events such as major False-flags or a major world war, perhaps with a full scale nuclear ICBM exchange could easily bring down the whole DC Establishment Hierarchy.

This would expose hundreds of KM-run USG traitors to ruined lives or actionable prosecution and these folks are in highly paid, high trust, high level positions inside the USG, DHS, CIA, the FBI and other agencies, as well as the US Administration and Congress.

These are individuals who have betrayed America, broken their Oaths and committed High Treason for great financial gains, power and status by selling out to the KM.

Enter Hillary Clinton’s key role into this mess as a deniable Cutout.

This knowledge places Trump in a very powerful pre-election position that will probably assure and even require his win at Hillary’s expense. Here’s why. The Hillary Email scandal was a red herring designed to use her as a disposable miscreant to be shamed and rejected by mainstream America.

She was instructed to use her email the way she did as part of a high-level CIA covert operation to trick foreign nations by providing access to seemingly important Intel that was salted with strategic misinformation designed to mislead. Her email system was a national security operation and she was the Cutout, the vehicle.

Now for the juicy part which you were never supposed to find out about, information both Putin and Trump have.

Has Candidate Hillary Clinton been set up and used as a expose-able, deniable Cutout who will provide adequate deniability to the KM and its Intel agencies like the CIA, the FBI and the Mossad, while being sacrificed for the Donald’s election to POTUS?  Soon we shall see. One wonders how she was so blind to all this and allowed herself to be so duped and used as a KM Cutout. Was she too busy enjoying the limelight and all the attention, the fabulous new clothes everyday and all the perks, like expensive jet aircraft rides and lavish hotel rooms? Betcha she couldn’t be prosecuted because her actions were probably national security deep cover, cover operations for the CIA. That’s the only way this makes any sense. If they betray her, she can take a lot of Beltway big-shots down with her.

The Hillary matter that has been almost completely ignored and that is, by far, the most important part is the Clinton Foundation slush find. Now I am going to share with you some un-vetted Intel I received, so you must decide for yourself if it seems plausible or not, and do your own deep research.

As this un-vetted narrative goes, Hillary as Secretary of State was doing tasks as part of a very sensitive national security covert operation. She was selling weapons export licenses to foreign nations, who then would buy weapons and split the shipments in about half, keeping half for themselves and shipping half to ISIS.

Then the Foundation slush fund could be used to pay off key super-delegates with large off-shore stipends (referred to as set-aside allocations in foreign numbered accounts). In this way, the CIA could make certain their selected Cutout would win the election and be seated as POTUS, and they could select the VP they could use to replace Hillary, after she was exposed and blamed for being “naughty” with the Foundation funds.

This would be easy because she and Bill have so much dirt on them it would be believable and would immediately establish iron-clad plausible deniability that she was doing this as a sophisticated KM/USG/Mossad national security, deep covert operation.

And of course the KM has numerous back up plans to manipulate, process and transform the consciousness and group mind of the American Sheeple by deploying sophisticated false-flag attacks, designed to manipulate Americans into giving up their basic Constuitutionally guaranteed, God-given right to own firearms to defend themselves against any USG that becomes a tyrant.

Of course we now realize that DHS, a RICO crime organization itself, has a collection of hundreds of highly paid and mobile professional “crisis actors”, and when they need more, they run live-shooter type drills to vet more and make trial runs.



It would be much better if the title of this article were a report on how a major USG true “national security” Disposal Operation had been successfully run against the KM Kingpins and Select Few.

And that this operation had resulted in the arrests, indictments, imprisonment and convictions for Treason, Sedition, Crimes against humanity, RICO and more.

And that, after conviction in very short trials, these the top KM Chieftains and Select Few were executed for their capital crimes, especially the Select Few KM Crime Kingpins and that the KM leadership was disposed of by any means necessary including extra-legal rules of engagement they have been using on We The people and honest whistle-blowers and Alphabet agents.

And it is these KM Kingpins who are responsible for many millions of dead and wounded; especially so many American soldiers needlessly killed in action, wounded, disabled, poisoned by DU and “burn pits”; and so many American Vets terribly mistreated or neglected by the VA system, a system which is run by indecently paid well-connected “fat cats” who have extremely large salaries and lavish expense accounts, and are remarkably uncaring and incompetent.

And now the rest of the world is hard at work isolating the KM Banksters and preparing to dump the US Petro Dollar as the world’s Reserve Currency. Unless Americans wake up from their dumbed-down, mind-kontrolled stupor, they are going to have to go over a major financial cliff, or alternatively, a full scale ICBM-based nuclear WW3 with Russia and China.

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